Trip ideasAmazing Travel Trends That Will Rule Over 2020

Amazing Travel Trends That Will Rule Over 2020


Travel trends have evolved continuously over all these years. Let’s get to know travel trends 2020 that are likely to be prevalent throughout the year. 

There are generations to come, and with these new generations, newer travel preferences are certain. Well, these preferences and trends are not going to change only with your choices but numerous other factors will be determining your outlook towards traveling. 

Travel Trends 2020 

While evolutions and technological shifts are happening all around, it is really necessary to put on new specs and reanalyze your approach towards exploring the world. Here are some amazing travel trends that are likely to prevail through 2020 and the coming years of the decade. 

1. Ecotourism 

travel trends 2020

The world is getting inspired and taking steps ahead to help and deal with climate change. Well,  you should be aware that travel is one of the important elements affecting the environment and its reactions. 

Young generations are considered about the effects that their travel plans would have on the surroundings. The ways you travel around the world greatly impact the amount of CO2 that is emitted from vehicles, planes and during other activities you pursue. 

Finding travel destinations that are closer to your home and eco-friendly will remain in trend. After all, you’re traveling to explore the world, not to exploit it. 

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2. Nakations 

travel trends 2020
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You’re favorite, liberating holidays will make their way through 2020. You will be happy to know that numerous interesting destinations do not obligate swimwear for you anymore. 

Yeah, there are many highly urbanized and over-technologized people who needed this badly. Still not sure? The London nude restaurant Bunyadi is all set for reopening soon. Get ready for your next adventure because now, you’re free to be vulnerable. 

Nude hikes, wild swimming, yoga, and cruising are expected to be pleasing this year. You can plan visits to the most beautiful places across the globe and embrace the pleasure, intimidating your soul. 

3. Vegan Tours & Stays

travel trends 2020
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In 2019, the world turned towards veganism and this trend is likely to continue in 2020 too. Menu cards at restaurants and cafes, hotel rooms, everything is absorbing and transforming according to veganism

Hotels are changing to become entirely plant-based and show up with no wool, feathers or silk in the rooms. More and more vegan hotels and restaurants are emerging across places. Last year in June, Saorsa 1875 came to be known as the first vegan hotel in the UK. 

In the forthcoming days, people will be looking more for vegan-only tours, cooking classes, and places to eat. 

4. Cash-free Tours 

travel trends 2020
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Traveler cheques and cash exchanges had been necessities of the earliest days. This year, with digital evolutions, people will be seeking more cashless solutions in 2020

You no longer require arguing for changes from taxi drivers or drop your plans because you don’t carry plenty of cash. It is the era where you can manage money on your fingertips. It’s time to make the best use of this “superpower”. 

Cashless tours will let you accomplish your international explorations more easily without having to worry about local currencies. Payments are easy with a card or phone. 

5. Ancestry Travel 

travel trends 2020
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This is quite interesting. More and more people have been found to make use of Home DNA tests to decide their future travel destinations. Travelers seem to be searching for their roots. This fact was proved in MIT Technology Review. Around 26 million people opted for home DNA tests

Airbnb’s partnership with DNA lab 23andMe is a recent indication of this trend. People these days, are excited about reaching places where they originally belong to. This trend is likely to lead individuals seeking cultural synergies and shared genetic links. 

6. Luxury Bunks 

travel trends 2020
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Twin beds seem to be turning boring. Families now prefer luxury bunks that offer them a perfect escape. These spacious sleeping arrangements have been already availed by numerous popular hotel groups. 

Hotels are likely to transform their ambiances and services accordingly. You will be able to enjoy these luxury bunks on your international trips more often in 2020. 

Life House is all set to come up with its fourth opening on Miami Beach. It features a spacious sleeper train with two double beds stacked on each side. There will be more of these options soon. 

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7. Enthralling Surfing Experiences 

travel trends 2020
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Surfing will make its place in the Olympics for the first time in 2020. The interest of people in this amazing watersport has been continually growing. They are therefore looking for places that let them encounter the most playful waves. 

Companies are coming up with arrangements for artificial waves and advanced surfing experiences for enthusiasts. These services will let you enjoy surfing and make the best memories as you slip into your wetsuits, regardless of weather changes. 

Based on these travel trends 2020, you may come up with appropriate vacation ideas that let you cherish worthwhile explorations. Keep Traveling! 

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