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Begin the New Year in Jaisalmer: Royal Encounters This January

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New Year is one of the most special times when you can make a brand new start to a passionate life. Why not begin the year with traveling places that let you embrace your authentic self? Starting your New year in Jaisalmer is probably going to be a great idea. 

Apart from the fact that January is a perfect time to explore Jaisalmer, there numerous other reasons you will never regret being here. Of course, you won’t have liquor parties or pubs but all the elements here are definitely going to let you live up to something even more appreciable. 

Why plan a New Year in Jaisalmer? 

new year in Jaisalmer
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Sometimes it’s great to be fond of uniqueness, it’s great to look for celebrations like never before. Jaisalmer will open up doors for such experiences. Jaisalmer could be considered as one of the best travel destinations for January. Let’s see why. 

As mentioned before, November to March is the best time to explore places in Rajasthan. While January will let you experience the best of desert safaris, the desert festival in February remains a major attraction for tourists here. There are various other tourist attractions here that will make your trip worthwhile. 

Most Popular Attractions in Jaisalmer 

1. Jaisalmer Fort  

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This grand fort is the identity of the city. Irrespective of being in the city for the first time, you can never afford to skip visiting here. Getting to know more of this architectural marvel would be a great pleasure. 

This fort is home to various other excellent attractions. It’s like reading a book full of interesting stories. As you turn pages, you are likely to come across something more astounding. The Desert Museum and Heritage Museum are the best explored here. 

Besides the royal property, there’s a lavish hotel, local shops, and restaurants where you can catch up with some lively experiences. Stroll through the golden past of the city. 

2. Bada Bagh 

new year in Jaisalmer
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Bada Bagh features a group of beautifully carved cenotaphs that look similar, a dam, a tank, and a garden. Every death from the royal family was known to be honored by a cenotaph. This unkempt garden stretches out to about 5 kilometers. 

There various other interesting elements about the garden that you will enjoy exploring. Spending a few moments in its serenity; creating memories could be one of the best things you do. 

3. Gadi Sagar Lake 

new year in Jaisalmer
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New year celebrations can be much more than just drinking and dancing. You may make everything special quite differently; moving away from all the noise and hustle around you. Soak-in the serenity at Gadisar Lake. 

There are suitable opportunities for boating and bird watching. Also, make sure you do not miss capturing the panoramic sunsets here. As per your preferences, you can set out for different interesting activities. 

4. Desert National Park 

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If you’re fond of doing something adventurous, reach here to explore the wildlife and natural expanses. You will come across various species and beautiful sights. 

This could be an interesting way to discover the kingdom in its truest and wildest forms. If you’re a photographer, there are numerous opportunities for you to get excellent snapshots. 

5. Patwon Ki Haveli 

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It will be a great decision to take up a Jaisalmer city tour. Get through the most interesting places and experiences that the royal city holds for you. The Patwon ki Haveli is one of the most popular royal mansions that you can explore for innumerous stories from the past. 

Stroll through these places, reliving the tales belonging here. Create your own good memories to cherish year long. 

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Best Activities In Jaisalmer 

While you’re planning to the beginning of the New Year in Jaisalmer, there are various interesting activities you can partake and enjoy the fullest. Here are some of the best activities you may consider: 

1. Go Camping 

new year in Jaisalmer
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Bonfire, camps, songs, and dance are the most commonly fantasized winter scenes. Experience starry nights, rustic backdrops and sand dunes. Select one of the best camps and cherish the authentic Rajasthani style with traditional food and dance themes. Grab those delectable drinks and go stargazing. 

2. Camel Safari 

new year in Jaisalmer
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Probably the most popular here. You should not miss the experience of a camel safari while you’re traveling through Jaisalmer during this time. Watch over the expansive desert and changing colors of the sky from dusk to dawn. This would surely be a great start to the year. You may alternatively choose to go for quad biking and dune bashing. 

3. Cultural Performances 

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A colorful, vibrant culture is the most highlighted aspect of Rajasthan. While you’re traversing, there are a lot of interesting elements you would come across. Viewing and getting to know their native dance forms and dressing styles is going to be really interesting. 

There are a lot of different ways in which you can make it a worthwhile experience. Do not hesitate in taking up a new turn or making unusual decisions. You will surely make up for some extraordinary and extremely jovial experiences. Mark an unforgettable New Year in Jaisalmer with a wholehearted journey. 

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