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Top most-loving spots to visit in Lonavla

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You should be in Lonavala (Maharashtra) to comprehend nature’s shocking level of liberality to this piece of the world. You can’t, however, begrudge the general population for what they can underestimate each snapshot of their life – pleasant scenes, superb mountains, cloud-embraces, grand waterfalls, and fantastic greenery.

Notwithstanding a lifetime, you can convey recollections of a lifetime by going by this slope station in Pune. Here are the main 5 top attractions in Lonavala.

1. Tiger Point

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At 650 meter tallness, Tiger Point, which is likewise called as Tiger’s Leap, offers tremendous perspectives of woods, rich greenery, waterfalls and lakes around. Since it takes after a jumping tiger’s shape, the place is called along these lines. It’s amongst the best places to visit in Lonavla.

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On the off chance that you are here amid rainstorm, you will have a hypnotizing session with the mists streaming over and around you limiting permeability yet augmenting the brilliant inclination you encounter here. The dawn and nightfall see from here are entrancing. The place, to put it plainly, is a nature darling’s definitive dream goal.

Karla Caves

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The dawn and nightfall see from here are hypnotizing. The place, to put it plainly, is a nature sweetheart’s definitive dream goal.

Lion’s Point

Lion's point
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Lions Point is yet another goal that nature sweethearts would barely deal to visit. The photo idealizes perspectives of the profound valley with lavish greenery and various waterfalls influence your heart to think twice or two. It’s one of the most incredible spots in the town.

The 12-kilometer drive from Lonavala to achieve Lion’s Point takes you through an energizing background with sharp bends and picturesque scenes. Once up there, prepare yourself to confront exceptionally solid breezes.

Bhaja Caves

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Bhaja Caves are among the eldest Buddhist focuses on this piece of the world. They are more than 2200 years of age. The 22 shakeout caverns at the sloping top speak to the bewildering structural abilities controlled by the skilled workers of the past. Visit the collapses the nights to have an impeccable photograph session.


Since the caverns confront the west, you can have an incredible perspective of the hollows after 3.00 pm and to photo the holes when the daylight bars on would include a hypnotizing impact. The best time to visit the holes would be amid rainstorm season as you can appreciate the rich greenery around; one couldn’t neglect to specify the waterfalls close-by, which has diluted streaming in bounty amid the storm.

Kune Falls

Kune Falls
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The fourteenth most astounding waterfall in the nation, Kune Falls tumble from a statue of around 650 feet. On account of its area in the midst of twin slopes in particular Lonavala and Khandala, Kune Falls offers visual enjoyment to watchers. It’s one of the most beautiful spots you’ll find in the city.

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The rich greenery around the forcing fall is amazing. The three-layered waterfalls ought to be gone by amid storm to appreciate the perspectives minus all potential limitations. It’s one of the most loving spots in Lonavla.

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