DiningThese 5 Hotels Per Day Charge Can Be a Shock

These 5 Hotels Per Day Charge Can Be a Shock


Whenever we plan to move around, then what comes first to our mind is that it is a good hotel to stay. People choose hotels according to their budget so that they can get all the facilities.

To our knowledge, we choose the best hotels, but when we arrive there, we find that there are many good hotels in our chosen hotels and resorts. Looking at their magnificent hospitality we think that wish! If we had so much money, we could also enjoy staying in it.

No matter, today we are going to tell you about some of the world’s wonderful hotels and resorts, which are famous for their facilities all over the world.

1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi


Dubai’s ‘Emirates Palace’ is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Built at a cost of $ 3 billion, this hotel has a total of 394 rooms and suites. There are 40 meetings and conference rooms. Inside the white sands, this swimming hotel has a swimming pool, silver fountains, a magnificent spa, imported marble from 13 different countries and a crystal of about 2.5 tons of chandeliers is present.

Filled with all the comforts of the world, this hotel is like a small fort. The hotel is owned by the Abu Dhabi government, displaying Arabian culture.

2. Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

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Mardan Palace Hotel is the second most expensive hotel in the world in Turkey’s Antalya city. In 2009 the Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov built it.

The hotel has a total of 546 rooms priced at 1.65 billion. The hotel also has 17 bars and 10 restaurants, where there are lots of Thai, Japanese and French dishes available.

The interior of this hotel is decorated with gold leaves. While the Italian marble has been planted in the flooring.

3. The Westin Excelsior, Rome


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The Westin Excelsior, built in 1906, is one of Rome’s oldest hotels. This hotel room is not as expensive as a 7-star hotel. Yet the common man can spend a night here.

Built by old art and new technology, this hotel has all the facilities including cathedral-style domes, private fitness rooms, sauna, and steam baths and jacuzzis. Rome’s culture and art can be seen in this hotel. 316 rooms have been built inside the hotel.

Apart from this, the special feature of this hotel is that only 14,000 square feet area of this area is used only for sitting. If there is a party in the hotel, at least 1000 people can be arranged comfortably for him.

4. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai


Burj Al Arab’ Hotel Dubai is the pride of the city. It is also the world’s third highest hotel. This hotel is built on a small island. Its height is 280 meters. The hotel has a total of 202 rooms, the smallest rooms size is approximately 1,820 square feet, while larger rooms have a size of 8,400 square feet.

The hotel has to pay approximately Rs 15 lakh for one night. This entire building was designed by famous architect Tom Wright. Based on the map made by them, the hotel’s 202 rooms were prepared by the best engineers in Britain.

5. The Plaza, New York City


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Located in New York City, ‘The Plaza’ Hotel is considered VIP’s first choice. The Royal Plaza Suites overlooks Manhattan’s stunning views. The specialty of this three bedrooms/three-bathroom suite is that there will be a dining room, library, gym, a grand piano, a kitchen with a personal chef and a butler.

Built in 1907, this prestigious hotel was incorporated in the National Historical Heritage in 1969.

The Royal Suite at the Palace Hotel presently ranges between $25,000 and $35,000 depending on the season.

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