Africa13 best travel destinations to visit in Madagascar

13 best travel destinations to visit in Madagascar


Madagascar is a massive island nation located on the southeast coast of Africa. This picturesque island is known to have separation from mainland Africa sheltering numerous species of animals that are native to this exotic island about 90 million years ago and cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Madagascar is one of the best travel destinations and the fourth largest island in which there is a wide range of landscapes, reefs, beaches, plants, and rainforests.

Malayo-Polynesians are residents of Madagascar. Once reaching this wonderful island, you can do endless numbers of interesting activities.

This African island country is awaiting the unique wildlife, nature, culture and incredible history. So, let’s look at some fun, interesting activities that you should not miss in Madagascar.

Here are the best places to visit in Madagascar

1. Antananarivo

best places to visit in madagascar

Antananarivo is the capital and largest city of Madagascar was formerly called French Tananarive. The Malagasy capital is one of Africa’s most vibrant cities, and visitors will enjoy rich historical, architectural and cultural sites in the backdrop of mountainous areas with palaces and churches along the cobbled roads.

The city is being divided into 3 levels: the downtown, the intermediate level, and the upper town.

  • Ancient swamp refers to downtown.
  • The intermediate level is known as the “Plateau du Colbert” and located in the middle of the cliffs.
  • And the old city in upper town (“La Haute Ville”); the Andafiavaratra palace located on the highest mountain of the capital city.
  • It was the residence of ancient Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony palace of Madagascar, ancient Justice palace; cathedrals and the residential area of ancient noblemen families are located.

Nearby Attractions: Lemurs’ Park, Ambohimanga, Croc Farm, Rova – Le Palais de la Reine, Analakely Market, Madagascar Exotic, Tsimbazaza Zoo, Is’Art Galerie, Parc Tsarasaotra.

2. Ambohimanga

places to visit in madagascar

Ambohimanga, one of the most divine areas of Madagascar Island, was the capital of ancient times during the reign of King Andrianampoinimerina in 1787.

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is the world heritage site of UNESCO residing in the province of Antananarivo in northern Madagascar and includes the royal city, two palaces, two holy valleys, small pavilions, and burial site and is amongst the best travel destinations in the town.

Visiting Royal Hill offers you a perfect opportunity to explore the residence of the King, dozens of valuable stone gates, and many beautiful royal summer homes.

The city was guarded by a mammoth stone wall and 14 outer gates, the largest out of which features a gigantic stone disc that was over 130 feet in diameter and required at least 20, strong men, to move it into position.

Nearby Attractions: Croc Farm, Theo Tours, Magical Madagascar Travel, Madagascar Remote Trip.

things to do in madagascar

3. Nosy Be

madagascar tourist attractions

Nosy Be is the largest and busiest tourist resort of Madagascar, resting in the north-west coast. The tropical and magnificent location makes it a perfect beach resort destination.

Nosy be’s beaches are ultimate for swimming as they hold off gradually, staying shallow for miles from the sea, but they are tranquil, with kayaks lying side-tracked in the sand and shows floating past offshore.

Nearby Attractions: Lokobe Nature Special Reserve, Nosy Sakatia, Mont Passot, Lemuria Land, Nosy Fanihy, Ambaro Ranch, Amber Mountain National Park, Oceane’s Dream, Menabe Plongee, Indian Ocean Abyss.

4. Lokobe National Park (Lokobe Reserve)

cool places to visit in madagascar

Lokobe National Park is at the location of the most popular tourist island i.e. Nosy Be, found from the west coast of northern Madagascar, which is famous for its spectacular beaches and astonishing sunsets.

The park takes under the wing of protection, the last remnants of the Natural Sambirano Forest, which once wrapped much of Madagascar, and houses at least three species of lemur, in addition to an abundance of other mammals, birds, and reptiles.

You will need to hire pirogue (a motorized canoe-like boat) to reach Lokobe. You will surely love the beauty of flora and fauna here while enjoying three hiking trails. Visiting the park afterward, you can spend a day or two enjoying the beaches of Nosy Be.

Nearby Attractions: Nosy Komba Plongee, Scuba Nosy Be, Les Baleines Rand’eau, Forever Dive, Nosy Tanikely, Lemuria Land, Mont Passot, Manta Diving, Black Lemur Sanctuary, Mada Scuba, Nautilus.

5. Ranomafana National Park

popular places in madagascar
via: naturalworldsafaris

One of the most popular and important parks of Madagascar is Ranomafana National Park which was created in 1991 following the discovery in 1986 of the critically endangered golden bamboo lemur along with 11 species of lemur and several other species of indigenous wildlife.

Ranomafana has served as a model for the successive parks and reserves in the country and abroad. Experience the surreal wildlife when you are away from the jam-packed tourist areas or places.

Also, there are campsites spotted around the park where you can spend a night or two surrounded by the sounds of the Malagasy jungle.

Nearby Attractions: Varibolo Resto and Kayak Tours, Labo photo Pierrot Men, Gasikara Travel.

6. Tsiribihina River

things to see in madagascar

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The Tsiribihina River rests on western Madagascar, flowing through Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. The river is fenced with mangroves. One of the unique ways to explore the country is to visit the river by the Kayak (boat ride) or the canoe.

The canoe trip scrolling down the Tsiribihina river offers beautiful opportunity to sightsee the Verreaux’s Sifaka and the Red-fronted brown lemurs and in an addendum to touring exquisite passage through the valley of the Tsiribihina River.

Many reputed companies that lead tourism will help you in camping on the banks of the river and cook under the stars surrounded by all types of wildlife and you get paused for sleeping.

Nearby Attractions: Manambolo River, Aventure et Decouverte Madagascar.

amazing things to do in madagascar

7. Avenue of the Baobabs

best things to do in madagascar

A unique experience is what you will have using this road. Amidst the filthy, marshy and muddy roads these cluster of Baobab trees filling the dirt roads are found in Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region in western Madagascar that what makes Baobabs Avenue. It’s one of the top tourist attractions to visit in Madagascar.

The avenue is a sequence of approximately 20-25 impressive Baobab trees at a stretch of 260 meters (853ft) along the road and with neighboring pastures between Morondava and Belo Tsiribihina.

Its fascinating landscape attracts travelers from around the world, making it one of the most visited places in the vicinity. It has been the center of local conservation efforts and provisionally protected status was provided by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forest in July 2007, the first stepping stone towards making Madagascar the first natural monument.

Nearby Attraction: Baobar

8. Isalo National Park

tourist spots in madagascar

Isalo National Park, often called Jurassic Park, is native to a few of Madagascar’s most amazing scenes. The landscape of Isalo resides eroded ruiniform (having the appearance of ruins) sandstone formations date back to Jurassic period, deep canyons with riparian forests, palm-lined oases, fire-resistant Tapia forests, and open grasslands.

Credibly, it is the best place to see ring-tailed lemurs and white sifakas dancing and jumping. The park has its unique importance as its a holy place for the Bara tribe, whose burial sites are marked by mounds of tiny stones placed in crevices in the rock face.

This park credits to be one of the must-see places in Madagascar.

Nearby Attractions: Isalo Window, Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park.

9. Andasibe National Park

madagascar attractions

The Andasibe National Park is located within 3-hour drive east of Antananarivo and has been the most visited of Protected areas.

The National Park is actually divided into two sections: The Mantadia Park and the Analamazaotra reserve of Indri.

It is a real treasure in the case of the animal kingdom, Andasibe houses 11 species of lemurs, the largest of which, the Indri is easily seen due to its effective high-pitched screams.

It can not be in captivity, so it can only be admired in its natural environment. Several species of birds, reptiles, insects, and batrachians are under the roof of this national park.

The flourishing greenery of tropical forests with diversity in flora including ferns, epiphytes, sacred creepers, orchids, and dwarf palm trees.

Nearby Attractions: The Mitsinjo Reserve, Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Vohimana, V.O.I.M.M.A. Community Reserve.

10. Tsingy de Bemaraha

madagascar things to do

Tsingy de Bemaraha credits to be Madagascar’s newest park which was established in 1998. The 152,000ha Bemaraha is famous for its tsingy sharp limestone peaks that may attain an elevation of 150 ft.

Drilling through the tsingy are canyons and gorges in abundance of rich flora and fauna, which shelters several animal species, including 11 types of lemur including the unique Decken’s sifaka, some more fauna species of the Red-fronted brown lemurs, and the critically endangered Madagascar fish-eagle.

The Manambola river valley which forms the southern boundary of the park is just breathtaking and jaw-dropping.

Nearby Attractions: Ranomafana National Park, Masoala National Park, Andasibe-Mantadia, Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, Ifaty.

11. Kimony Beach

madagascar tourism

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Sunbathe lovers can hit the isolated stretch of Kimony Beach. In the west of Madagascar, the coast spans for almost 4 miles and same to the north of the city of Morondava and can be reached by and by a dirt road through panoramic fields and palm stones.

The beach is facility less and you need to bring your own food and drink to enjoy while watching the local fishermen gliding out to sea on their boats. If you want to hang around to spend more quality time for a few days, you can check in at the Kimony Resort, which is distant from the beach by a stretch of mangrove forest.

Nearby Attractions: Avenue of the Baobabs, Baobar.

12. Les Trois Baies (The Three Bays)

madagascar top things to do

Despite the fact Madagascar is blessed with dozens of bays and inlets, Three Bays attributes to the Bay of Dunes, the Bay of Pigeons and the Sakalava Bay; all of them settle up near the city’s northernmost tip of the island near Diego Suarez Town.

Separately Ezhur Bay is a beautiful reach of the beach and Three Bays is a popular tourist destination.

There are numerous tours that will take you to the Three Bays by 4*4 and it is exploring all three inlets on foot along a coastal path that finds its way close to the shore. In enlargement to brilliant views of sightseeing plentiful birds, there are excellent conditions for water surfing and kite surfing at Sakalava Bay.

Nearby Attractions: Kite Alize, North Mada Kite, Mer D’Emeraude, La Case en Falafy Kitesurf, Mad’avia Tour, Ocean Lodge Kite & Windsurf, Madabest.

13. Le Case en Falafy Kitesurf

things to see in madagascar

Taking halt from the unique beauty of flora and fauna of Madagascar you can the switch nature’s mode for adventure at Le Case en Falafy Kitesurf and also one of the best travel destinations in the city.

Near Le Case en Falafy hotel, you can spot the kitesurfing school in the village of Ramena, at a span of 10 miles from Diego Suarez, and offers instructs for both beginners as well as experienced kite surfers.

Once you learn the basics, you are up for the guided pleasure trips to some of the best locations on the island, including Emerald Sea, Andovokonko Bay, and Sakalava Bay. It’s one of the best things to do in Madagascar.

Nearby Attractions: Les Trois Baies, Kite Alize, North Mada Kite, Mer D’Emeraude.

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