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13 Dreamiest Tree House Hotels Around The World

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Travel is all about trying new things and finding new escapes to experience something you never did before. Why not look for unique stays too? After all, it makes travel experiences even better and worthwhile. Ever thought of a treehouse resort?

Vast and rich with untarnished treasure, woods are certainly the most intriguing explorations. Staying amid the woods, surrounded by greenery and freshness could turn out to a surreal experience. There are incredible treehouses around the world that offer amazing experiences to travelers seeking such pleasures.

No matter what your travel destination is. There are some of the dreamiest treehouse hotels all over the world to let you embrace the ultimate good of traveling. Read further to know about the amazing stays around the globe.

Best Tree Houses Around The World

1. Bird’s Nest Tree House, Lulea, Sweden

Best Tree Houses
Via: divisare

The Bird’s Nest Treehouse seems to have camouflaged into its awesome natural surroundings. It is a perfect example of human brilliance and nature’s magnificence working together. This treehouse is classy, exotic and indulging, inside out. There is a spa, bar, and restroom to facilitate the visitors.

This treehouse hotel has well-designed interiors with wooden pannels. There’s a retractable staircase, leading you inside. It has a living room, separate bedrooms, a toilet, and wifi. This place will let you experience pure tranquility.

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2. Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Best Tree Houses
Via: vanillaskydreaming

If you’re seeking dreamy, beautiful escapes, Lion Sands Game Reserve in Kruger National Park is a perfect place to reach. You can catch up with awe-inspiring sunsets and breathtaking sunrises emerging beautifully from the bushes around. This will certainly turn out to be a mesmerizing stay with wildlife strolling by and nature in its most adorable forms.

3. Free Spirit Spheres Tree Houses, Canada

Best Tree Houses

The hidden natural beauty of Vancouver Island rainforests awaits an incredible vacation stay for its visitors. These are spherical-shaped tree houses, with round staircases paving the way to finely crafted interiors.

This is one of the best treehouses for a quick escape, facilitating clean toilets, good food, and beverages. The modular interiors of the spherical treehouses make it even more fanciful. You can surely look up to this place for a luxurious stay in a jungle.

4. Tetsu Tree House, Hokuto, Japan

Best Tree Houses
Via: pinterest

This wonderful treehouse situated in Hokuto, Japan is one of its kind in the world. It is surrounded by cherry blossoms on all sides and stands on a single Cypress trunk. A stay here paints your world all pink. It is a fairytale destination to spend a few memorable days of your life.

This is a one-legged tree house structure crafted well from the inside. It looks as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. While you’re planning a trip to Japan, this could be one of the dreamiest treehouse hotels surrounded by cherry blossoms. It will surely make your fantasies regarding dreamy stays come true.

5. Castle Tree House, British Columbia, Canada

Best Tree Houses

The world’s tallest treehouse, the Castle treehouse is situated about 32 kilometers from Revelstoke in the Enchanted Forest, British Colombia. This treehouse resort seems to have moved straight out of one of your favorite fairy tales.

It has been designed with more than 350 handcrafted figurines and various other attractions. This 3-storey treehouse is a perfect place to go for a happy family day out. Some major attractions near the treehouse include dungeons and the cedar stump house.

6. TreeHouse Point, Issaquah, Washington

Best Tree Houses
Via: thepointsguy

The Tree House Point avails you all the best facilities you may expect in your stay. Planning a stay here will let you bring your fantasies to come true. The intricately carved treehouse here is good enough for glamping. There are a fire pit and river flowing nearby. The wooden cabin is known to be made of cedar wood making it a major attraction altogether.

There could be hardly any better place to look up to your dream date. There are yoga sessions, theme wedding tours, massage, and spa, making it a preferable place to live the most beautiful moments of your life.

7. Secluded Tree House, Atlanta, Georgia

Best Tree Houses
Via: reddit

This treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia is yet another great place to live the best of your fantasies. The treehouse seems to be even more alluring because of its rustic cabins. The cabin connects to the beautiful surroundings through a rope bridge that is decorated beautifully with lights. Make sure you’ve done your bookings in advance.

8. Tree Houses in Cypress Valley, Texas

Best Tree Houses
Via: pinterest

Being a nature lover, you will find the Cypress Valley to be an ideal getaway, offering excellent treehouses, canopy tours, and various other adventures. There are 25 treehouses in the Cypress Valley along with dense forest, and highland lakes making it a hub of worthwhile experiences for the visitors.

Not only treehouses but there are various other attractions that make visiting here a heavenly experience overall. You should surely seek a visit here.

9. Moose Meadow Lodge & Tree House, Vermont, USA

Best Tree Houses

This is a picture-postcard destination resembling the setups you may have read about in childhood stories. When seeking the dreamiest treehouse hotels, Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse is a great option to consider. The lodge is settled by a stream, and built on a tree stem, making it an incredible set up.

10. The Hemloft Tree House, Whistler, Canada

Best Tree Houses

This is one of the finest specimens of human creations, situated in the woods of British Columbia. It sits on a lofted platform deep within the woods. This egg-shaped treehouse is known to be one of its kind in the Whistler region.

11. Takasugi-An, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Best Tree Houses

Situated in Chino in Nagano Prefecture, it is a house deep inside the woods. Aesthetically designed, it is perched on a high platform made out of chestnut trees. You will love the incredible evening views from here.

From the traditional point of view tea houses like this are considered to be of great importance. It is a worthwhile place to experience nature’s grandeur.

12. TreeHouse Above San Francisco Bay, Burlingame, California

Best Tree Houses
Via: inhabitat

This is one of the best tree houses for romantic couples seeking escapes into nature. It is an ideal place for a memorable stay within the woods. Braches, entwine and pierce the treehouse from all sides making it a perfect vacay treat.

At the 150-year-old oak tree, you could find the coziest retreats for your vacation. Indeed it’s one of the best picture-postcard retreats.

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13. TreeHouse Lodge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Best Tree Houses
Via: lonelyplanet

The Treehouse Lodge in Punta Uva is located near the seashore, which makes it nature lovers’ delight. The mild sea breeze and charming surroundings turn this place into a must-have on your bucket list.

The Treehouse Lodge is made out of bamboo and thatch. It also has a beach facing suite and a hot tub. There are various adventure trails around that you would enjoy. These include canopy tours, surfing, and zip-lining.

Plan your stay at one of these best tree houses around the world.

Keep Traveling!

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