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Luxurious Destinations That Are Visited By The Richest People In The World


When it comes to traveling, the majority of people go to places that are very common and affordable. However, there are some who are known for visiting offbeat places across the globe and experience something different.

These travelers like extravagant lifestyle and prefer going to Luxurious Destinations. They are none other but the ones ‘born with a silver spoon’.

For the richest people, spending holidays is a lavish affair. They stay in villas, experience the beaches in Yacht with a bottle of champagne in hand. This article will give you a glimpse of some amazement.

Luxurious Destinations That Rich People Prefer 

1. St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Situated in a heavenly country of the world, Switzerland, lies a small town of St. Moritz. This place is wedged between the Alps mountain ranges and in the front of it lies a spectacular lake.

This Luxurious Destination is often visited by popular stars from Hollywood and Bollywood too. The place offers breathtaking views and got popular because it held two winter Olympics games. Some of the popular stars who visited this place are Kate Moss and Robert De Niro.

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2. Lake Como, Italy

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Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy. It is a popular destination among the richest individuals because of amazing views. The place display different kind of rhododendrons across the pent-house and in front is the Mt. Alps.

Natural beauty is heavily embedded in the environs of Lake Como. It is also famous in India as it was the wedding destination of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, Isha Ambani. Some of the actors who regularly visit this place is Richard Branson and Madonna.

3. Mykonos, Greece

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If you want to see the mixture of white and blue, then visit Mykonos island. This island is situated in the white city of Greece. The combination of blue water and white homes makes the look of this place extremely stunning.

The place is known for its exquisite beaches and delicious food life. The best time to visit this place is in Summers. Some of the popular Hollywood stars who visit the island each year are Leonardo Di Caprio and Bella Hadid.

4. British Virgin Island

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There is a small island in the British Virgin island which is often termed as Necker Island, which is the luxurious private island. It is located in the remotest part of the Virgin Islands and is known for crystal clear water.

Famous celebrities of Hollywood have private resorts on this island. Some of the activities that you can enjoy here are water surfing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Celebrities who have visited this place are Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

5. Bora Bora Island

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It is situated on one of the clearest lagoons in the world, which is part of French Polynesia. As this island is expensive to stay, only the individuals with deep pockets can survive over here. The airfare is high and owning a private property is also expensive.

The island of Bora Bora is famous for scuba diving activities. There are many tour operators who conduct activities like Aqua safari and snorkel safari to attract customers on this island.

6. Ibiza, Spain

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This place is always at the top in the travel bucket list of millionaires and billionaires. It offers one of the eventful nightlife to the tourists in the world. Here you can buy expensive oysters and shells as souvenirs.

Some of the other interesting things about this place are Incredible beaches, markets, and art galleries. The ambiance of this place is so attractive that famous couple Gerard pique and Shakira bought an apartment over here.

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7. Aspen, Colorado

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It is situated amidst the coniferous forests of Colorado in the United States of America. The place is known for lavish hotels and premium resorts. As the region is surrounded by snow most of the time, it is good for the individuals who are seeking Nirvana.

Moreover, it attracts many tourists for the skiing festival that takes place each year. Some of the notable celebrities who visit here are Will Smith and Elton John.

That’s all folks, above was the list of famous Luxurious Destinations that are often visited by the Richest people in the world. Plan your next vacay to one of these places for great experiences.

Keep Traveling!

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