World Trip11 Best London Attractions For Your First Visit Here

11 Best London Attractions For Your First Visit Here


Out of all the places around the world, London is the one that has something to offer to everyone. There are many London attractions that will leave you elated with the amazing facts associated with them. 

It is probably the place that acquires the topmost positions in a travelers’ list. London is admired by many for its royal existence and rich history. Of course, you also have enough appreciable cultural experiences here. Every time you reach here, you will have something great to take back. You will surely cherish the experiences here. 

Best Places to Visit in London 

This British Kingdom will take you through significant events that make places special. Everything that prevails here has a specific interesting reason. Well, if you’re exploring London for the first time, make sure that you don’t miss the most significant attractions and amazing experiences here.  

Here are the best attractions in London that you should consider visiting.

1. The London Eye 

London Attractions
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Feel pleasure in visiting one of the world’s tallest observation wheels. It is 135 meters high and has 32 capsules. It is among the most popular paid attractions in London. The way these capsules get suspended is the most attractive aspect of the place. It offers panoramic views from all angles.  

The London Eye River Cruise is also a great way to avail of several worthwhile experiences. During this cruise, you will also get to see the locations that have been shot for Harry Potter. You can also take up a cable-car ride to explore other places nearby. 

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2. Buckingham Palace 

London attractions
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The Palace is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and has been serving as the official residence of the Sovereign of Britain since 1837. During the Annual Summer Opening, this place is open to the public. You can explore it in August and September. 

You can consider taking up a Buckingham Palace Tour, in order to know the place even better. There are a lot of interesting historical and artistic elements that will mesmerize you. If you are e visiting London during any other time of the year, you can attend the changing of the guards ceremony.

3. Tower of London 

London attractions
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Often known to be occupied by various activities within its bustling interiors, the Tower of London is the place where the Crown Jewels are housed. It is also the execution site of three English queens

It has served as home to numerous kings and queens over the years. Later several high-profile prisoners were kept here. While you move out of the unimpressive interiors of the Tower of London, you can explore the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which is just a short walk away.

4. British Museum 

London Attractions
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Opened in the year 1753, the British Museum takes pride in being one of the best free London attractions. It is home to over 7 million objects. You can just try to explore most of them. No, the British Museum does not have artifacts but treasures that were brought back by British Warriors from distant shores. 

There are also some intriguing Greek and Egyptian collections of antiques. They also include the controversial Elgin Marbles. You will come across a lot of other amazing elements here.

5. Westminster Abbey 

London attractions
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Belonging to the glorious history in London, this is a medieval church where royal weddings and other precessions are hosted from time to time. It is known to be busy more often. You will surely enjoy observing the classic architecture and the spiritual touch it has. 

While you explore the Abbey, make sure to visit the Poet’s Corner for even appreciable experiences. You will find the works of popular authors like Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens and Geoffery Chaucer. The intriguing, royal surroundings will high;y fascinate you. Take a closer view of all these elements. 

6. St. Paul’s Cathedral 

London Attractions
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The St. Paul’s Cathedral is another must-see attraction in London. It has the largest imposing dome in the world. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in London. Peeking into the world within the Cathedral is going to be absolutely pleasurable. 

You will be required to climb up to 528 steps to reach the actual explorations here. From here, you can catch up with the splendid views of other attractions in London including Tate Modern, River Thames, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

7. Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery Museum

London attractions
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Situated in Trafalgar Square, the color-coded maps and labyrinth interiors of the National Gallery will prove to be of great interest to you. The museum consists of paintings portraying the Western and European cultures during the 13th and 19th centuries

It’s never-ending halls have been allured with spectacular paintings and artworks. You will also find various Italian Renaissance masterpieces. There are numerous aspects of the museum that will make you stop and know them entirely. Further, Trafalgar square is itself an elegant sight to catch.

8. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens 

London attractions
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The meandering footpaths and bike paths in Hyde Park along with its peaceful surroundings will surely mesmerize you. The green stretch from the Kensignton Palace is now open for the general public. 

There are several interesting attractions including the Serpentine Lake, the Princess of Wales Museum and the exuberant views of the surroundings. The unparalleled tranquility at this place is magnetic enough and will offer you great moments and memories.

9. Victoria And Albert Museum 

London attractions
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Named after the royal couple, this palatial museum is one of the best free London attractions. The museum allures numerous collections ranged in different categories including drawings, architecture, textiles, etc. 

Various temporary exhibitions are also held in the museum which is popular among locals and tourists. The enthralling permanent collection is however large enough and will be a time-consuming exploration.

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10. Natural History Museum 

London attractions
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This is one of the most appealing places to visit in London, serving the interests of travelers of all age groups. Get to know everything about the natural world. From dinosaur specimens to earthquake reports you will find everything here. 

The life-size model of the Blue Whale will astound you with its outraging structure. “The Power Within” is probably the most interesting here, you can experience what exactly an earthquake feels like.

11. Piccadilly Circus 

London Attractions
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One of the busiest places in London, the Piccadilly Circus keeps up its name. It is often compared to Times Square in New York. It is the place where five roads meet. 

This is a perfect visit to explore Edwardian-era buildings, busy markets, savor some good food and go shopping. It will make your evenings memorable. 

Well, the list of the best London Attractions is quite long. However, the topmost picks discussed here should not be missed. These suggestions will surely help you accomplish your London exploration with great experiences. 

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