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9 Awesome Places Where You Can Meet Santa Claus During Christmas


The holiday season has struck the bell and the children are desperately waiting for the gifts and dessert recipes while decorating the Christmas tree with colored candy canes, and ornaments.

It’s exhilarating to see the innocent children who believe in Santa Claus and make the best effort to be in their good books.

For kids, let’s make this year more special and give them a chance to meet the man from the North Pole.

Here are some of the best places where you can meet Santa Claus in Italy while enjoying the Winter and the warm Christmas spirit in the land of fashion, food, and art.

Top 9 Places Where You Get To Meet Santa Claus In Italy

Here are the best places in Italy where you’re most likely to bump into Santa to demand your Christmas presents! So, which of these will you try first?

Here are the best places in Italy where you are likely to hit Santa in a demand for your Christmas gift! So, which of these will you try first?

1. Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda

Located on the shores of Lake Garda is a mesmerizing resort named Riva del Garda. For weekend escapes, it’s a popular place to hang out and is the place to go to meet Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus during Christmas.

Casa di Babbo Natale (Santa’s house) is open every weekend and includes workshops for small children, including workshops for elves (small, fairytale character).

Children can write their letters to Santa Claus or simply browse from their home. Mr. and Mrs. Claus entertain children with games and stories and provides exceptional happiness to innocent children.

Adults can either join in the activities with their children or make a trip around the island resort, which is also a museum or simply can enjoy swimming in the lake and find some waterfalls and caves.

Finding Place: La Rocca, Civic Museum, Piazza Battisti, Riva del Garda, Italy.
Entry Cost: INR 560 per person*

2. Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme

The Chianciano Terme is a small town located just a few kilometers away from Florence in Tuscany. To give children a glimpse of Santa’s residence, a Santa Claus village has been set up at Aquasanta Park.

This is an ideal Christmas holiday because the kids ride the Polar Express to pass through the village. The Santa Claus village is filled with carnival vibe and completing it with the Ferris wheel, light shows, street food, and carousels.

Children can enjoy any spectacular platform performances or browse through the elves’ house. There is a maze to explore the route of Christmas markets for children in the village and a large dinosaur park is set up a few meters away from the village.

In this village, where the dinosaur park is situated, children can actually meet up a few paleontologists and gang up to have some interesting information about the life-sized dinosaur figurines.

Children can meet Santa on weekends and give them their wish list. Other than kids, adults can also enjoy visiting this village other than the museum and the thermal pool in the town.

Finding Place: Consorzio Chianciano, Siena, Chianciano Terme, Tuscany, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 1200 per person*

3. Salsomaggiore Terme

Salsomaggiore Terme

A Santa House has been created in the middle of an amazing Art Nouveau and Art Deco of northern Italy. Located in Parma province, Salsomaggiore Terme is a city surrounded by lovely nature trails and palaces.

The magnificent backdrop of the valley and the season on Christmas in Italy makes this place the best Italian city for Christmas.

The house of Santa Claus is protected by reindeer and the children are expected to post their letters before entering the house.

Children can treat themselves with a cup of hot cocoa and various workshops in the surrounding areas, while elves distribute their letters individually.

Children can expect some shows and treat in Santa’s house before getting an opportunity to meet him.

Adults can also visit the peaceful town and visit vineyards and palaces, while children enjoy their date with the father of Christmas. The house is open on weekends too.

Finding Place: Palazzo dei Congressi, Viale Romagnosi 7, Parma, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 950 per person*

4. Govone


Govon is located in Cuneo, a few kilometers away from Turin in Northern Italy. This is the best Italian town for Christmas.

Christmas’ magical land (Il Magico Paese di Natale) is built every year in this city and attracts thousands of tourists.

The Christmas market is all prepped up every weekend, where there are stage shows takes place for entertaining children.

Animated stories get glowing in Castello di Govone. The castle gets transformed into a delighted land of stories related to Santa Claus, which gives you a Disneyland experience.

The land of Christmas has been underlined with many Christmas shops and delicacies to please anyone’s guilty pleasure.

Finding Place: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 1, Govone, Cuneo, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 550 per person*

5. Ornavasso



Ornavasso finds its place in the Piedmont province. The place is famous for the grotto (cave) of Santa Claus.

The Cave of Santa Claus is located on the banks of Lake Maggiore and is known for the fact that the stones used to make the Duomo in Milan and Florence were from this particular grotto.

A park has been set up around the cave where various games and activities are organized for the busy bees.

Children can give their letters through the twergis hiding out and also get a customized photo remembrance. There are also museums and workshops on the ancient craft in the park.

Children can meet with Santa Claus as he arrives on his sleigh with real reindeers followed by parades and musical performances.

It is worth visiting Grotto in itself and can find lifesize nativity scenes created around the caves.

Finding Place: Lake Maggiore, Ornavasso, Verbania, Piedmont, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 1000 per person*

6. Rivoli


Rivoli, a small town in Turin, it comes with the village of Santa Claus every year during the city’s beautiful medieval setting.

Santa Claus Village is a house to many shows and musical performances alongside Christmas markets and other activities.

A skating rink is set in the region, where children and adults can enjoy the activity at a nominal price.

After meeting with Santa Claus, anyone can take their children to either visit museums and palaces around the medieval city or to hike through the wonderful Susa Valley.

Finding Place: Piazza Matteotti, Rivoli, Turin, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 250*

7. Veneto


A magical village of Santa Claus, Veneto is built every year in an amusement park named Gardaland in Northeast Italy.

In addition to thrilling rides in the park, children can enjoy Christmas magic in one of the five themed rooms in the village.

This year, children can meet Santa Claus at the SEA Aquarium located in the park. You can enjoy the mini mondo setting of the native scenes, the ice forest, the post office, the elves, and their laboratory along with a trip to Santa Claus’s house.

Children have lots of activities to get indulge around the park while adults may get involved in some magical Christmas experiences too.

Finding Place: Piazza Valle dei Re, Gardaland, Veneto, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 1200 per person*

8. Milan


The house of Santa Claus is located in the renowned Indro Montelli Garden opposite Porta Venezia in Milan. The beautiful gardens provide an ideal setting for the magical place of Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

The house is open all day until Christmas where children can meet Santa Claus and give him their letters of Christmas wishes.

At Christmas in Italy, children are served with a cup of hot cocoa in cold weather and are allowed to spend some time with Santa listening to his stories.

Finding Place: Indro Montanelli gardens, Milan
Entry Cost: Free*

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9. Bussolengo


A Flover Christmas village has been built in Bussolengo to entertain children and adults alike. The village is full of Christmas markets and decorations.

The origin scene is created everywhere in the park and many interesting shows and activities are organized in the village.

The Flover makes an absolute weekend getaway for the family. A toy factory, tasting sessions, and workshops on gift making can be seen in the village where children can have a day in the field.

In this city of Verona, there are zoos, a safari park, a water park and the historical monuments spread across the city.

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Finding Place: Villagio Flover, Bussolengo, Verona, Italy
Entry Cost: INR 160 per person*

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