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Meet The New Year King Kasol With 8 Popular Festivals & Events To Step Into 2019

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Kasol is a ‘Heaven’s Gateway which is famous for not only for its extravagant mountains, green vegetation, and tranquil surroundings but also for its vibrant party culture.

The place plays the role of host for some of the country’s finest music festivals and New Year parties.

The party capital of Himachal attracts you to celebrate your New Year in the magical Parvati Valley.

For those who love hypnotic music, and thriving parties, it is important to be part of the most charming Kasol New Year party, and say goodbye to 2018 in the best possible ways in these famous events. Just look at it!

8 Of The Best Kasol New Year Party Events

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New year celebrations are something that we love and always look forward with great enthusiasm when it comes to ending our year.

The holidays we get during this can be best utilized by planning a trip to some of the best happening, adventure and travel destinations.

Kasol is one such destination, where you would feel all pumped up in some of the best new year parties. See the list of 8 NY 2019 parties:

1. Parvati Shangri-La Festival

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After the big success of the Electric Mahadev Festival, Version 3 is coming up with an exciting Kasol New Year party.

The Parvati Shangri-La Festival is a one-day outbursting celebration in Kasol, which includes shaking performances by DJs, laser shows, flea markets, and international dishes and beverages.

Where: Sky Heaven Katagla, Kasol, Parvati Valley
Entrance Charges: 
The price ranges from INR 1,500 to INR 1,700 per person (Early bird tickets start from INR 700)*

2. Himachal Hills Festival

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The Himachal Hills Festival is one of the best parts of the Kasol Party Season. It is a 2-day extravaganza starting from December 30.

This bright Kasol New Year party includes live DJ shows that play your favorite tracks, delicious recipes to meet the wishes of your cravings and personal tents for overnight stays.

Where: Kasol, Kasol-Manikaran Road, Himachal Pradesh
Entrance Charges: 
The costing start from INR 1,200 for 1 day, and INR 1,000 for 2 days per person*

3. Full Moon Party 2.0

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Rope in the New Year in the middle of natural gift at one of the best Kasol Himachal Pradesh Rave parties.

The event is sponsored by the Hotel Blue Diamond, this Kasol New Year party is coming with its second edition which will bring the valley to refreshing life with electrifying, glowing laser shows, and fun-rolled things to do in Kasol.

Where: Hotel Blue Diamond, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
Entrance Charges: INR 2,100 to INR 3,100 per person (Early bird tickets start from INR 1,600)*

4. Sylvester Gathering

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Sylvester gathering is organized by ‘Chalo Kasol’, the event is one of the best parties to celebrate New Year in the Kasol.

Via: Cloudfront.net 

Being held at Oh Magical View Cafe, This Kasol New Year party will be lit by roaring DJ performances amidst the monstrous mountains of the valley, to let you enter into 2019 in a dhinchak way!

Via: Allevents.in

Where: Parvati Valley, Kasol
Entrance Charges: Early bird tickets start from INR 1000 per person*

5. Tosh And Kasol New Year Eve Celebration 2019

Via: shoutlo.com

Kasol and Tosh New Year’s Eve Celebration 2019 brings you one of the most anticipated upcoming parties in a little version of Amsterdam of India, Kasol.

This Kasol New Year party will have camping, great music, great food, stalls selling handicrafts, and funky Bob Marley T-Shirts. There will be many other events too to get you out of the monotonous zone!

Where: Katagla, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
Entrance Charges: INR 800 per person*

6. Parvati Mystery Festival (2nd Edition)

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Let yourself enter into the most vibrant Parvati Valley Kasol party, which will make your New Year’s Eve more enjoyable.

In the bright night, the stage is all loaded with peppy setup, live DJ performances and food to satisfy every tongue, camping, and accommodations on the banks of Parvati river.

Where: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
Entrance Charges:
Early bird tickets start from INR 700 per person*

7. Hype Music Festival

Via: istockphoto.com

It’s a Get Set Go for a thundering Kasol night party at the Hype Music Festival that brings to you an international DJ line up to rock the floor.

This single night carnival will feature live acts, barbeque, bonfire, camping, food stalls, flea market, and illusionary decors that would make your Kasol New Year party even more thrilling and overwhelming.

Kasol, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh
Entrance Charges + Package:
Early bird package starts from INR 5,999 per head*

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8. Kasol Music Festival

Via: bookmyshow.com

Tie your dancing shoes tight as the mother all Kasol New Year parties is coming to town. Get jumping with the crowd and dance your heart out to the beats played by renowned DJs.

This Kasol New Year party will also include food stalls, bonfire and camping sites for a fascinating New Year Bash near the River Parvati.

Where: Cosmos, Chalal Village, Kasol
Entrance Charges: 
For 1-day pass, charges- INR 1500* and INR 2500* for a 2-day pass per person*

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