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Top 11 Things To Do In Bali With Family For A Wonderful Experience


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While you crave luxurious holidays and the most worthwhile places to explore around the world, Bali is one of the travel destinations you cannot resist visiting. It holds on to everything that would amaze you and you will be glad about being there.

Bali is a collection of vivid cultures, historic and scenic treasures. Therefore along with beautiful landscapes, you will also find some of the best traditional explorations here. If you’re interested in watersports then get ready because you will have plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and a lot of other adventures.

Undeniably, there’s everything you were seeking for a perfect family vacation. Whether you spend time playing with the dolphins, strolling around the beautiful farms, or shopping you will be creating great memories with your people.

Most Amazing Things To Do In Bali

1. Go Dolphin Watching At Lovina Beach

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When you’re exploring Bali with family, the early morning dolphin tours at Lovina Beach are not at all worth missing. There are numerous boatmen who will agree to take you on a dolphin tour since it’s popular all over Bali.

Watching these sea creatures jumping amidst magnificent waves is a great pleasure. It is suggested to book your rides in advance in order to avoid unavailability at the last moment. Along with the playful dolphins, you will also enjoy the scenic views surrounding you.

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2. Bali Marine And Safari Park

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If you are fond of nature and wildlife then the Bali Marine And Safari Park is a perfect place for you. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Bali with family. The special cage tram rides allow you to enjoy a closer view of wildlife.

You can observe the majestic lions and tigers and how they live their lives. Night safaris are also available here to let you make the best of your time. There’s also a traditional Balinese dance show and dinner that you can go for.

3. Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple

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This eleventh-century temple is one of the most popular in Bali for its unique structure. This seems to be a supernatural place. If you are tuned with your vibes you will surely feel the change. It is mandatory to wear a sarong and a scarf at the temple.

Sightseers can only enter the first yard, entry to the temple zone is not allowed. Since evenings are foggy, mornings are the best to visit the temple.

4. Nusa Penida Island

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Want to travel the path less taken? Nusa Penida Island should be included in your itinerary then. It will add more stars and great memories to your Balinese escape. This is one of the unexplored islands in Bali, rich with natural wonders and scenic marvels. Because of the least human contact, it is still unspoiled.

It holds on to azure sea waters, sandy beaches, and greenery, creating absolutely tranquil surroundings. This place has a lot of experience to offer. The infinity pool and the dinosaur head-shaped viewpoint will take you to jaw-dropping views. The green lagoons here are equally relaxing.

5. Kintamani

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This one often turns out to be one of the most favorite things to do in Bali on a family trip. Kintamani opens doorways to the most picturesque and beautiful natural surroundings. It has alluring clear blue water and a tall-standing active volcano.

There are various ancient temples adding on to the breathtaking views. Nature lovers and photographers are most commonly attracted to Kintamani. Further, you still have a lot to explore including Balinese traditions, coffee plantations, and rice terraces.

6. Bali Bird Park

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Being the most popular among varied travel destinations in Asia, Bali has all the best ways to entertain its visitors. Bali Bird Park is one of them. There are thousands of bird species from different corners of the world. These winged-creatures are beautifully colored and look stunning.

The birds here can be seen roaming free as the park offers the birds a natural habitat to live in. There are a lot of informational explorations amid nature, jungles, and birds. You would come across the sweet performances of various bird species.

7. Tjampuhan Spa

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Your trip to Bali would be incomplete if you skip the traditional spa treatment here. Tjampuhan is one of the best spas in Bali. It is settled amid tropical jungles and offers a rejuvenating experience to the visitors.

The gushing rivers and aromatic oils make a perfect combination to drive away stress. The special air massage offered here, lets you get closer to nature and the forests in the surroundings. The medicinal and therapeutic properties of water here are popular.

8. Temples In Bali

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Temples in Bali not only possess magnificent structures but are also considered to be the best to seek peace and solitude. Known as the “Island of Gods”, Bali is home to hundreds of ancient temples adding to the beauty of picturesque landscapes here.

Uluwatu is one of the most popular and must-visit temples here. This temple is situated atop a cliff about 70 meters above sea level. Tanah Lot, the sea temple is another popular attraction in Bali. This temple is the best visited when the tides are low.

9. Waterbom

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Waterparks can be fun with the family. Waterbom is therefore on of the best things to do in Bali with family. With world-class rides for kids and adults and refreshing garden areas and activities, it the best waterpark not only in Bali but in Asia.

Since Bali has a humid climate most of the time, summers poise the best time to visit here. Within the campus, there are also some great restaurants for perfect dining experiences.

10. Hanging Gardens

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Spending happy times with family at the best jungle resorts in Bali would definitely be one of the best things to do here. The Hanging Gardens is surrounded by stunning rainforests on all sides, picturesque views of the valley, and the breathtaking infinity pool.

There relaxing options for kids and adults based on their interests. With excellent services and unmatchable experiences, this would become one of your favorite places here.

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11. Organic Farms In Bali

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You will come across various scenic landscapes throughout your explorations in Bali. The organic farms here are beautiful views to grab and also the best examples of blooming lives here. These farms obtain their rich produce from the volcanic soil. Exploring them, you will find varieties of vegetables, fruits, and plants.

There are many more to add to the list of best things to do in Bali with family. However, the topmost activities will let you make a good start. Plan it well when you travel.

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