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Spending quality time with your hubby is an important part of your life, especially when you are newly married. So these Romantic honeymoon destinations in India are perfect for you as all the below-listed places make your quality time special.

Best Romantic honeymoon destinations

1. Goa


The first name comes in mind when you are planning your honeymoon in India. The place is perfect for couples to enjoy the beauty of the beach along with beautiful hotels, resorts and good food.


Along with this, you can have lots of fun and can do a party here with your hubby. The coastal retreat is full of amazing places where you can have a romantic day seeing the sunset or just enjoy the various water sports activities there.

2. Kerala (Munnar)


Want to relax and chill out on your honeymoon then Kerala is a blessed with the abounded of natural beauty. It has cottages, tea plantations farms along with beautiful lakes,  enjoying boating with your mate.


The entire environment of Kerala is very soothing and with delighted atmosphere, you can have the best of both Worlds here. Besides this, Kerala is even famous for is luxurious spa sessions. And this is the reason why Kerala is known to be one of the most beautiful romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

3. Kashmir


Kashmir has known for its god blessed beauty and known a place where you will experience the feeling of Switzerland here. The cold weather, snow, and panoramic view are just breathtaking, making it one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in India.

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Along with this, you will love enjoying the local flavors along with the trip to Snow-clad Mountains. Besides this, the Gondola ride is very romantic for the couples and strawberry valley freshens up your mind.

4. Udaipur


Welcome to the Pink city, the land of warriors filled with beautiful haveli’s, lakes and tasty food. The place has a classic & luxury touch along with a cultural influence. It is said to be the most romantic destinations in India.


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Have a good date nearby Pichola Lake or have a romantic dinner at luxurious heritage hotels. Besides this, the sunset of Rajasthan makes you fall in love with the view and tasty royal dishes complete your day. Therefore, It’s known to be one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

5. Andamans (Neil Island)


If you are in love with the beaches and coast then visit this island. The place is known as the beach paradise with a touch of history. Along with this, it has the most amazing water sport and when it comes to honeymoon then couples would love it.

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Neil Island

Candlelit dinner with your mate here makes your supper time special and explore the best marine life of it. It’s one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in India.