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13 Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Tanzania


Tanzania is home to some most famous Africa’s National Parks. Most of the people visit Tanzania just to witness wildlife adventures. It also has some beautiful beaches where you can spend some time soaking yourself up to the sun.

The other main attraction of the places is Off Pemba and Mafia Islands. The places are very popular among scuba divers where you can enjoy amid the natural wonders of the planet, Earth. Here is everything for a nature lover from coral gardens to crystal clear waters.

Most- Unmissable Attractions in Tanzania

1. Mount Kilimanjaro


This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Tanzania, it’s a national park which is also home to Africa’s highest Mountain.

It is not like other national parks in Tanzania popular for its wildlife. It is popular to see awe majestic snow-capped mountains here. It is the best place for adventure lovers.

2. Zanzibar Beaches
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This beach consists of Pemba and Zanzibar islands. it is also called as Unguja it is the most popular destination among visitors on holidays and the best part of the places is its beautiful beaches.

Here visitors will find crystal clear shallow water, soft white sand, colorful fish, and various traditional boats to enjoy your holidays at its best.

3. Ngorongoro Conservation Area

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It is situated between the Serengeti lake and Manyara Lake. It is the conservation area in Tanzania and also the most visited places for viewing wildlife areas. There is a huge volcanic creator that produces water permanently which helps all migrating animals to get a sufficient amount of water.

Here, you will witness bird chirping melodiously, view large games, and the places also have an archaeological site that reveals the ancient bone and skull fragments. These remnants have provided information regarding early mankind.

4. Lake Manyara National Park


This national park consists of woodland, forest, swamps, and grasslands. The two-third portion of the park is surrounded by Lake Manyara and water and it hosts so many flamingoes.

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The most highlighted part about this national park is that it is the home to a large population of elephants, hippos, tree climbing lions, that you can observe them from much closer.

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5. Mafia Island

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Mafia Island is a dream place of every snorkeler and divers from all over the world. This island is protected by the Island Marine Park. The best time to visit Mafia beach is from October to March.

The park contains excellent coral gardens, varieties of fishes around 400 species of fish and also green turtle can be seen there.

6. Serengeti National Park

One of the famous national parks in Tanzania and the well-known picturesque site should be on every traveler’s travel list. This is indeed the oldest national park in the country with a world heritage site and the 7th wonder around the world.

This park is recognized for its annual wildlife migration, where the loud clatter of hooves of more than a million wildebeest and several hundreds of thousands of zebra can be seen initially. There are several types of accommodation in the park, ranging from camps to luxury safari lodges, see Sanctuary Retreats for more information.

7. Nungwi

Nungwi is located in Zanzibar but is worthy of its special mention. Probably it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Tanzania; can be found in the small laid back village of Nungwi (at the northern tip of Zanzibar).

A simple fishing village made it a popular holiday destination of the tropical paradise of palm trees, whitened beaches, boats bouncing up and down in clear blue waves and sunsets to die for.

8. Mnemba Island

You can not be more beautiful and romantic than this small heart-shaped island. The paradise-esque Mnembais located on the East coast of Zanzibar and caters to a luxury-admiring crowd. The island houses beautiful lodge style accommodation; This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway for the two. The surrounding water is rich in marine life with regular sight of turtles, dolphins and big schools of fish.

9. Ruaha National Park

Ruaha in Tanzania is the largest national park in the country. A few travelers contribute it to the beautiful attraction due to it being not as accessible as the other national parks, even though the backdrop and wildlife will make your trip worth it.

Expect huge wild landscapes full of animals including rocky cliffs and baobab studded hills and creatures like lions, elephants, wild dogs, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, jackals, zebras and a large herd of buffaloes.

10. Mahale Mountains

Located on the Lake Tanganyikan shoreline in Western Tanzania is one of the best places to visit in Tanzania; the place is renowned to witness close encounters with chimpanzees in the world. It’s also an amazing place where greenery-covered mountains cascade down to the lake border, crystal-clear waters settle around the white sand coves and the hazing peak of Mount Nkungwe can be seen in the background. The mountains here are home to primates (species commonly related to lemurs, monkeys, and apes, and apes including humans), yellow baboons and the red colobus.

11. Stone Town

Stone Town is the cultural heart and love of Zanzibar and has changed a little over the last 200 years. Gorgeous old Arabian homes surrounded by narrow streets and curved streets have given the city its unique charm.

Most of the houses in Stone Town were built in the 19th century when Zanzibar was one of the most important Swahili business cities in the Indian Ocean. Visitors will see bras-studded, complex-carved wooden doors on many homes.

As the world’s oldest working Swahili city, many of Stone Town’s landmarks have been restored for their original glory. Some historic buildings are now museums that can be visited. There are also some old churches of historical importance in the city.

Take a stroll along the Creek Road to reach the original Stone Town region and the location of the Central Darajani Market, Beat El-Amani, City Hall, and Anglican Cathedral.

Other prominent highlights include the Forodhani Gardens, the Old Dispensary featuring carved wooden balconies, the erstwhile home of the sultans known as Beit el-Sahel or the People’s Palace, the Hamamni Persian Bathhouse built in 1888, and the oldest structure in Stone Town, the Old Fort.

12. Selous Game Reserve

Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa. Founded in 1922, it comprises 5% of the total area of ​​Tanzania. The southern region is a forbidden area, which is an undeveloped, dense forest, and has a series of steep hills in it.

Travelers are limited to the area located north of the River Rufiji. This area of ​​Selous Game Reserve has large open grassland, woodlands, rivers, hills, and plains. The best time to visit is from July to October.

River Rufiji seperates the Selous Game Reserve; it’s the largest catchment area of ​​any river in East Africa. An important feature of the river reserve is that it offers an opportunity to see various water-based wildlife. A wide range of sports can be found along with elephants, hippos, and rhinos, along with buffalo, antelope, giraffe, warthog, wildebeest, lion, leopard, and cheetah. Selous features more than 350 registered species in diverse bird life.

13. Lake Victoria  

Victoria Lake is Africa’s largest freshwater lake and is bordered by countries including Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. This lake is the source of the White Nile and provides an income for millions of residents along its shores.

The Tanzanian section of Lake Victoria is one of the least visited regions in the country, however, the towns of Bukoba, Musoma, and Mwanza have a number of attractions. Near Mwanza and Musoma are many islands, some have become wildlife sanctuaries. Bird watching and fishing trips are popular excursions, and boat trips or hikes can be arranged around Lake Victoria.

The Tanzania part of Lake Victoria is one of the most visited areas in the country, however, there are many enthralling cities like Bukoba, Musoma, and Mwanza.

Mwanza and Musoma have many islands, some have become wildlife sanctuaries. Bird watching and fishing trips are one of the best things to do in Tanzania; arrangements for boat trips or walking tours can be arranged around Victoria Lake.

Rubondo Island National Park, which includes many other smaller islands, is on the south-west corner of Lake Victoria.

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