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Bike Trip: Explore Singapore Via Three Other Countries On Two Wheels

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Every explorer wishes to travel abroad and they do. Mostly people prefer flights for international journeys since it takes the least time to reach your destination that way. However, explorations become interesting when there are challenges on the way. Travelers love challenges and tourists want comfort. That’s the difference between them. Well, there are many more thrilling journeys you haven’t even thought about.

While a bike tour from India to Singapore through four other countries may sound strange, it will be full of fun and adventure. No matter in which part of the country you live, you can always set off on a bike tour. If you start from somewhere in North India, you will have to go via Delhi. You will have to reach Siliguri, via Basti – Darbhanga – West Bengal.

Crossing the Bramhaputra River via Siliguri, you will reach Guwahati. Shillong will be your next stop, 90 kilometers away from here. Narrow, steep roads, and intimidating trenches like Kashmir, Mussoorie, Shimla will not be found on this route. However, going further within the city you have to be a little careful. Shillong’s dangerous curved and narrow streets give a different feel.


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While sometimes you will be moving to high altitudes and the others you will be coming downward. You will surely be enthralled by this experience. Shillong is prominent for its scenic beauty. Moreover, very few people know that it’s famous for pineapple too.

After resting for a while in Shillong, the journey ahead is towards Silchar from where you will reach Imphal directly. Imphal is the capital of Manipur. About 109 km from here, there is a village far away, More. More village is the last village at this end of India. This is where foreign travel by bike starts.

Singapore Via Myanmar – Thailand – Malaysia


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Myanmar is the first country from the last village in India. First, you will reach Burma by bike. From here you reach Naipida, the capital of Myanmar via the city of Kale, Bagan. You will find many Buddhist temples on the way. This is the reason that Myanmar is called the country of temples. You will see more special things here. The women here apply sandalwood paste on their faces.

Myanmar experiences a lot of heat so women use sandalwood paste to protect and cool their skin. If you move beyond the capital city of Naipida, you will find the city of Faun. Next to this is the Mayawadi border. Mayawati is the last town in Myanmar. After this, your bike enters the border of another country.

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There is a bridge next to the town of Mayawati with half of it within the Myanmar border and a half in Thailand. You will reach Thailand from Myanmar. Thailand is famous for its beautiful places and culture all over the world. As soon as you cross the bridge, you will reach the first city in Thailand, Mayayshart. From here you can reach Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.


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Bangkok is the most touristy city in the world. The best time to see this city is at night. The night here is very colorful and mesmerizing. After Bangkok, you reach Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-largest city. After this, your bike will once again reach the end of one country and will be ready to enter the other country.


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The country that comes after Thailand is Malaysia. After crossing the Sadao border in Thailand, you enter Malaysia. The first town to arrive on entering Malaysia from Thailand is Bukit Kayu Hitam. The town has a very small population. There are many small shops along the road. Bukit Kayu Hitam town is famous for the black forest. From here, you may get Northern-Southern Express to go to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur.

You will come to this place and think that you can take rest. But you will not be able to relax here because there is no hotel around. However, you can stop for a while and continue your journey. Malaysia is a country as diverse as India. Here you will also be able to see and experience the beauty of nature.


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When you reach Malaysia by bike, definitely stop here. You should look at this country closely. Here you will also find cities full of modernity and see the simple life of the people. Before reaching the capital of Malaysia, you will find many beautiful cities in this journey. One of which is Famous City, Gantink Highland. Here the holy place of Hindus is Batu Caves.

Even today, people of the Tamil community are running it. A 24 km journey will take you along a long bridge that will take you to Penang Island. After proceeding from Penang Island, you will find the town of Ipoh 280 km away. The capital Kuala Lumpur is far away. Your trip to Malaysia completes here. Now you have to travel to a new country.


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After reaching the capital of Malaysia, turn the bike towards Singapore. When you fly to Singapore, you miss a lot. When you go to Singapore by road, the whole road will be surrounded by greenery. This path will fascinate you. The journey by road is only when you will be able to get a close-up view culture of this country. Singapore is the place where people wish to visit again and again. Singapore has developed itself in a very short time.

The example of this country is given for development all over the world. Singapore has evolved a lot in tourism. It looks as beautiful in the day, as much as it shines at night. The nightlife here is worth experiencing. Night lights here are illuminated with millions of laser lights.

Looking at these countries, you can proceed to see more countries. But exploring all of them together is a big thing. If you want, you can go to Nepal while returning. It is called the roof of the world. Many travelers from India visit Nepal and some are on the go. This may all seem easy but not so easy. Before going on a trip to these four countries, you should check whether you will be able to ride the bike or not.

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A permit is also required to travel to these countries. It is called Road Land Permit. If this is not all, then you must have been thinking about the World Tour and will come back from Manipur. Apart from this, improving your bike should be also considered. Know when and where to get the puncture repaired. That is why a biker must have all these things. If you know all this then no one can stop you from going to these countries by bike.

Plan it well. Keep Traveling!

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