lost cities of the ancients

In the world around you and the one that is away from your eyes, there are a lot of elements that can leave you astounded. There had been entire well settled cities that had been destructed or lost. However, these are still some of the greatest attractions for interested travelers. Well, for such interests, I am up with thee list of most fascinating lost cities of the ancients.

Even when the cities no more breathe life, there are numerous fascinating elements that are to be explored here. History is a book filled with endless astonishing chapters out of which some are marked as abandoned yet appreciable. Such are some of the lost cities in the world.

Amazing Ancient Lost Cities In the World

This may hold on to a great interest for travelers who are passionate about exploring history. However, if you are not sure about which excursion to take, here are some of the best picks for you:

#1 Chichen Itza, Mexico

lost cities of the ancients, Mexico, Chichen Itza
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Apart from the spectacular beaches, this is one of the most popular attractions situated on the Yucatan Peninsula. With a culturally advanced civilization, this was known to be a wealthy Mayan city. Along with ruins, there are also, well-preserved structures conveying a lot of stories of the past and the mastermind architectural insights.

El Castilo remains to be a major attraction here with 365 steps reaching up 90 feet high allure the place and remains to be popular among tourists worldwide.

#2 Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Pichu, Peru, lost cities of the ancients
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This is one of the most photographed, most visited and perhaps the most picturesque among all lost cities. Set amidst some extremely spectacular mountain regions, this ancient city allures terraces, rocks, and beautiful high elevations. On a partly clouded day, this view is truly mesmerizing.

You may also choose to take up the Inca trail for an experience of a lifetime. Hiking would surely let you soak in the tranquility of the surroundings well.

#3 Pompeii, Italy

Ancient lost cities in the world, Pompeii, Italy
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This is one of the best among any lost cities of the ancients. This popular ancient city was known to be destroyed in 79 AD due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The city was known to turn into ashes and these ashes also worked well in keeping it preserved.

The fleeing citizens here were known to freeze into the mid-escape positions as it is and converted to mummies. There are ancient amphitheaters, forums, and bakeries. The city remained buried under ashes for over 1700 years. This is moreover, a great exploration.

#4 Petra, Jordan

lost cities of the ancients, Petra, Jordan
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Situate amidst the basic mountains on the slope of Mount Hor. This ancient existence allures the valley connecting the Dead Sea and Gulf of Aqaba.

There are many impressive rock carvings and stone structures narrating stories of its past. Hued in rose-red, this city is an awe-inspiring cultural heritage at the place. Visiting here would prove to be an amazing experience.

#5 Sukhothai, Thailand

ancient lost cities in the world
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Known to be one of the oldest traceable cities in world history, Sukhothai is popular for the unique artworks it allures. Situated in the Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand this is a probably great attraction among travelers and explorers.

It is a 27 square miles of land boasting over 200 ruins which hold on to fascinating explorations. Over these years the ancient city has invited thousands of visitors towards it and has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#6 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

ancient lost cities in the world
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This is the most popular tourist attraction alluring Southeast Asia. Featuring the extravagant capitals of Khmer Empire these ruins span over an area of 150 square miles. These structures are known to be constructed during the 9th and 15th century. The Banyan Temple remains to be a major attraction here.

There are communication-routes, dating back to centuries, ancient urban plans, water reservoirs imply great planning skills of the civilizations that had prevailed here. This is probably the one that cannot be missed.

#7 Dwarka, India

underwater city fantasy, Dwarka, India
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The recognition of the ruins of this city pulled down the opinion of it being just a mythological perception. The place had been described to be possessing striking features in Indian myth tales. It was claimed that there were about 70,000 palaces composed of gold silver and other precious metals.

These ruins situated 131 feet beneath the surface of the sea, perfectly meet the underwater city fantasy. These ruins are so incredible geometrically, that experts involved in researches had been left stunned.

#8 Mesa Verde, Colorado, The USA

lost cities of the ancients, Mesa Verde, Colorado, USA
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There are over 600 cliff dwellings in the Mesa Verde National Park which were once known to be inhabited by Anasazi people. These groups are regarded to reside here from the seventh to fourteenth century AD. There’s the famous cliff palace composed mainly of sandstone, mortar, and wood.

Overhanging the cliffs here, this palace was once accessed through a ladder and was known to house about 100 people.

#9 Thebes, Egypt

Thebes, Egypt, lost cities of the ancients
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Egypt had been famous for ruins and among all spectacular lost cities that have been found some belong to this place. Thebes was known to be the Egyptian capital during 2040 to 1070 BC, dedicated to the supreme sun god Amon.

There are splendorous attractions to witness here including the Temple of Luxor, Temple of Ramesses II and the Karnak Complex. Also, the Tomb of Tutankhamen is a great attraction here. Moreover, the place houses the greatest architectural achievements the world could have ever had.

#10 Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala, lost cities of the ancients
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Tikal lost cities remain to the jewel on the crown in Guatemala and boast perhaps the greatest Maya city-states.

The six magnificent temples here are known to dominate the landscape just as they would have done when the place breathed life.

Above the rainforest canopy the bustling, illuminated ceremonies were known to be held in the splendid surroundings here. Though the size of the city is now swallowed up by the jungle, the way it is set will surely amaze you.

#11 Mohenjo Daro, Sindh, Pakistan

Mohenjo Daro, Sindh, Pakistan, lost cities list
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This is one of the long-lost cities discovered in 1922. Excavations in Mohenjo Daro reveal the fact of it being the largest city of the Indus Valley civilization.

This ancient city boasts the world’s earliest urban settlements. Marvelous planning and well-organized structures composed of fire burnt bricks make the city really splendid.

The Great Bath is the most important structure unearthed here.

#12 Caral, Peru

Caral, Peru, lost cities of the ancients
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Before the discoveries of sites like Bandurria in Peru, Caral had been regarded to be one of the oldest urban settlements in the Americas. However, there were no weapons, no battlements or no mutilated bodies found from the excavation sites here.

This lost city is therefore believed to be the one of a gentle society involved in music, commerce, and pleasure.

#13 Vijaynagar, Karnataka, India

ancient lost cities in the world
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The excavated city of Vijayanagar in Hampi is known to date back to 300 BC and was known to exist with the same name. This city has also got a mention in the epic Ramayana as Kishkinda which was a realm of monkey gods.

In 1500 AD Vijayanagar was regarded to hold a population that was twice the population of Paris and makes its place among the most popular lost cities list. The spectacular Virupaksha Temple is also found here.

#14 Persepolis, Iran

Persepolis, Iran, ancient lost cities in the world
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This magnificent ancient city was founded in 518 BC by Darius I. It may have taken over a century to build the entire city.

As you enter the huge All Nation’s gate, a large terrace faces you. Also, every portion of this creation is designed well with intricate carvings portraying king, officials, representatives, and slaves. One can get a perfect highlight of the Persian Empire at that time.

#15 Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey, ancient lost cities in the world
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Ephesus was known to be a port city situated on the River Cayster. During the Classical era, this was known to be the largest Mediterranean City. Attractions here include the Temple of Artemis, which is an ancient world wonder.

Also, the library of Celsus which later served as his tomb is also a great element to consider here. All these are testaments of the senator’s wealth that they had once held.

#16 Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, India

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, lost cities of the ancients
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Sanchi is counted among the most popular historical destinations in India. Erected during the reign of Emperor Ashoka, here are spectacular structures including the Ashoka pillar and Stupas built in the Greco-Buddhist styles.

Dating back to 300 BC this city was rediscovered in the 19th century this is own of the most considerable lost cities in India.

#17 Calakmul, Mexico

Calakmul, Mexico, ancient lost cities in the world
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This Maya archeological site was known to be the seat of the Snake Kingdom. It was where the Kaan Dynasty was relocated. Calakmul means, City of the two adjacent Pyramids.

There were two small pyramids and hundreds of very small other structures. Dating back to the seventh century, this city is now surrounded by lush jungles.

#18 Skara Brae, Scotland

Skara Brae, Scotland
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Known popularly as the Scottish Pompeii, Skara Brae is a settlement older than the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge. This is a stone-built Neolithic settlement situated on an island in Orkney archipelago in Scotland. This was discovered during severe storms during 1850 to mid-1920s.

These lost cities of the ancients will let you have a perfect historical and archeological exploration with a lot of fascination and great experiences. So plan your visits well!