Adventure TripA Perfect Guide to Plan a Trip to Costa Rica

A Perfect Guide to Plan a Trip to Costa Rica


Tamping volcanos, exotic flora and fauna, and heavenly beaches make it a perfect destination to plan a trip to Costa Rica with your family.

It is an adventure paradise for people who love to explore nature. Costa Rica is abundantly lush and green.

Its immense beauty, blue lakes, and heavenly beaches can bless you with many once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Vacationing in Costa Rica is incredible and thrilling. Apart from its natural beauty, you can experience plenty of adventurous things on an ultimate fun trip with your family in Costa Rica.

Planning a memorable trip to this Central American nation? Here are some travel tips that can help you plan your holiday.

Tip 01- Know the Ideal Time to Visit Costa Rica

trip to costa rica

Costa Rica is a tropical and subtropical country with two distinct seasons- dry and wet. It rains from moderate to heavy from April to November. It is preferable to visit here during the dry season.

Mid-December through April is the ideal time to visit Costa Rica. Even though it is the busiest time of year, you can be on the safe side by pre-reserving hotels and buses.

Christmas and New Year’s are particularly the busiest time here because so many North Americans travel to celebrate and escape the winter. It might be best to postpone organizing your vacation at this time.

Tip 02- Come in the Right Season

best time to visit costa rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is pricey. By visiting it during the rainy season, you can enjoy river rafting while saving a tonne of money.

The temperature is always moderate, ranging from 18 degrees to a maximum of 28 degrees throughout the year.

Tip 03- Best Time for a Family Vacation in Costa Rica

family trip to costa rica

Costa Rica is a top tourist destination you can visit here at any time along with your children. For kids, it is important to try new and adventurous things.

If you intend to explore this beautiful place with your children. You should prioritize your child’s comfort over the number of places you visit.

You can visit Costa Rica during the winter break. A stress-free vacation with no worries about your children missing school.

If your child loves aesthetic surroundings, take them to trek, adventure travel, fishing, and boating so that they can enjoy the beautiful nature.

Tip 04- Eating out in Costa Rica

restaurants in costa rica

Costa Rica is the most popular tourist destination. Its natural beauty and splendor are beyond words. You want to spend your money more on travel than anything else while exploring this paradise.

Eating out in Costa Rica can be quite expensive, and I’m sure you don’t want to spend your entire budget on food.

With 13% sales tax and 10%, service charges for food become 23% more than the actual price written on the menu. To avoid this and save your money you can go to small family-run sodas.

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Top Things to do in Costa Rica

What to do, how to start, and where to start are the most frequently asked questions while planning a family trip to Costa Rica.

1. Surfing

surfing in costa rica

One of the most thrilling vacation activities to experience here is water adventure. You can enjoy surfing on the beautiful beaches with your family. It is one of the fine costa Rica’s tourist attractions.

Playa Tamarindo is the safest beach to surf with your kids. It is a rocky beach with shallow waters, perfect for kids.

But, you must first complete a 20-minute instruction on safety, paddling, and standing on the board before you can begin the water sport.

List surfing at the top because we are confident it will be the best time of your life with your children in Costa Rica.

Average Cost: starts from 38$

2. Zip lining

adventure in costa rica

Zip lining is a fun activity that involves riding a steel cable and zipping through spectacular sceneries.

It is the most popular activity among adventure seekers. You must enjoy this recreational activity with your kids in Costa Rica.

If you are anxious about your safety then let me tell you zip lining is extremely safe in costa Rica.

The ideal zip-lining location is in Monteverde, a cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica’s central highlands.

The zip line can be up to 300 feet in the air and has a length that varies from 500 feet to 25000 feet.

Along with zip lining, Monteverde offers you many fun activities like horse riding, hanging bridges, and nature walk.

Average cost: starts from32$

3. River rafting

things to do in costa rica

River rafting is an adrenaline-rushing sport. According to how turbulent the river is, there are different levels of difficulty involved in this sport. You can enjoy river rafting at its fullest during the rainy season.

River rafting in Costa Rica is exciting and safe. This adventure is done under the supervision of experts. You can take your kids along with you.

Because life jackets are provided and the rafting crew members are trained to keep you safe in the water. You can enjoy river rafting wholeheartedly.

Canon de la Vieja is among the top locations in Costa Rica for river rafting. They take you on a 45-minute ride that is extremely dramatic and filled with exhilarating dips, twists, and splashes.

Average cost: starts from 32$

Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica for Families

Choosing the best location to stay with your family location in Costa Rica is an important part of the vacation.

You open your eyes to a magnificent view and eat your first meal while admiring it. You can experience one of your best mornings in costa Rica.

Here are some top picks for the best family resorts that can answer you where to stay in Costa Rica.

1. The Spring Resort, Arenal Volcano

costa rica resorts

The is built to provide hot springs, exquisite cuisine, and leisure all in one location.

This beautiful resort in Costa Rica gives you an excellent view of Arenal volcano. You can enjoy many fun activities like horse riding and river tubing inside the resort only.

Once you’ve had your fill of touring, you may relax in the spa and get some rest.

2.Tulemar resort, Manuel Antonio

Tulemar resort, Manuel Antonio

It is one of the best hotels in Costa Rica on the beach. Tulemar resort is one of the most beautiful and rare beach resorts with a private beach.

A short distance from the beach, you can take pleasure in water activities and superb restaurants.

The perk of beachfront resorts is you can enjoy the most wonderful dawn and dusk here without even leaving the hotel.

3.Andaz costa Rica resort, papagayo peninsula

Andaz costa rica resort, papagayo peninsula

Andaz  Papagayo is a beautifully built resort in the Papagayo peninsula of Costa Rica.

It is a boutique resort with calm beaches, family pools, and fun activities like golf.

You can also enjoy unique spa services using local ingredients.

Andaz Papagayo is just an hour away from the resort. So you can minimize your domestic travel timing by choosing this resort.

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4. Hotel sicomo no, Manuel Antonio

Hotel sicomo no, Manuel Antonio

Hotel Si Como no is one of the best family hotels you can find in Costa Rica so far.

You can enjoy some quality time here with its family pool, butterfly garden, free beach shuttle, and family-friendly small private theatre.

It is an ideal location to stay for families in Costa Rica. Zipline, mangrove tour, and whitewater rafting are some nearby fun activities.

5. JW Marriott, Hacinda Pinilla

JW Marriott, Hacinda Pinilla

On a family vacation, people usually search for a location where the kids can have fun and adult can enjoy their quality time.

JW Marriott is the most recommended family hotel. You can take your family on a day excursion to the nearby Tamarindo to watch a surfing competition and eat at a local restaurant.

People also ask about costa Rica

1. Is Costa Rica a good place for a family vacation?

Costa Rica is becoming the favorite travel destination for families. This lovely country has so many fun activities, games, and adventures to offer you. You can travel to this heavenly country without any concern.

2. Is Costa Rica good for toddlers?

Yes, a trip to Costa Rica can be very educational for your toddlers. It is a country of rich culture and diversity. The beautiful flora and fauna of Costa Rica can teach them a lot about nature.

3. Is Costa Rica friendly for tourists?

Costa Rica is safe for tourists. It is a friendly eco-tourist destination. It is the happiest country on earth. It is widely known for its exotic wildlife, tropical cloud forests, and adventure games.

4. How to prepare for a trip to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is an adventurous destination. you can explore a variety of locations here like beaches, mountains, rivers, forests, and volcanoes. You have to plan your trip and prepare yourself accordingly.

5. How many days do I need in Costa Rica?

It would take 10 days to 2 weeks to see all of Costa Rica’s top attractions. Two weeks are sufficient to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer. Plan your journey accordingly. If your holidays are limited you can also plan a 7day itinerary in Costa Rica.

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