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People used to adjust their watches with Gunfire and lot more at Mussoorie

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Adjust your watches with Gun Fire: At this beautiful hill station naming Mussoorie; during the colonial period, on Gun Hill, which is the second highest point at Mussoorie; a gun used to be placed on top of it. Every day at the time of mid-day, the gun was fired from the top of the hill so that people could adjust their clocks accordingly.

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Mussoorie city is often referred as Queen of Mountains. The amazing hill station is positioned at an altitude of 1,880 meters (6,170 ft) with hills fully wrapped in green and fresh surroundings. This place is 34 kilometers away from Dehradun.

There are some more some interesting facts about the astonishing hill station, Mussoorie.

  • Origin of Mussoorie:

    Mussoorie name has been given to this hill station from the word ‘Mansoor’, which is an herb found at the foothills of Himalayas. Therefore, still, you may notice many people pronounce Mussoorie as Mansoori.


  • Second Switzerland:

    Mussoorie is amongst the top two places where we get to see the winter line; the other one is Switzerland.


  • Tibetan temple:

    Oldest temple of Tibetans which is found in India is situated in Mussoorie. The Tibetan Buddhist Temple was the first place to surrender to the Dalai Lama when he fled from Tibet before he was given land in Dharamsala by the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This is one of the hidden secrets about Mussoorie.

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  • Connection with Ruskin Bond:

    Char Dukaan, the four tea stalls book was written by Ruskin Bond, who visits this hill station regularly. He pays a visit early in the morning to have paranthas, sandwiches, and pancakes with maple syrup.

  • Highest point:

    Lal Tibba is the highest point at Mussoorie with a great height of 2,290 meters or 7,510 ft.


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  • Indians were prohibited:

    During the time of British people, Indians were not allowed to visit Mussoorie. As it was mentioned Racists signs on a Mall which stated, “Indians and Dogs not allowed”. But father of Jawahar Lal Nehru, Motilal Nehru, used to visit the road repeatedly and broke the rule almost every day. However, with the passing days, these signs and rules were removed from the mall.

  • Mall road:

    There is a famous Mall at Mussoorie and hence a road is named on that called Mall road. This is a very famous road among youngsters.


  • Favorite place of Nehru family:

    It was the best tourist place for the Nehru family and they used to visit the place frequently in the period of 1920-1940s. They used to stay at the Savoy Hotel. Sister of Nehru, Vijayalakshmi Pandit, was having her house located near Dehradun.

  • Discovery:

    Mussoorie was discovered by two persons, one was a brave and young British military officer Yung and the other was a superintendent, Mr. Shor.

  • Christ Church:

    This church is the oldest church in the Himalayas and has the William Hill organ in it, which is about 100 years old. There is a deodar tree which is planted by Mary, Princess of Wales in the churchyard.

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  • Library in Mussoorie:

    There is a Band Stand in Mussoorie next to the Victorian-style Library at the Library Bazaar which is a reminder of the past of town merry when the band would play all night, and balls and friendly gathering was the routine of the day.

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