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Things to Do in Pamukkale- The Cotton Castle of Turkey


From relaxing in natural thermal pools to soaking up the sun on velvet white rocks; travelers have a lot of things to do in Pamukkale.

It is Turkey’s most visited place because of the natural travertine formed by Menderes in the Denizli Province. The entire Pamukkale is thus painted in white color with small blue thermal pools in the middle.

The presence of calcium carbonate mineral is the reason for so much whiteness here. Travelers usually come to see these white rocks and can’t resist taking photos here.

But, the cotton castle (Pamukkale) is not always soothing, at least not during summers. Sun can be very aggressive and the reflection from these chalky cascades can leave you tan.

Thus, travelers must know when to visit Pamukkale? What else is there to see and do?

We are going to tell you everything so that pleasure of seeing this beautiful town of Turkey doesn’t get ruined.

8 Things to Do in Pamukkale on Your Trip to Turkey

1. Get Hot Water Therapy

pamukkale thermal pools

Soaking yourself in thermal pools in Pamukkale National Park is a blissful thing to do.

Not only they are beautiful to see, but swimming in the crystal clear water of a hot spring is healing too.

The water possesses healing properties and eases pain in your body. There are around 17 springs in the park so don’t worry if you see a bit crowd.

Climb down the cliff if you wish to relax in silence, the thermal pools down there are usually empty.

Also, skip your shoes while you are at travertine cliffs as walking barefoot is mandatory here.

Your feet will thank you for this hot water treatment.

Timing- 8 AM to 7:30 AM

Address- Mehmet Akif Ersoy Blv., 20190 Pamukkale, Denzile

[Note- Be careful while walking barefoot on the pool’s surface as the surface is quite slippery]

2. Watch the Cotton Blanket Travertines From Top

pamukkale thermal pools

For an exceptionally beautiful experience, try paragliding. This is one of the wonderful things to do in Pamukkale.

The aerial view of the white travertine seems like a cotton blanket covering the earth’s surface.

And during sunset or sunrise, the view is indescribable.


  • Always stay hydrated before and after paragliding.
  • Also, skip mobile phones and other electronic gadgets for this unusual trip.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to avoid suffocation or breathing issues.
  • If you have motion sickness and you still wish to see travertines, put chewing gum in your mouth.

This will help with motion sickness.

Timings- 7 AM to 7 PM

Fees- Starting from EUR 30

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3. See Karahayit Kirmizi SuKarahayit Kirmizi Su pamukkale

Another wonder of nature is The Karahayit Kirmizi Su. The entire area is covered in colorful travertines originating from the calcite rocks beneath the surface.

Sulfur, calcium, and magnesium minerals give rustic red color to thermal pools here.

Like hot springs in Pamukkale National Park, Karahayit also has healing properties and rejuvenates dry skin.

It is a good chance to detox your skin naturally and take good care of your body. Just take 10-20 minutes of bath in hot springs.

You can also enjoy the majestic view of reddish travertines from nearby cafés and hotels.

Timings- Anytime

[Tip- Drive for only half an hour from Hierapolis to reach Karahayit]

4. Bath in Champagne Water of Cleopatra’s Antique Pool

cleopatra antique pool

Even if you are bored with exploring the luxurious bath pools of Pamukkale, you should not miss Cleopatra’s pool during the trip.

The pool was a gift to Egyptian Queen Cleopatra from Marc Anthony. Pamukkale’s antique pool is one of the popular gifts for her.

Another exciting fact about the pool is its champagne water which has endless small bubbles hugging your body when in the water.

Timings- Though you can come anytime, morning and evening time is the best

Entry Fee– 30 TL

Address- Hierapolis complex

[Tip- Come half hour before the closing time to get a discount on the entry fee and enjoy more privacy]

5. Try Authentic Kebabs

best food in pamukkale

No more dipping in the pool, it’s time to savor the Turkish cuisine. Denizli is the best food place in Pamukkale to dig into some authentic Turkish dishes.

Start by the denizli kebabs. It is a slowly cooked lamb meat prepared in a wood oven.

The moment you take a bit of kebab, it will melt in your mouth making you crave more.

For a heavenly taste, eat kebabs with ayran (a locally available Turkish drink). You should more Turkish specialties like:

1. Tavas Baklava- a dumpling made of urga flour (wheat, barley, and whole wheat) and served with sherbet

2. Sigara boregi– Cheese stuffed deep-fried cigar-shaped pastry

3. Turkish fare– meatballs

4. Marcinek kofte- veg balls made with red lentils, hot red pepper paste, and spices

5. Dondurma- Made with sahlep and mastic ( It’s actually ice cream)

Pideci Nihat Usta, Hacı Şerif, and Garson Şükrü are a few places to try these delicious foods in Denizli.

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6. Spend Some Time in the Ruins of Hierapolis

Ruins of Hierapolis

While most tourists come to see the natural white travertine, they miss the chance to see something equally beautiful. At least in the past!

The ruins of Hierapolis say the story of the Hellenistic period through magnificent structures.

Though they are mangled partially, the ruins are still a sight to behold. UNESCO has declared this historical site of Turkey a world heritage.

Things to do in Hierapolis, Pamukkale

  • Explore the Apollo temple
  • Click pictures of Nymphaeum, an old foundation made for the Nymphs
  • Travel back in time to Hierapolis Archaeological Museum
  • See the giant theatre of Hierapolis. It has a seating capacity of 15,000
  • Learn about ancient Romans

7. Admire Nature Under the Kaklik Cave

Kaklik Cave

One of the unmissable things to do in Pamukkale is visiting the Kalik Cave- The hidden treasure.

It is only half an hour of distance from the town but you won’t regret the trip.

The cave has a wooden stairway that leads you to the underwater travertine. The view is surreal and it is not usually dark there.

Despite this, you should visit kaklik cave in the daytime because it can get cold after sunset.

Timing- 8 AM to 10 PM

Entry Fee– 5TL

Address- Kaklik, 20240 Honaz/Denizli, Turkey

8. End Your Trip at Laodikeia


Visiting Laodikeia is the last thing to do in Pamukkale and do not miss it. The place is a victim of several earthquakes.

Despite this, it never lost the structures of the ancient Roman Empire completely. It was once a leading medical school and center.

While exploring, you will find four-bath complexes, a gymnasium, a Senate house, and two theatres.

Though all are not in perfect condition, they still tell the tales of ancient Romans.

Highlights of Laodikeia

  • Water law inscribed on the marble block
  • Peristyle designed churches
  • Largest ancient stadium of Anatolia
  • Zeus temple between Nypheum and the Small theatre

Timings- Anyday

Entry Fee– 10 TL

Address- Goncali, 20000 Merkez/Pamukkale/Denizli

How to Reach Pamukkale, Turkey?

how to visit pamukkale

Denizli-cardak is the nearest airport in Pamukkale. You can either take a flight from Istanbul or Cappadocia.

Both these destinations are approximately 500 km away from the main place. However, you have to take a bus from Cappadocia to Pamukkale which will take almost 11 hours.

The quickest route is via Istanbul but you have to switch flights. So, take a direct flight from Istanbul to Pamukkale. The flight will take you within 7 hours.

Best Transport in Pamukkale

Since all the places mentioned in our list of things to do in Pamukkale are closer to each other, it is best to take a car for rent. Travel freely to those destinations and enjoy your trip.

When to Plan a Trip to Pamukkale?things to do in pamukkale

February to April is the best time to visit Pamukkale because of the pleasant weather during this time.

Summers are definitely not the ideal as temperature goes up to 35 degrees. Winter is also not perfect.

Usually, Pamukkale experiences rain every month but it rains for a few days during February and April.

Bookmark this guide for the best experience in Pamukkale.

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