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Uninhabited Islands: 9 Islands You Never Knew Existed

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Uninhabited Islands: You may have seen thousands of islands in your life on Newspapers, televisions and online. but still, there are some islands that still exist but not shown to you. Those are untouched destinations that still exist and you can try visiting these islands in the coming months.

See The List Of Some Deserted Islands

1. Utila


The smallest of the Honduras Bay Islands is Utila. Columbus mentions it in his ship’s logbooks during his fourth voyage. The island is a very popular backpacker destination and a favorite of divers. It makes a lot of sense since this tiny island has twelve dive centers. It has beautiful white beaches and the world’s largest barrier reef outside of Australia.
Oh ya, and if that’s not enough for you, you can swim with whale sharks there as well. If you are into that sort of thing. *You know the thing about a shark, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye.* Oh..sorry… Whale sharks are not really dangerous like the great white in Jaws as they feed on plankton, not us.

2. Staniel Cay


The Staniel Cay Island is located about 250 miles southeast of Florida in the Bahamas, roughly 75 miles south of Nassau and it’s small. It spans over two and a half square miles. Have you ever seen the James Bond movie, Thunderball from the sixties?
It starred Sean Connery as Bond of course. Anyways, parts of the movie were filmed at Thunderball Grotto, a nearby hollowed-out island that has some pretty gnarly caves. That’s for all you spelunkers out there.

3. Saba Island


Saba Island is part of the Dutch Caribbean. It is affectionately known as the ‘unspoiled queen of the Caribbean’. That’s so sweet. It’s is home to roughly 2000 folks who are from all over the world.
Christopher Columbus apparently saw the island in 1493, but chickened out on landing there because the rocks looked ‘too dangerous’. No big beaches or touristy resorts on Saba, but you will find an active volcano here.

4. Gavdos Gavdos


It is situated at the southernmost tip of Greece. It’s a precious gem of Southern Europe. There are less than fifty people that actually live on the island. In Summers, the total population reaches the figure of 3,500, out of which mostly are campers.
Karave is the port of Gavdos. The capital village of Karave is Kastri and the southernmost resident village is Vatsiana with 23 dwellers.
Basically, Gavdos is a fishing place where people enjoy their summers. Here the only thing to do is sit back and relax at Sarakiniko and Agiannis beaches. Have a lazy walk at these islands and explore them. Discover their inaccessible places and virgin beaches.
Gavdos is a favorite of backpackers as well as those who love to get naked. Did we mention their nudity laws are pretty non-existent? Well, you can’t mention it enough. And you need to take a special ferry boat to get there.

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5. Fernando De Noronha


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The Fernando De Noronha is actually made up of a group of 21 small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about 220 miles off the coast of Brazil. It is said to be the very best beach in the world can be found on these islands.
Out of 21 islands, only one is inhabited and the rest of the is the napping place for seabirds, reptiles, and several native species. It’s quite expensive to relax in this place. Even the cheapest hotels cost you around R$550 (US$170) per night and the prices get higher.
Travel Tips:
  • All the tourists are allowed to visit the island at any given time; they must pay a taxa de preservação Ambiental (environment preservation tax) to reach Fernando de Noronha. This tax cost you around R$45 (US$14) for one day and then further increases as per the number of days you spend here.
  • Remember, a few of the beaches are closed here, depending upon the months (especially in Turtle Nesting Season). In between January and June, one of the islands in Brazil named, Praia do Leão which is one of the most beautiful beaches is closed. The place is shut down from late afternoon to early morning to let turtles nest in peace.

6. Palmyra Atoll


The Palmyra Atoll, nestled in the Pacific Ocean, almost due south of the Hawaiian Islands and American Samoa. Palmyra Island is basically an atoll which means a ring-shaped island chain. This chain is classified as unoccupied and is recognized as an unorganized incorporated territory by the U.S.government. It’s one of the hidden islands you never knew existed.
This island is a remote place with no constant residents, untouched and surrounded with extremely dense vegetation. Although it is considered unoccupied, there are 420 people who populate these islands
You’ll be shocked to know that this island in the North Pacific is known for its serene beauty, but possibly even more famous for its paranormal activities!

7. Fadiouth, an island filled with clam shells

Lovers of shells, you have found your favorite destination! The whole of the Senegalese island of Fadiouth is built on millions (and millions) of clam shells. Yes! you heard that right; it means wherever you walk, you’ll be stepping on more and more shells that you’ve ever seen in your entire life; this also means that the roads here are made of shells and shells are integrated into the local architecture, crafts, and more. Primarily, there is an abundance of mollusk shells here.

Also, there’s a second shell island; the island can be reached by a tiny wooden footbridge, which is the location of a cemetery. The architecture od cemetery too is made of shells. Surprisingly, the cemetery looks so pretty with the use of Christian crosses, a rarity in the country of Senegal, which has a large population of Muslim community. People of both religions, Christians and Muslims peacefully live in Fadiouth; the place where both faiths assemble together for weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other auspicious occasions.

8. Vulcan Point, the island within an island … within an island… and so on? A Mystery!

This place might sound a sort of location where you would find everyone’s favorite Star Trek aliens hanging out, although the location of Vulcan Point proves to be logical.

As per Altas Obscura, Vulcan Point is a lake island which its location amidst a volcano; this volcano is itself on an island in the middle of a bigger lake, and this bigger lake is also in the middle of a huge island; all situated in the Philippines, which are also islands. (finally, a stop!).

This volcano is not like a normal one, the Taal Volcano has 33 recorded eruptions, listing as the second most active volcano in the Philippines. Vulcan Point itself is a tiny and specifically known for being the island identical to a Russian nesting doll. If you ever desire to visit this location, it requires a difficult Dr. Seuss rhyme! It falls in the list of most unknown islands in the world.

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9. Isla Palenquita, Panama

Umhh, don’t plan to visit this island unless you’re a multi-millionaire; it requires the three million dollars to step foot on this location. That’s huge!

The Isla Palenquita is slightly more than ten acres, and includes a helicopter pad because what’s the other way to reach this private island? Fortunately, for those wannabe supervillains, the island consists of a foundation of volcanic rock. So this is not quite a Bond-Villain level, but it’s much more than villainy than you’d expect from anyone not running a company or country. In totality, a good option if you want a place to bury the dead bodies of your enemies. It’s one of the most uninhabited islands in the world!

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