England10 Ultimate Tips For A Budget-Friendly London Trip

10 Ultimate Tips For A Budget-Friendly London Trip


While exploring London makes you super excited, it is likely to be super expensive. It is important to start with some basic know-how about how you can take things smoothly further without taking a toll on your pocket. No matter how many times you have visited London, dealing with things and exploring at fair prices is tricky. Well, we are always here for help. We are never short of budget travel tips for you. Keep reading to know the best ways to explore one of the best cities in London.

Exploring London On Budget

There’s always the other way out that will let you save enough money on your London trip. From the heaps of tips and tricks, we have listed down the best ones for you.

1. Cheap Ways To Reach London

cheap ways to reach London
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It is quite certain that you will be flying to London. While that is going to cost you something we have some tips for you:

  • Try to fly offseason. During winters you will find airfare to be the cheapest. However, winters in London are generally milder than in Canada or northern areas in the USA.
  • Fly with an airline that offers a good discount and try to save in the long run. There are many airlines that may charge a little more for some services but will prove to be an overall cheap option.
  • Avoid landing directly in London. The landing charges here are certainly the highest. Prefer landing at some other place in Europe and then move to London. You may go to Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris.

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2. Advanced Bookings

London best attractions
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We suggest you book almost every activity in London in advance. However, look for coupons instead of booking in advance. There are many websites that offer easy and discounted bookings for theatre shows and sightseeing tours that take you across the most popular attractions in London.

3. Finding Affordable Stays In London

best hotels to stay in London
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  • We suggest you book hotels in advance, months before your visit. London has various hotel chains prices of hotel rooms increase with a decrease in availability. Booking in advance is the best since last-minute prices would be way too high.
  • If you are looking for cheaper options you may go for windowless hotel rooms. There are many hotels that are situated in heritage buildings and are less spacious. However, if you are not focusing too much on luxury, it’s a great option.
  • You can opt for an air-hotel package. If you’re lucky enough, you will even get one of the most affordable packages with airfare a 6 nights-stay at the price of just the airfare. This is a perfect way of saving money when you want to book hotel rooms in bulk.
  • You may also consider the mom-pop hotels being dynamically priced corporate options.
  • In the case of extended stays, don’t shy away from bargaining.

4. Prefer Walking Instead Of Public Transport

London travel tips
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Most of the popular London attractions are located close to each other. It would not only be a cheaper but faster option if you skip public transport for walking. Getting a bus or tube would take much time. However, before setting off, make sure you have an offline map to keep yourself from being lost somewhere.

5. Travel With A London Pass

best places to visit in London
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If you’re visiting London for the first time, you may have a hard time planning and arranging for your explorations. London is a magnificent city and there’s certainly a lot to explore. You are likely to find it difficult to decide what attractions to visit and where to save money.

London Pass is, therefore, one of the most affordable options to witness the best London attractions without spending too much. It is one of the best sightseeing passes to have for budget-friendly London exploration.

6. Find Cheap Eating Options At Local Supermarkets

cheap places to eat in London
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Like everything else, dining out in London can prove to be hard on your pocket. In that case, eating at local supermarkets could be money saving. This would be an amazing tip while you explore London on budget. You will easily get varieties of salads and sandwiches which will be perfect for a quick lunch or snack while you’re on the go. You can go to one of the parks for a picnic or enjoy your food at your hotel or Airbnb.

7. Avoid Too Much Tipping

tipping at restaurants in London
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Before you start exploring London, make sure you’re done researching about tipping etiquettes. While everyone appreciates tipping, it is never suggestible to tip everything. Here are a few ways to tip on different occasions.

  • Tipping at restaurants in London: While you are eating outside, it is customary to offer 10-15% of the bill as a tip. Mostly, restaurants already include 12.5% service charges in the bill. Therefore, we suggest you check the bill twice to avoid tipping twice.
  • Tipping taxi drivers: Generally people round up the taxi fare to the nearest pound. However, 10-15% of the taxi fare is considered as an ideal tip.
  • Tipping at bars: Tipping at bars or clubs isn’t practiced.
  • Tipping at London hotels: Like restaurants, hotels also include a 10-12% service charge in the bill. If not, a tip of 10-15% is customary.

8. Free Attractions In London

best places to visit in London
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While London is one of the most expensive cities, there are many free attractions that are worth exploring. Catching up with these free attractions is one of the best ways to cut down the vacation costs in London.

These attractions include some of the most popular museums in London for example the British Museum and National Gallery with beautiful works of art and  Egyptian mummies. Although these can be explored for free, you would never find them dull.

9. Prefer Night Outs

London Nightlife
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You can look forward to a money-saving night out in London with a London Pass. This pass lets you enter in some of the best nightclubs for free. In fact, there are special discounts for some special cafes and bowling alleys.

You just need to keep up with the happy hour at the pubs so that you can make the most of everything. There would be live music, artists, and their acts. Feel free to dance at your favorite beats. Check online or enquire about cheap gig tickets.

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10. You Can’t Do Everything On One Trip

best ways to explore London
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London has a lot to do and see. If you expect to explore everything in a single trip, it may not be possible. While you would be tempted to go from one attraction to another, it could be hard on your pocket. Saving money means you will have to miss out on a few things.

Grab the most of everything you do and make this trip a memorable one. You have to keep your planning game strong and focus on attractions that matter the most. Passes would help you enjoy everything without spoiling things.

While London is one of the most popular places to travel, these ten tips will help you to explore it cheaper than ever. Make sure you research well and plan things appropriately without leaving them for the end moment. Read our other guides for exploring London and other prominent attractions. You can restrict a budget and still enjoy it a lot.

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