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Mount Kailash: An Unsolved Mystery For Climbers Around The World

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The world is filled with uncountable mysteries and most of the explorers are wandering around to solve those. However, Mount Kailash remains one of the greatest mysteries being discussed for years.

Mount Everest is 29,000 feet high and Mount Kailash 22,000 feet. After Tenzin Sherpa and Edmund Hillary in 1953, nearly 4,000 people have climbed the Everest till date. But till today, not a single person could reach the peak of Mount Kailash.

What is so special that even after being less taller than Everest, no one could finish climbing Mount Kailash?

The Mystery of Mount Kailash

mount kailash mystery
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Numerous things are known, believed and said about Kailash. Many say this mountain was not here, it has been built. People also say that this mountain is hollow, inside it there is a way to go to another world.

In 1999, a team of Russian scientists stayed under Mount Kailash for a month and researched about its size. Scientists said that the triangular shape of this mountain is not natural, but a pyramid that is covered with snow. Mount Kailash is also known as “Shiva Pyramid”.

Whoever went out to climb this mountain was either killed or returned without climbing. The whole world has considered Mount Kailash as the spiritual center of the world.

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Mount Kailash

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Mount Kailash is considered the stronghold of Shiva in Hinduism. It is said that Shiva and Parvati live on the mountain. But the name of this mysterious mountain does not appear only in the books of Hindu religion. Followers of Jainism believe that Tirthankara Rishabhanath first attained element knowledge on Mount Kailash. Followers of Buddhism also believe that Mahatma Buddha lives on the top of a mountain.

The Dao followers of Tibet consider this mountain to be the spiritual center of the whole world. The Dao religion dates back long before Buddhism in Tibet.

It cannot be a coincidence that the same mountain is placed in the center of the four religions. About one and a half billion people who follow these four religions know the glory of Mount Kailash.

When The Chinese Failed To Conquer Kailash…

mount kailash history
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In 1980, the Chinese government requested Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner to conquer Mount Kailash. Reinhold also refused to step on Kailash.

In 2007, Russian climber Sergey Sistikov tried to climb Mount Kailash with his team. Sergey recounting his own experience said: “Climbing a bit away caused severe pain in my head and the whole team. Then our feet stopped working. My jaw muscles started to stretch, and the tongue froze. I was not able to speak. While climbing, I realized that I am not fit to climb this mountain. I immediately started to take off, then I felt better”.

Colonel Wilson also tried to climb Kailash. He said: “As soon as I found some way to reach the summit, it would start snowing. And every time I had to return to base camp.”

The Chinese government then asked some climbers to climb Kailash. But this time the whole world has opposed these antics of China so much that by defeating the Chinese government had to stop climbing this mountain.

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It is said that whoever tries to climb this mountain, he is unable to climb further, he changes his mind.

There is something different in the air here. Your hair and nails grow in 2 days, which should grow in 2 weeks. The body begins to fade. Old age starts appearing on the face.

Climbing Kailash Isn’t That Easy

mount kailash climb
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It is technically easy to climb Everest even after rising to 29,000 feet. But there is no way to climb Mount Kailash. There is no way to reach Mount Kailash made of steep rocks and icebergs. To climb such difficult rocks, even the biggest climber would give up.

Every year lakhs of people come to do circumambulation around Mount Kailash. On the way, they visit the Mansarovar lake. But one thing remains a mystery to date. If this mountain is known enough then why no one has climbed it to date?

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