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Best Places For An Electrifying New Year In Pondicherry

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We’re only a few days away from a brand new year. No plans? Well, if you had been looking for perfect places for New Year in Pondicherry we are going to discuss some. 

There’s no wrong to look for holidays within India and drop your plans for any international trips. Not only you will have the most spectacular travel destinations but also adorable cultures and cuisines to enjoy. Pondicherry has it all including beach parties and classic bars. 

Exuberant Parties for New Year in Pondicherry 

There are elegant beachsides, liveliest music, and excellent drinks. Along with New Year celebrations 2020, this place will also offer you the most comfortable stays. Here are the best new year parties in Pondicherry that will quench your thirst for celebrations. 

1. Aroma Gardens Auroville 

new year in pondicherry
via: vilagale

With lush surroundings on all sides, Aroma Gardens Auroville is a prime location for ultimate New Year fun. This luxury township features fitness centers, swimming pools, and lavish villas, making comfortable in all respects. 

If you had been looking for a comfortable escape from the chaotic world, this is your place! You can also stay here for some days. 

2. Umami Kitchen 

new year in pondicherry
via: profitroom

Live your love for Italian food here. Settled with comforting, classic interiors, this is one of the best places to reach for a quick meal. Get budget-friendly meals, featuring mouth-watering Italian platters.  

Reach here for a peaceful New Year dinner with your loved ones. 

3. LB2 Lounge 

new year in pondicherry

Love to party? Reach here to embrace the vibrant Pondicherry nightlife. Its eclectic settings, soft music, and great food are surely going to mesmerize you. 

Watch stunning live performances and try the varied cuisines availed here. Party souls will have a gala time here with their friends. 

4. Seagulls Beach Resort 

new year in pondicherry
via: pexels

This place is a picture-perfect New Year escape, featuring a jovial beach party. There’s a rooftop bar and an in-house restaurant where you can catch up with pleasant moments. You can also plan longer stays here. 

The resort features all the best facilities to comfort their guest. You will surely have a great time here. 

5. Atithi TGI Grand 

new year in pondicherry
via: pexels

A stay at Atithi TGI Grand Resort will let you attain quite a different New Year experience. The ultra-luxury environment and delectable cuisines will make you really happy. 

There are swimming pools and fitness zones; making up to everything that can bring you perfect vacation comforts. It is a considerable attraction for various tourists arriving here. 

6. Paradise Beach 

new year in pondicherry
via: unsplash

Paradise Beach is likely to get you some of the most pristine experiences for New Year in Pondicherry. Let the waves and the breeze rejuvenate your soul, while you dance to some of your favorite beats.  

There are many interesting activities that you can take part in. If you love water sports, go surfing. You may also easily get suitable boat rides. Lay down on the sands, relax; or keep your self active, playing volleyball. 

7. Ashok Beach Resort 

new year in pondicherry
via: pexels

The expansive Ashok Beach Resort takes you to the most enthralling New Year party in Pondicherry. The gardens here are relaxing spaces away from regular hustle. 

The beautifully laid vistas and window panes mesmerize you with splendid views of the beach. Not only nature, but this place also allows you access to all ultra-modern amenities. Dance along with the beats, get your favorite drinks and make the eve memorable. 

8. Asian House 

new year in pondicherry
via: pondytrip

If you want to go savvy with drinks, you will never regret coming here. You will be served with a wide range of liquor and cocktails. Party lovers should never miss this place. It is rich with positive vibes.

Dazzling lights and lounge-interiors make this place a perfect escape for the New Year’s Eve. The amazing theme party and interesting drinks are all budget-friendly which is the best part. Vibrant souls will surely find refuge here. 

9. Pub Zipper 

new year in pondicherry
via: beerporn

If you had been looking for a fantastic New Year’s event, reach here. The electrifying music will force you to move your feet on the beats. Hotel Green Palace is, therefore, where you need to reach. 

Fresh, delicious meals and a cozy atmosphere certainly makes it a perfect getaway for the New Year. You may find one of the best New year celebrations 2020 here in Pondicherry. 

10. Le Club 

new year in pondicherry
via: unsplash

Settled on one of the busiest streets in the region, this club holds a magnetic pull for party lovers. Wacky interiors and delightful treats for all sorts of foodies make it a great deal along with your favorite liquor. 

The classic rooftop at this club will make things even beautiful. If you’re interested, make sure you get bookings done in advance since everyone wants to be here. 

There many more ways you can have a great New Year in Pondicherry. However, the above-mentioned places would be ultimate fun. Make this New Year special! 

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