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21 smart travel hacks when you run out of money

One of the greatest myths about traveling is that you need to be rich in order to land in your dream world. But the reality is not what you think!


One of the greatest myths about traveling is that you need to be rich in order to land in your dream world. But the reality is not what you think!

With these simple but life-changing travel hacks, you will thanks us later on how to travel without money! Duplicating the quote again as you don’t need to be rich, in fact, a limited budget can offer you funnier travel experiences.

Check out some simple life-changing smart travel hacks even with a smaller budget.

Tips To Travel With No Money At All!

1. Free Walking tour

Free walking tours

As per Europe’s recent development is the arrival of free walking (or even biking) tours. This is a great way to find places through the local’s eye at a minimum cost. The Stockholm Free Tour can be a great way to save money in expensive places. Apart from this, you can also fulfill the load of people!

2. Stay in Hostels For “Free”


WorldPackers let you deal with your skills for free accommodation in the hostels worldwide. As paying with money dictates the past.

You can actually collaborate with your hostel instead of paying, also can go for a variety of options as in ending up improving their website by painting a new wall or even doing bartending. Being just creative and innovative!

3. Seek Out Free Wifi


To find Wifi abroad nowadays is trending to become a Holy Grail (something that you want very much, but very hard to get) for travelers. We all need to communicate our happiness and joy via different social media platforms like posting some photos on Facebook to make everyone feel jealous at home and also to google some important stuff.

WiFi Magic, once also called as Mandic magiC is a social network for public WiFi passwords. On the teamwork between users, work of WiFi Magic relies upon who help each other by updating the system with new public WiFi networks and their passwords, thus allowing other users to automatically fetch them.

Firstly with WiFi available, you look for booking accommodation. It’s so easy to communicate with your people back home. Mobile apps like WiFi magic, formerly known as Mandic magiC ensures that you are always connected to public places while you are outside and thus making it easier to communicate with the people back at home.

4. WWOOFing


Willing Workers on organic farming or popularly known as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms relates to WWOOF which is operated by a loose network of national organizations that assist the progress of homestays on organic farm or volunteers on farms across the world.

volunteers will have free rooms and food while you’ll need to get there by yourself. No prior experience is necessary. A great way to integrate work and travel economically.

In short, WWOOFing is an affordable and sustainable way to travel.  

5. Look For Free Days

smart travel hacks

An easy yet so effective and powerful tip. There are often free days or discounted days in museums and other tourist sites. Before your takeoff, make sure you visit their website for this information.

For example in Barcelona, almost all the major museums are free on Sundays after 3 pm. The Vatican Museums in Vatican City

For example, almost all major museums in Barcelona are free after 3 o’clock on Sundays. The Vatican museums have free entry on the last Sunday of the month in Vatican City. And the modern art museum in New York City has a free entrance on Friday afternoon.

6. CouchSurf


Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. A way to find a place or stay or share your home or hometown with travelers as locals allow them to stay with them for free.

Couchsurfers organize regular events in 200,000 cities around the world and frequent users of this website never have to pay for accommodation across the globe. While you can’t afford to be choosy– there can be a probability that you might get an air mattress or an awful couch – it’s always free!

7. Get Paid To Be a Travel Mailman


Have you ever been asked to bring something from travel? Now you can be finally paid to do it! Grabr acts as a peer-to-peer shopping and delivery network that connects buyers or shoppers and travelers from around the world, thereby generating a win-win situation.

Buyers receive an odd item from anywhere delivered at whatever place they want and travelers have a bonus method to earn extra money to continue their beautiful travel. Really a great way to make money while you travel!

Here are other short-term jobs that don’t require a fancy background or loads of experience.

Ways To Lower Transportation Travel Costs

8. Become Flight Search Savvy Online


By using flight comparison websites like Skyscanner, you can take a long way to find the perfect and best price for your upcoming trip. Whenever there is a good deal, I always set up my email alerts to be informed.

Hopper being precise in its functioning gives you insights on the price range of the particular flight which you are looking for, as well as the expected value or price development until departure.

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9. Sleep While Travelling

Sleeping While Traveling

It is very effective and money saving while you sleep in your traveling hours either by plane, train or by bus, time your journey at night in order to save a night’s accommodation.

10. Use Public Transportation

public transport

Use of public transport is not only cheaper than taxis but it’s a more authentic way to voyage around a new place. Public transport passes are mostly way better value-for-money deals than single tickets.

11. Be Flexible with Your Flight Dates


This hack is one of the advantageous rules to find a cheap flight online!

Flexibility at flight dates, hours and even airports can save you a lot. There are monthly and annual reviews on websites like Skyscanner, which are quite easy for this kind of analysis. Flying on unpopular hours – like early morning – guarantees you a friendly price too.

12. Explore The World Of Rail Passes


If you are planning to use the train on your forthcoming journey, then advanced booking can frequently save you a lot of money. Almost half the price!

Nonetheless, rail passes accounts for a much better option if you don’t want to stick to a fixed schedule.

13. Try Secret Hotel Rooms

Bali Perfect Romantic Bali Honeymoon
Via: AccorHotels

These secret hotel rooms are unsold hotel rooms that are being sold at lower prices (here and there around 20%-50% of their normal list price) are offered. Hotels use them as alternatives to get some money for the vacant rooms.

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13. Rent A Bike

Golden Rivera Bike Tour, Uruguay
via: jetsetter

Bikes are highly cost-effective ways for traveling purpose and at the same time, you keep yourself active.

Not entire destinations go with this option, you can easily travel to a city for less than 10USD/day in Europe and less than 3USD/day in Asia.

Some hotels even arrange you with bike rentals included in the room price.

14. Avoid Roaming Fees


Try to use roaming free apps like Skype or Whatsapp that allow VoIP communications and an iPhone user, has to make sure that your “Send as SMS” option is disabled which is one of the best and smart travel hacks. Alternatively, you can also go for buying a local or international SIM card.

15. House Sit

House sit

House Sit is not a familiar concept you will hear. House sitting let you to “take care” of the house of the owner when they are away from their home. In short, refers to free accommodation around the world!

But there is one bad side also as on the large house-sitting websites like Trusted House Sitters you’ll need to pay before you are able to contact the homeowners. Even so, the membership fee is a little section of what you can potentially save on accommodation around the world!

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16. Deal Directly With The Hotel

most scenic restaurants in the world, Hotel Cipriani, Venice
via: pinterest

There are websites like Booking which offers excellent accommodation deals but sometimes going for a basic is the best way. As in call or email the hotel, hostel or guesthouse and ask about rates on their rooms. And you might get surprised with the deals they offer you which are not available online.

17. Indulge On Street Food

street food

Food find on streets can be delicious and at the same time are cheap and against all odds, safe! You just have to see what’s being actually cooked right in front of you. Open your attention antennas to the busiest street food stalls where locals eat or just ask them where do they go.

18. Save On International Transfers


Sending money abroad can cause some damage to your bank account. This is why you need to consider using a cost-efficient alternative like HiFX. It allows sending money internationally from one currency to another currency at great foreign exchange rates and minimum charges.

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19. Use The Right Apps


As a way to save a penny, you just have to tap these apps on your phone.

Some of the effective and must-have apps for travelers include Airbnb, Hopper, Splitwise, Whatsapp, Skyscanner, Booking, XE Currency Converter, Yelp.

20. Travel Off Season

smart travel hacks

Traveling offseason will help you immensely and make your travel cost cut down instantly. Flight costs in the high season can be twice as compared to peak summer dates.

Time your journey targeting the season when the crowd is far from large-scale and weather is still acceptable resulting in saving the bulk of the money.


21. Buy Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential in a way. We can’t predict what can happen next. And if you’re not insured in a foreign country, it could end up with a bill of hundreds of dollars! and is also one of the smart travel hacks.

For once if you are in the US, get a quote from Allianz’s travel insurance or check their annual plans. It’s one of the super smart travel hacks

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