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Top 5 Travel hacks to get the cheap and the best hotels

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Travel hacks- Traveling to a place where you do not visit before involves high spending of money on accommodations which could take some of your expenses a notch higher. And if you are among those who do not like spending the night in a hostel, you can end up spending a few bucks on resort rooms or hotel rooms.

Yes, resorts and hotels do come with their set of comforts but for this sometimes we need to pay more money. As you think the higher cost, the better hotel.  But not always you need to spend high on hotel bookings.

There are few hacks which will help you to cut the cost. Today we bring you these hacks to crack the best hotel deal to book your stay.

5 hacks to get the cheap and the best hotels

1. Speak to the hotel staff

hotel booking
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Calling up the desk of the hotel and ask them their hotel rates can give you benefit than simply looking hotels online. If you go and talk to them they will tell you all the exclusive packages and also gives you a discount.

They also provide you things for free like WiFi, late checkout, Free breakfast this can be only possible when you speak to the hotel staff in place of simply booking online.

2. Sign up for best deals

best hotels
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Best hotels and resorts have a bulletin or a reliability program that you can agree to accept to benefit rebates and special arrangements. Numerous lodgings think of bundles amid bubbly seasons to remain in front of their rivals.

You can make utilization of these arrangements and receive an incredible deal consequently. Ensure you agree to accept it to keep a tab on their most recent offers.

3. Mention, if you earlier stayed in their hotel

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Hotel staff likely to provide you some discount if they come to know you already stayed there before. So always remember to select the chain of hotels where you stay most. This will help you in getting discount afterward as you become their permanent customers.

4. Go through fare comparison sites

best hotel
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Before you reserve any hotel room, make sure that you check the websites that provide a comparison of tariff for the hotel by different agents. There are various sites like Funstay and Trivago etc.  this will make sure that you don’t have to pay extra and able to get affordable deals.

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5. Try booking hotels apps

hotel apps
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Apps will help you in various ways it offers you cheap hotels which surely come in use especially when you are booking any hotel rooms at the last moment.  There are many apps download some of them on your phone and keep checking them every time to get the best tariff.

6. Travel off season


 The best benefit of traveling offseason is that you can save your much of money on accommodation. If you love any hotel but due to its high rates unable to stay then visit offseason.

You must get a huge discount and so many other benefits too for visiting when they do not have many guests.

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