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27 places likely to disappear in the future


We have very bad news for you! There are some honestly mind blowing places that would not be here for much longer. The worst part is that it looks like we can’t able to do anything to stop it.

These places are crumbling, eroding,  shrinking and melting away. So, if you want to experience the true beauty of these place visit there before it vanished away.

1. The Everglades (USA)

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It is also known as the endangered park in the US country. Urban encroachment, rising sea levels, and the birth of new species have all stand as a big struggle for the Everglades.

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2. Mosques of Timbuktu (Mali)

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This world heritage site is a hundred years old and is purely made of mud. Djinguereber mosque has a common connection with the city’s centre, Timbuktu which is constructed in mud brick. It’s also known as “earthen architecture”.

3. The Dead Sea (Israel/Palestine/Jordan)

As you know due to excessive mining operations, around 2 billion gallons of water is being taken from this sea yearly. So, if you want to float in the Dead Sea, it’s better to visit there soon.

4. The Great Wall (China)

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The great wall of China is considered the world largest man-made structure. Erosion because of farming has led to broad areas of the wall being damaged completely. Slowly all the walls may get destroyed one day.

5. Machu Picchu (Peru)

Too many landslides, tourists, as well as erosion due to farming all threaten to damage and destroy completely this heritage site.

6. The Congo Basin (Africa)


It is one of the biodiverse regions on the earth. Various scientists predict that by the year 2040 nearly ⅔ of its animals and plants will get extinct. 

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7. The Amazon (Brazil)


We all know that deforestation is the main cause of destroying a large area of the Amazon forest. It is the largest forest in the world and if the situations are not handled, the rainforest could unfortunately disappear.

8. Glacier National Park (USA)


This glacier park has gone from around 125 glaciers in the 1880s to only 25 today. If this goes like this only then there won’t be single left by 2030.

9. Tikal National Park (Guatemala)


Thanks to forest burning and looting this heritage site may not exist very much longer.

10. Joshua Tree National Park (USA)

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The California drought has made a straight effect on these desert-dwelling trees. And even it sounds crazy but desserts also need water.

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11. Madagascar Rainforest (Madagascar)


Once this rainforest spanning 120,000 square miles, unfortunately now down to only 20,000 square miles.

12. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)


Between increasing ocean acidification and rising sea temperature, there are chances that the Great Barrier Reef will exist no more. 

13. Majuli Island, India

Majuli Island once used to the biggest river island having a spread of 1200 sq km, has now shrunk to tragic 400 sq km. The destructive floods and massive erosions have let the island to be submerged. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the melt-pot of Assamese culture and unmatched beauty. The place might disappear by 2030.

14. Glacier National Park In Montana

These wonderful glaciers might have their existence in the next 15 years. They have drastically reduced from a huge 150 to 25 in the last 80 years. According to the researches, it can fully disappear in next 15 years. Amazing beauty might be lost forever by the year 2030.

15. The Maldives In Indian Ocean

Maldives, other than being a spectacularly beautiful country, may acknowledge another title in its kitty; the first country to submerge in the ocean because of global warming. It’s known to be the only country in the world with an average of 2.3 metres ground level and 1.4 metres above sea level. So, hurry up as your favorite dream holiday destination might fade away by 2035.

16. Snow-Capped Mount Kilimanjaro In Tanzania

In the last 90 years, the ice sheet of Kilimanjaro has compressed by 85%. It is believed that this can happen in the next 20 years. So, plan a trip to one of these amazing travel destinations which you don’t want to miss before 2035.

17. Venice In Italy

The romantic city of Venice is slowly immersing. Its spellbinding canals are sinking; missing them would be the one thing that you’ll regret. Just imagine no space for gondola rides, no more relaxation at water canals, no slot for romantic evenings in the water by 2035. And this loss of romantic vibes would be irreplaceable.

18. Bangladesh In Asia

Only a meter increase in sea level and we might see 50% of Bangladesh getting drowned in water. Researchers say that by the year 2045, people possibly might not able to see the beauty of Bangladesh.

19. The Alps In Europe

European Alps positioned at a lower altitude than the Rocky Mountains, and their glaciers and ski resorts are more exposed to the effects of global warming. The danger of being vanished away might strike this place by 2050.

20. South Australia

Desertification is a threat to this lavish piece of earth’s surface; The dried up water resources, scorched landscapes contributes to danger. Explore the natural beauty before rapid wildfires and eroding ecosystem swallow the astonishing region by 2050.

21. North Africa

The Sahara desert in North Africa is growing at a hazardous rate of 0.8 kilometers per month. The researchers claimed that by the year 2050, it might consume the whole of North Africa. It would be a disaster to lose this part of nature.

22. Northern Tundra In Alaska

Were you aware that the unparallel beauty of Alaska Tundra is short-lived? It’s been proved that global warming affects the Arctic twice as severe as the rest of the world. Just realize how depressing it will be to lose such beauty because of global warming. This place might be invisible by 2050.

23. Seychelles

The island country is making every bit of effort to stay above the water because sea level is rising continuously.

24. Sundarbans (India/Bangladesh)

The reasons contributing to the vanishing of Sundarbans in the coming future are deforestation, rising sea levels, and pollution. This biological diverse Delta region might never be seen again. Unluckily, it’s the roof of shelter for the world’s last delta dwelling tigers.

25. Alpine glaciers (Europe)

Similar to the Glacier National Park in the US, there will be no ice in the Alps, very soon. In fact, skiing in many places is already difficult due to the lack of ice.

26. Big Sur (USA)

Even though California coastline isn’t prone to get disappear, but the mammals might. Big Sur is one of the best places in the country to see whales, but the chances of witnessing them is dropping every year.

27. Patagonia’s Glaciers (Argentina)

Global warming is not the reason behind shrinking massive Patagonia’s glaciers; it’s because of less rainfall and higher temperature.

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