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Most Romantic Things To Do In Mauritius On A Honeymoon Trip


While there are many awe-inspiring places to explore in the world, your honeymoon destination should be the one that leaves its everlasting imprints on your memories. You will always have some of the best things to do in Mauritius.

The gorgeous seaside and ethereal beaches in Mauritius will offer you a destination of your dreams. It has been frequented by newly-weds and remains one of their favorites. So, you can surely seek some splendid experiences for you.

This island offers the most mesmerizing views of the Indian ocean, hued in blue and green. This prime honeymoon destination has bundles of joy for its visitors and we are going to list down and discuss the same so that you know what’s on your way.

Most Romantic Experiences In Mauritius

1. Go For A Beach-Side Romantic Candlelit Dinner

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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No matter what all places you explore together with your partner, a honeymoon getaway would be incomplete if you don’t take them to a candlelit dinner. While you are at a beautiful destination like this one, you should never miss the chance to capture some moments filled with natural beauty, love, and togetherness. The golden sands overlooking the Indian Ocean, beneath the starlit sky, will make your day a perfect surprise.

Savor the delicious African, Indian, Creole, and Chinese cuisines served at the finest restaurants on the island. You may plan a private beach dinner and surprise your partner. Delectable food and wine and your sweet talks will add the loveable finishing touch to the day.

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2. Set Off For An Adventure

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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Mauritius is abundant with adventure activities. While on your honeymoon hitting your favorite adventures together could let you enjoy some fun moments together. This is a great way to strengthen your bond. There are various enthralling water activities like rafting and kayaking that you will enjoy.

Do not miss the magical submarine tour that takes you deep amid the colorful underwater life. Moreover, if you are seeking something that involves only you two, then book a sub-scooter and set off for the ride. Swim through the compact colonies of years-old coral reefs, get a 360-degree view of the ocean as you breathe through the shared bubble.

3. Go Cruising

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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Well, there’s supposed to be a lot of change to the entire cruising experience. However, it still is one of the most romantic things to do in Mauritius. Get on a Catamaran Cruise that glides over the surreal turquoise water. Watch the sun setting on one of the ends of the ocean.

This is an out of the world experience that you will surely cherish throughout your life. You may also spot dolphins playing around in the ocean or whales. Say cheers! with a glass of the best wine and make a toast to your new love.

4. Go For A Couple-Spa Treatment

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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Mauritius is home to some of the best spas. You should not miss this chance to relax your mind, body, and soul. Look for a therapeutic spa treatment that is soothing and frees you from the tiredness post-wedding. Book a luxurious couple-spa treatment at one of the best spas in Mauritius. It will keep you ready and fresh for all the enthralling adventures and surreal experiences that are coming your way.

5. Attend A Rum Tasting Session

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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There are many interesting things to do in Mauritius apart from its beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. While you may not know, Mauritius also has some good name for its exemplary rum. If you both enjoy classic beverages then you should surely look forward to a trippy honeymoon in Mauritius.

The rich sugarcane cultivation and tropical climate in Mauritius support its production of good quality rum. The local rum is a part of heritage here. Moreover, you can also explore some other authentic and uniquely crafted rums. You can go for a private-day tour to one of the distilleries and taste some free rum.

6. Seek Peace At Religious Sites In Mauritius

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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Seeking blessings at temples and other religious centers in Mauritius could be a perfect start to your marriage. Mauritius is home to several different ethnic groups that are diverse and sacred. These are serene and profound places that will take you closer to spirituality. You will come across many Hindu temples on the island, some of them include:

The Ganga Talao: Located in the Savanne District, this is an awe-inspiring pit lake and a significant place of worship among the Hindus in Mauritius.

Maheswarnath Mandir: This temple is situated in Pamplepousness housing the idols of Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Murugan, and Ganesha.

The Chapel of Cap Malheureux: Situated to the North of the island, this chapel is an alluring sight. There are Sunday church services that you can attend. The flaring red rooftop, pleasant psalms, and the dark blue sky all seem to be so perfect and worth capturing.

The Jummah Masjid in Port Louis: This is a mesmerizing piece of architecture with elegant white exteriors and flawless designs. This is one of the most peaceful places to be at.

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7. Go For A Romantic Long Drive

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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Roadtrips can be one of the most romantic things to do in Mauritius. Drive-in open cars as the winds caress against your face and hair. Most of the honeymoon couples look forward to an experience like this.

Mauritius has less-traffic roads and a perfect climate to let you enjoy one of the best rides surrounded by nature. You can secure these beautiful memories for a lifetime You can rent a car very easily and set off to the most amazing destinations.

8. Picture-Perfect Destinations

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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As discussed before, Mauritius is home to the most stunning and picture-perfect landscapes. Some of them are:

Isla De Ambre:

Isla De Ambre is an archipelago, consumed in paradisiacal aspects of natural existence. On this island, there are activities like swimming, kayaking, climbing, surfing, and various other interesting activities.

Île aux Cerfs:

This is one of the topmost tourist attractions in Mauritius. With white sands and turquoise waters, it is will seem to be one of your dreams come true. With lush verdant surroundings, it is a piece of heaven on earth. There are some great restaurants and land and water activities you can indulge in.

Île des Deux Cocos:

This is a popular center for swimming and scuba diving among visitors. It offers the best resort-like comforts. It is also a perfect place for private occasions and ceremonies. It features a British and Moroccan-styled manor that is a great option for ideal weddings and special first nights. You may rent a private speedboat and move along the estate.

9. Go Shopping

romantic things to do in Mauritius
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Like numerous other places in the world, you can look forward to some amazing shopping experiences in Mauritius too. There’s a lot you can take home. You will be surrounded by many little bits that you can take home as momentoes. Mauritius is a great place to shop for clothes, precious stones, and homemade oils. All these items will become the ones among your best shopped.

So, whenever the world gets ready to travel, set off for one of the most memorable, romantic trips of your life. This guide will let you know the most romantic things to do in Mauritius. Plan the very special romantic getaway with your one and only.

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