Kochi5 Best Places to Visit in Kochi

5 Best Places to Visit in Kochi


Best Places to Visit in Kochi: A 600 years old hustle-bustle commercial harbor with business links is a beach town much like other cities in Kerala. Also, known as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. It is one of the major places to step your feet in Kerala.

Kochi, the financial capital of the state, the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, Phoenicians, Chinese, The British, the medieval lords and the Chera dynasty have a huge impact on the culture in Kochi.

A group of islands connected by ferries, this multicultural town is home to exclusive stores, art galleries and heritage housings.

An archipelago is linked to the Ghats, this multicultural city houses to many unique shops, art galleries, and heritage houses.

Don’t miss out to visit these places in Kochi to experience the union of vintage-future fashion, taverns, eateries, shopping malls, and revolutionary outlets along with temples, spectacular places, tranquil beaches, and heritage sites.

Best Places to visit in Kochi

1. Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island
Via: triptaptoe.com

Wellingdon Island got its name after the last Viceroy of India. The island is one of the largest human-made islands in India. The isle houses plentiful luxurious hotels, commercial districts, and industries.

This artificial island is the headquarters of the Southern Naval Command in India. Away from a bustling crowd, you can spend a peaceful day on the sea, take photos, explore the island, and have super fun with adventure sports activities.

Opening And Closing Time: 5 am -10 pm 7 days
How To Reach: Take a ferry or a cab or a train How To Reach

2. The Dutch Palace (Mattancherry Palace)

The Dutch Palace (Mattancherry Palace)
Via: wikimedia.org

The stunning Portuguese built an excellent place to visit in Kochi, the Mattancherry Palace, in palace road in 1557. Also called the Dutch Palace, the architecture and style look like a traditional Kerala house with four different with a shared patio.

If possible, don’t miss to visit the fantastic Bhagwati temple in the courtyard and the Shiva and Krishna temples inside the palace. Just admire and enjoy the perfection of its famed extensive gardens and polished lawns.

The Mattancherry Palace

Opening And Closing Time: 10 am -5 pm every day except Friday.
How To Reach: You can hire a taxi, car, autorickshaw or take a ferry. Better yet hire a bicycle.

3. The Indo-Portuguese Museum

The Indo-Portuguese Museum
Via: hiqcdn.com

This fascinating museum is a hub of Indian and Portuguese architecture and culture. The former Bishop of the city, built by Joseph Urethra in 1506, this museum has five different feathers that display Altar of Treasure, Furniture, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral.

Of course, just let your eyes to witness the valuable artifacts like Indo-Portuguese Monstrance and its Gothic arches.

Indo-Portuguese Museum

Opening And Closing Time: 9 am -1 pm, 2 pm -5 pm Tue-Sunday
How To Reach: Walk down or take a bus or auto How To Reach

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4. Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum
Via: cloudfront.net

Contrary to other museums, the Folklore museum is a 3-story structure, in which strong Malabar effects were made to display cultural exhibits and folk-tribal objects in 2009, which reflect the heritage of Kerala.

One of the best places to visit Kochi, this museum displays the famous traditional Kathakali appearances, get-ups, sculptures, ornaments, musical instruments, and stone age utensils.

Kerala Folklore Museum of India

Opening And Closing Time: 9:30 am -7 pm Tue-Sun
How To Reach: Drive down or take a train via Pandit Karuppan Rd Price Hacking Tool

5. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
Via: wikimedia.org

Located in Central Kochi, this bird sanctuary is a native place to an abundance of endangered species of migrant and local birds, mangrove.

Have the glimpse of amazing tidal lake linked to the backwaters of Kerala; this lake is one of the best places to visit in Kochi.

And if your luck factor works, you might see the redshank, greenshank, white-breasted water hen, the brahaminy kite, and the marsh sandpiper.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Opening And Closing Time: 9 am -6 pm 7 days
How To Reach: Drive down or take bus scheduled at 1-hr intervals.

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