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India’s First Women-Only Hotel, Run By Women-Staff Is Opening Soon!

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If you’re a lady who often loves to travel, you might have come across issues during your stay. And you must have wished if there was a hotel where only women can stay to ensure safety and comfort!

hostess in kerala
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Even if not desired, you’ll be on cloud nine to know that your wish has come true!

In Kerala, a women-only hotel is going to open soon and it will be run only by women to serve solitary female travelers like you. Yes, you heard that right!

Keeping in mind the importance of solo woman traveling, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has stepped into the shoes of development. They have taken one step ahead to roll out the first hotel entirely run by women, for women in the State capital. This is India’s first hotel which will be run by an all-women staff. This is a new initiative taken by KTDC, which wants to promote tourism and promote the state as a safe holiday destination for women.

The KTDC has built up the exclusive women hotel on the second floor of the 10-storeyed classic bus terminal complex of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) at Thampanoor.

This only-women hotel is interestingly named as ‘Hostess‘ and will be opened in Thiruvananthapuram in the next six months.

Rightly located near the Central Railway Station of Kerala, this place has its boundaries in 5,000-sqft and will house 22 air-conditioned rooms, and the two AC dormitories will have 22 beds with kitchen space in addition and other add-on facilities as in a three-star hotel.

The dormitories goals for the techies, women coming for interviews, meetings, and seminars through KSRTC and trains for a short stay.

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In addition to offering luxury and amenities like fitness centers & complimentary breakfast, it will assure the safety and security of the women travelers who are traveling solo on their business trips or on vacations through its automated security services.

Kerala’s women-only hotel also aims to pull all kinds of women travelers including sportspersons.

And if it initiative succeeds, you might just get to see more hotels like it! You can avail the dormitories on a per-hour basis and the price for the first four hours will be INR 500 only. In addition, the rooms will cost you about ₹1,500.

‘A first’

As per Rahul R., Managing Director of the KTDC, “This is the first of the type in the country. It will be a technology-driven hotel with state-of-the-art security and safety features for women with women-only staff manning all the services. The KTDC has experienced women personnel on the rolls to run the hotel.”

The “Hostess” in Kerala is all about technology-oriented check-ins and check-outs, laundry service, complimentary breakfast, microwave oven, and fitness centre.

Rahul R. further added saying the KTDC has put in its hands over the largest string of hotels and resorts in the public sector, had plans for starting up more hotels like “Hostess” in other cities depending upon the success of their debut attempt.

The Tourism Minister of Kerala, Kadakampally Surendran, said, “This all-women hotel is first of its kind initiative to form a government institution in the country. We give more emphasis on security and safety features besides comfort and convenience. If it becomes a success we will come up with similar hotels.”

He further added, “There are many affordable services being offered by KTDC, and the facilities at ‘Hostess’ are expected to meet global standards.”

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