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9 hottest cities in the world

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From small places to the largest tourist destination in the world; These places are at a damn boiling temperature as you’ll be begging for chilly weather! So, here are the 12 HOTTEST Cities in the WORLD! you can travel to visit these places in this winter.

1. Melbourne, Australia

Via: telegraph.co

Melbourne is the most populated city in the Australian province of Victoria and it’s also the hottest! This time we’re taking a look in the Southern Hemisphere, so everything is opposite! The hottest months in this city are gonna be January and February as opposed to the usual. Melbourne’s southern location in the land down under gives it somewhat of a unique climate compared to the other cities in this country.

It gets a little more of the outback heat but luckily some of the oceanic breezes. It’s not quite as hot as some other places we mentioned on the list year-round but in 2009 it showed it’s potential for reaching 46 degrees C or 114 F.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Via: National Geographic Travel

This city on the Persian Gulf is known for its lavish hotel, insane pools, and just pure indulgence in every possible way! However this also a pretty hot city to come and visit. While the summers are just slightly cooler than their neighbors in Saudi Arabia, the winters here seem to be able to reach hotter temperatures with by an average of 7 degrees.

Anyways, the Average high temperature in August can easily reach 106 degrees F or 41 Celsius, making it hot enough to make our list! But luckily there should be plenty of cool places to swim in!!

3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Via: dannykrikorian.files.wordpress

The capital and most populous city of Saudi Arabia is basically located right smack dab in the middle of the Saudi Arabian Desert and you better believe it gets hot here! With more than 8 million people, it almost seems like a miracle that such a huge city could form in the desert like this!

In July, expect an average high of 110 degrees F or 42 C and it won’t really start cooling down until October. This city seems to suffer from a 5-month summer and the population seems to keep on rising exponentially! And it’s a dry heat. There’s very little rainfall here and it’s more likely to be a victim of a dust storm rather than a rainstorm. Another city named Jizan or Jazan in Saudi Arabia seems like it’s summer all year long!

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Via: Wikipedia

Many people who live in Las Vegas during the summertime, will feel like their car is basically about to melt like in this photo! People might start to believe that their cars are seriously about to melt! Las Vegas has one of the most unpredictable climates on this list, but one thing is sure, it’s gonna be hot as hell in the summertime! Sin City is not too far from the hottest location on earth is known as death valley. Things begin to heat up in March and don’t end until October or even November in some cases. Monsoon season can also strike in summer, meaning flash floods and thunderstorms! But if there are no clouds in the sky, you can guarantee that the temperature will be at least 40 degrees Celsius or about 105 Fahrenheit. This proves to be an issue for tourists who underestimate the heat and are drinking too much! Luckily there’s plenty of amazing pools to keep cool at.

5. Tripoli, Libya

Via: cdn.thecrazytourist

The capital city of the hottest country in the world is Libya, so their capital city will make our list as one of the hottest cities on earth! Located very close to the Sahara desert, it should be no surprise that Tripoli has unbearable heat in the summertime. The precipitation is extremely low to the point where nearly no waterfalls in their summer months of May until August. It gets so hot and dry here in Libya that locals commonly report more sun-related skin problems. In 1922 a city in Libya recorded a temperature of 57 degrees C or 134 degrees F.

6. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Via: upload.wikimedia

If you think the city you live in gets hot, you’ve obviously never been to Kuwait City!  It also has a hot desert climate like the last few we mentioned and summer temperatures easily reach over 113 F or 45 C. it’s not uncommon for heatwaves to wreak havoc on the oil-rich country. Due to the coastal location, you would imagine there is just a little bit of cool air every now and then but it doesn’t seem to be in a case.

The highest recorded temperature here was a staggering 125 degrees F or 52 C.

7. Ahvaz, Iran

Although it’s situated in the Middle East, Like many other countries, Iran has four respective seasons. Ahvaz city, located in southwestern Iran has a desert climate. The place is known for its long, hot summers; mild and short winters.

The Summers here. are accompanied by high humidity, sandstorms, and dust storms. During Summer, the temperature rises up to around 116 degrees; the soaring humidity and near-continuous sunshine make it one of the hottest cities in the world in July and August. The city has a record temperature on July 15, 1967, when it struck a temperature of 129 degrees.

8. Dallol, Ethiopia

When it comes to extreme heat, Dallol holds the position of the hottest place on the planet, Earth. Situated in the blazing Danakil Depression (a geological landform submerged below the surrounding area), it can reach a roasting 145 degrees in the Sun.

Dallol acquires areas that are more than 328 feet below sea level, highlighting hot yellow sulfur fields and craters in the middle of glittering salt beds – the result of a volcanic eruption in 1926. Currently, Dallol holds the record high temperature, where an average annual temperature of 94 degrees was recorded during 1960 and 1966.

Also, Dallol is one of the most remote places on Earth – there are no roads and only frequent transport service is provided by camel caravans that travel to the region to collect salt.

Average High Temp: 118 degrees
Record High Temp:
Over 130 degrees

9.  El Azizia, Libya
Average High: 132 degrees
Record High: 136 degrees

The region having close proximity to the Equator is El Aziza in Libya, which experiences extremely hot conditions. This African city especially is record-breaking hot.

The recorded world’s highest official temperature in El Azizia on Sept. 13, 1922 was 136 degrees. Can you imagine? OMG! Damn Hot!

The Libyan Desert is located in one of the hottest and arid places on the planet; where rainfall barely has its presence. Summers here can reach from 125 to an intolerable and unbearable 135 degrees.

Unfortunately, the situation gets worst when a hot, dry, dust-bearing desert wind called a Ghibli raises the temperature about 20 degrees in just a few hours.

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