Top South American Countries

A huge continent and a favorite and popular travel destinations for the adventure seekers and also among the best vacation destinations.

But the question hammers your mind which country you should prefer out of all the awesome places in South America, it offers?

This section will let you know the top South American countries for your kickass enjoyment, which suits your personality.

1. Nightowl – Argentina

Nightlife in Argentina

Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina is well-known worldwide for its nightlife. When you talk of Argentina they are lovers of life and a good time.

If your kid of a “night owl”, clubbing, enjoying bars late night, staying out in the wee hours (the period immediately after midnight), catching up a theatre show or have a habit of eating in the dawn time, then Argentina gives you that vibes.

The days starts at the eleventh-hour and ends later, so be happy here having no regret while you can sleep on your holiday!

Argentina nightlife

2. Love of Food – Peru

Peru's food

Admitting the fact that South American dishes are some of the most delicious, but Peru holds a special place and accord when you talk about its cuisine. Lima is renowned globally for its overwhelming fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

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So next time you go market for some fresh off the boat ceviche or some splendid Nikkei, a blend of both the cuisines, Peru should rank first in the tally when it comes to best food in the world.

3. Beach Hub– Brazil

Brazil beaches

Brazil has a far-stretched Atlantic seashore which is about 7,500km (4,660 miles) and accounting it to some of the beaches in the world. Brazil tops its spot in terms of pleasure ambiance whether you talk of Rio de Janeiro to Buzios and in addition Salvador de Bahia in the north.

Brazil settles with one of the top travel destinations to hit the serene environment and relax under a palm tree sipping coconut with the wind hitting hard on the trees.

4. Coffee Snob – Colombia


Colombia welcomes you the most if you’re a coffee lover. Coffee region of Colombia extends its boundaries to 350,000 hectares across numerous provinces and is designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

This can be clear from the fact as average annual coffee production in Colombia is 11.5 million bags heading to third total highest in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam.

Colombian people take their coffee seriously throughout Latin America, and this is not much clearer than anywhere in Colombia.

5. Nature Lover- Venezuela

Venezuela nature

If you want to make your attempt to one of its own kind weather in South America’s most stormy countries, then turn your head towards the most fascinating landscapes and natural wonders on the globe.

Venezuela houses the Angel Falls, World’s highest waterfall located in the Canaima National Park and also widely known for its biodiversity as it ranks among the top 10 countries having the highest biodiversity in the world both in terms of terrestrial and marine environment.

Because of its wonderful environs, Venezuela is amongst the top South American countries which showcase the best of nature.

Angel Falls

6. Cultural Point – Argentina

Argentina Culture

Buenos Aires without a difficulty can be well-chosen as the cultural capital of South America. The place is home to largest bookstores capita, and has a rich art scene, making it the first Art Basel city.

Every department from music to art, to the theatre to cinema, Buenos Aires is all in command, whether it be classic museums in the world or cultural centers that are run independently. A culture trip to Argentina will really be awesome!

7. History Oriented– Chile


Like other plentiful South American countries, Chile has had a great, long and diverse history. From the victory acquired by Spanish settlers to independence wars and dictatorships, history of Chile is a competitor than of any other country in the area.

History continues to follow its path today also, with many activists protesting certain societal areas, such as education, positioning Chile on the map universally.

8. Pretty Cool – Uruguay


If you prefer a tranquil life away from the exhausted atmosphere of big cities and the routine work, then hit the doors of Uruguay. This small country garners chill pill surroundings.

Once you land in Uruguay, the slow and steady pace of the country will make you fall in love with experiencing a breathing spell into the most softened and cultured state.

Montevideo, its capital also has a questionless laziness about it and its weathered, unspoiled sealine is the ultimate place to enjoy your hot summer days.

9. Wilderness Adventurer – Bolivia


Even though Bolivia is termed as a landlocked country in South America with a diverse geography including incredible mountains, and deserts to beautiful lush rainforests, Savannas, grasslands, and salt flat as well as attractive wildlife.

However, not a good idea to explore Bolivia’s wilderness, the plains alone, as it’s really vast and only locals know well how to navigate through them. But the place can be easily visited through tours that are run around the highlands, or altiplano.

The country is home to approximately 300 mammals with 1,400 plus bird species. Mainly animals that are found In the country includes the llama, the guanaco, and the alpaca but the country is also home to the jaguar, the maned wolf, the giant otter and more.

Bolivia is also famous for its Andean flamingo population which is one of the rarest in the world.

Bolivia flamingos

10. Fauna lover – Ecuador


Head to Ecuador if you are fond of boobies blue-footed and giant tortoises. The country hosts an authentic carnival of wildlife, that you can only see, of course.

Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are just the paradise for wildlife of all kinds, and frequently it finds a place in the bucket list of many travelers.

You will see abundant species of flora and fauna that only exists on this archipelago of volcanic islands. A must visit for those who are a fan of wildlife.

11. Shiny City – Brazil

Brazil Rio de janeiro

If you’re kind of a person that loves the fast pace and cosmopolitan feel of big cities than put your foot in one of the top South American countries, Brazil.

The capital city, Brasilia, is a focal point of the amazing architecture, while Rio de Janeiro is the clear-cut “city by the beach”. If you actually want to experience the head of all cities, then meet Sao Paulo. This beautiful global city has a population of over 12 million natives.

Brazil is a place rich in every manner right from culture to nightlife and urban chaos, Sao Paulo is an urbanite’s dream, so if you’re searching for modern craziness, then hit Brazil.

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sao paulo