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17 Most Romantic Experiences To Seek In London

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One of the most popular tourist attractions, London is often not considered as a great romantic getaway. But we believe, if you arouse your explorer and romantic self, you will be able to live through the most mesmerizing moments. However, if you’re about to make a visit with your partner, we have brought a few worthy suggestions for all the romantic things to do in London. 

Most Romantic Things To Do In London 

This is going to be really exciting. Read further to know what’s in store.

1. Witness A Beautiful Sunset At London Eye  


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The London Eye is one of the most important attractions in the city and the one with romantic surroundings and atmosphere. There are modern skyscrapers, well-lit streets with historical buildings, and the River Thames winding through them.  


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This is the best place to watch London’s cityscape. Book a private capsule between 6 pm and 9 pm to catch up with a beautiful sunset with your loved one while you enjoy a glass of champagne. Watch London light up intriguingly at night.  

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2. Go Cruising Across The River Thames 

London River Cruising
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Most of the landmarks in London are their romantic best at sunset. There is a wide range of cruises available to take you across the Thames. You can choose from show cruises or themed dinner cruises. 

Based on what you choose, the routes may vary. However, most of them pass through Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the Houses of Parliament. It will show you the popular London sights from a different perspective. A night cruise is a perfect romantic idea. You may also enjoy watching the sunset from the Sky Garden. 

3. Go For A Helicopter Tour  


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Book an exclusive helicopter ride to catch up with amazing London views and swipe your partner off their feet. While you take the most irresistible glimpse of popular attractions in London, enjoy your champagne and live the moments. 

You will be flying above St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, and several other places. It could be a perfect romantic treat or the best time for a romantic proposal. This will be a 35 minutes tour, enough to fall in love with one another all over again. 

4. Luxury Bus Dining 

Luxury bus Dining London
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When London gets illuminated at night, it’s when you can set off for this stunning, gourmet London tour. While enjoying the delectable French and English cuisines, take a look at the most popular locations in London. 

5. Buckingham Palace Tour 

Buckingham Palace London
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If you’re visiting during summer, the official residence of the Queen is one of the best places to visit in London. It is one of the few working royal palaces in the world. Alluring some of the greatest treasures, royal art collections, and lavishly furnished rooms, this attraction is worth exploring. You will love the exquisite surroundings. 

6. Horse Riding At Hyde Park 

Hyde Park London
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It could be one of the best romantic things to do in London during the day and a good way to explore the region that is talked about a lot. Wave at the other couples as you pass the serpentine. Hyde Park is popular for its Winter Wonderland, too, which you both will love attending together. 

7. Couple Spa Treatment 

Couple Spa Treatment London
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While wandering around various city attractions is great, give some time to pamper yourself and relax. Book a couple of spa treatments at one of the best luxury hotels in London. This way, you get to spend time together and destress at the same time. Based on your budget and varying choices, there are numerous suites available across the city—Head over where you find peace and luxury. 

8. Catch Up With A Sunset At Primrose Hill 

London sunsets
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On your romantic getaway to London, you will be glad to have someone by your side to watch sunsets and sunrises with. Plan a small picnic to Primrose Hill and feel more in love while you admire the beautiful evening. Steal a kiss and thank the romantic sunset blush in the sky. Make it more special with your sweet nothings. 

9. Watch A Show At The Royal Opera

London Royal Opera
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Many other things are also more romantic there when you are winning and dining at the Royal Opera House. However, the building holds so much beauty and history. Opera is an incredible ballet performance; it truly is a dream to visit on a worthy night. Watching shows at the opera house will make up your mood, and you can easily spend your night there. 

10. Jazz Night

London Jazz Night
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In London, one of the most romantic things to do is listening to Jazz Blues. On your honeymoon, this would add colors with its melodious sound and music. Jazz is considered as the best soulful and romantic in the music genre. And if you are already a fan of Jazz, then you don’t require any more convincing. 

Jazz is well known in London as it is the birthplace of the remarkable Jazz artists. Thus, you are going to have one of the amazing London couple experiences. One of the best places to visit in London to spend the evening is Ronnie’s Scot.

11. Ice skating

Ice Skating Rink London
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If you are visiting London in January, Ice Skating is one of the most romantic things to enjoy in winter. For visitors, Somerset House’s courtyard is open from November to January. This is the way that they enjoy the fun-filled event of ice skating. In skating, you don’t have to be a pro because, as a couple, you will be with each other. 

12. Boat Party 

London Boat Party
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Experience you and your spouse on a boat enjoying music and dance in London. However, you are going to enjoy more as everyone there on the boat is having individual headphones to hear music. Thus, there is not much noise on the boat. This is quite romantic, right? It is more romantic, especially for people who do not like blaring music. 

Moreover, Thomas River makes things a hundred times more romantic. Since it’s the party boat, you are definitely going to enjoy booze and food at the boat. 

13. The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store London
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It is said that a couple that laughs together always stays together. If you and your spouse are really tired of dressing up and moving to an upscale London attraction, then spend the evening laughing and enjoying the shows. 

Some couples wish to do some unique thing in London. This is one of the cliched ways to woo your partner. This is also one of the best romantic things that you are going to enjoy in London. 

14. The Shard 


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Along with London not only the Shard but the top floors in London can also be visited for sightseeing. You can easily discover the architectural wonder from inside, too, with the ascending elevator. This makes it easy to view from the top floors. There is nowhere else in London, even a few buildings in the world that have views like it.

Treat yourself with the glass of champagne to make this sightseeing more special for you and your partner.  

15. Little Venice 

Little Venice London
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There is no doubt that you are going to experience the heaven of peace and romance in the grand canal of north west London. This makes it the most romantic place in London. Visiting the place you are going to experience a boat ride through the grand canal. It is the best romantic thing to do in London. 

Far away from the city, there are colourful houseboats on the tranquil waterways. Thus, you are going to enjoy the place with your spouse.  

16. Sky Garden 


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If you are in London with your love, you will be stupid if you don’t visit the incredible sky garden. It is the amazing botanical indoor world, three stories of exquisitely landscaped gardens. This creates fabulous settings to watch the sun from top to bottom. It is completely free, and you can even book and visit the garden. 

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17. Romantic Dining Experiences  

London Romantic Dinner
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You will get a wide variety of culinary experience on offer when you visit London. With your spouse, you are going to enjoy a delicious meal and entertainment too. No matter whether you visit with the family, they will offer you with the standard restaurant meals. And there are special offers at romantic dinners. So, you are going to enjoy the dining experiences in London. 

There’s a lot more you can do and create new memories together. With the above-mentioned list of things to do, you will surely be able to plan an amazing getaway to London.

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