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7 Places with Unique Christmas Traditions Around the World

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Beliefs and traditions throughout the world could leave you astounded. While it’s is the most adorable time of the year, you may spend it exploring unique Christmas traditions around the world. The winds and atmosphere are likely to carry a unique charm during this time, making it one of the best times to travel. You can move smoothly along places and their diversities. 

Christmas Traditions Around the World 

No matter which festival you’re celebrating, the actual allure is created by unique traditions, beliefs, and rituals. Regional diversity makes festivals even more adorable. Being a traveler, you may love to be a part of something different. Here are some amazing Christmas traditions as you move across travel destinations in the world. 

1. Krampus, Austria 

christmas traditions around the world
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During Christmas in Austria, beat-like demon creatures are known to stroll around in the streets. They frighten kids and punish the ones who’re bad. Well, wait. Don’t confuse Krampus with Halloween. 

As per Austrian traditions, little boys and girls that are nice, get rewarded by St. Nicholas. While Krampus is believed to grab for the naughtiest; taking them away in the sack. Young men dress up as Krampus, with bells and clattering chains and frighten children along the streets. It is done during the first week of December

2. The Giant Lantern Festival, Philippines 

christmas traditions around the world
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This festival is conducted on Saturday just before Christmas Eve in San Fernando which is popular as the Christmas capital of the Philippines. It is a great attraction to people from all over the globe. 

Eleven villages take part in the fest to create the best lanterns. These lanterns are commonly half a meter in diameter; made using Japanese origami paper and lit with candles. However, they are now illuminated using electric bulbs and available in much larger sizes. These beautifully crafted lanterns are really attractive. 

3. St. Nicholas’ Day, Germany

christmas traditions around the world
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All over Germany, Nikolaus is said to travel around on donkey; leaving chocolate treats, coins, toys and oranges at midnight on 6th December. This commonly happens in the Bavarian region

St. Nicholas is also known to visit children at home or in schools. In exchange for the presents and sweets, children are expected to draw a picture or recite a poem. But it isn’t fun every time. St. Nicholas often brings along Knecht Ruprecht, a devil-like character to punish children who misbehave.

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4. Hiding Brooms, Norway 

christmas traditions around the world
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People in Norway believe that evil spirits and witches look around for brooms to ride on Christmas Eve. Hence, they follow this tradition of hiding their brooms. This is probably one of the most unorthodox Christmas traditions around the world

5. Gävle Goat, Sweden

christmas traditions around the world
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During Christmas, people in Sweden build a 13 meter tall Yule Goat. This is being done at the Gävle’s Castle Square since 1966. But this has turned out into a controversy with a new group of people trying to burn it in the name of tradition. 

6. The Yule Lads, Iceland

christmas traditions around the world
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While Iceland is one of the most preferred travel destinations, the Yule Lads would be interesting Christmas explorations. When 13 days are left for Christmas, 13 tricksy troll characters come out in the play. 

They visit places, meeting children. The nice ones are rewarded with treats and gifts and naughty ones are given rotting potatoes. Meet these 13 interesting characters! 

7. Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner, Japan 

christmas traditions around the world
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Apart from the amazing illuminations, gifts, and giveaways, there’s a new tradition that has emerged in Japan over the last years. It is the Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner. Almost everyone feats on this delicious chicken dinner for Christmas. The special Christmas dinner menu for this year would be available soon.  

Traveling places, exploring these unique Christmas traditions around the world will surely be a great experience. Merry Christmas! 

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