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Best Things To Do In Bonito, Brazil: The Complete Guide

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Bonito in Brazil is a good choice you can consider if you are looking for some worthwhile adventurous pursuits. Remote and isolated, this destination in Brazil is home to spectacular freshwater rivers and sceneries.

This rural town in the far west of Brazil will offer you some of the best travel experiences ever. We have brought to you the best things to do in Bonito and various reasons you should explore the place.

This place is a new known ecotourism destination that emerged just a few decades ago. Many travelers may not know about it. The peaceful azure waters and beautiful jungles are what travelers come searching for. You should surely set off for a long exploration here.

Ecotourism In Bonito, Brazil

best things to do in Bonito
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Until the recent past, Bonito hadn’t developed as a tourist destination. It was just a home to a cluster of Brazilian farms where locals continued agricultural activities. The locals were, however, aware that all the agricultural marvel was supported by the rich jungles and aquatic waterways.

Although tourism started to evolve in this place, the locals knew the fact that they need to control the number of visitors and focus on ecotourism to keep the natural treasures here intact and as beautiful and pristine as they are.

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Based on this, while you can find a lot of bars, restaurants, and hotels at the main street of Bonito, visits to the actual natural sites are strictly controlled by tourism authorities. The number of daily visitors to around 38 ecotourism sites in Bonito is limited.

You will have to consult locally accredited travel agencies to get tickets to various attractions in Bonito. Tickets can be sold off even a week in advance. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly.

Best Things To Do In Bonito, Brazil

There are various interesting activities you can enjoy amazing views and waterways to catch up with, while in Bonito. Read further to know what’s in store.

Gruta Do Lago Azul

best things to do in Bonito
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This is an epic underground cave system that will definitely leave you overwhelmed with its beauty. The Blue Lake Grotto allures blue-tinted, clear water and depth of hundreds of feet. You can enjoy, scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling here. Also, you would enjoy exploring the remains of prehistoric animals that once existed here.

Buraco Das Araras

best things to do in Bonito
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Buraco das Araras is situated an hour away from Bonito, it will please you with its phenomenal natural crater. This 100 meters deep crater is surrounded by lush foliage and the place is home to some rarest and colorful bird species.

The variety of birds here attracts visitors from all over the world. Apart from bird watching, you can enjoy hiking and fantastic views from different views.

Rio De Prata

best things to do in Bonito
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Rio de Prata is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a major ecotourism attraction in Bonito. Make sure you visit here as soon as possible while exploring Bonito. The ‘Silver River’ is the most important attraction here.

It has a beautiful aquamarine underwater kingdom, and crystal clear waters making it perfect for snorkeling. You will meet some of the friendliest fishes underwater.

Aquario De Natural

best things to do in Bonito
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Situated on the river Baia Bonito, Aquario de Natural can be reached by a short trek across lush jungles. This marine preserve is known among the topmost ecotourism destinations in Brazil’s Bonito.

The visitors can snorkel and swim, exploring the amazing underwater life in the cool, clean, and clear water. If you’re not into swimming, you may opt for the glass-bottomed boat tours. Those are truly amazing.

Abismo Anhumas

best things to do in Bonito
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Formed deep down the surface of the earth, Abismo Anhumas is a huge cave. You will have to rappel down a rope to enter the cave and exit similarly. This is a great place for thrill-seekers. The cave is filled with blue water. You can swim, snorkel or relax on the wooden platform above water.

Cabanas Arvorismo

best things to do in Bonito
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This place will offer you a break from water-based activities. You will be surrounded by trees and greenery. Elevate to the higher altitudes of the forest through ropes. Activities like zipping lining and swimming can be done here.

Estancia Mimosa

best things to do in Bonito
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Situated close to Bonito, this is a beautiful collection of seven spectacular waterfalls. The wonderful green cascades are best explored during monsoon when they flow with full energy. The different tiers of the cascades offer different experiences. You may go for humid jungle hikes and later swim down the freshwater holes.

Rio Formosa Ecological Park

best things to do in Bonito
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The Rio Formosa Ecological Park is probably one of the best nature reserves you will visit. The River Formosa flows across the park where you can enjoy tubing, snorkeling, or simply floating around. This place is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. You may go trekking or bird watching.

The Mysterious Lagoon

best things to do in Bonito
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Situated around 50 kilometers away from Bonito, you will find some of the deepest caves at The Mysterious Lagoon. The depth of the caves actually makes the caves mysterious. At the bottom, there’s a freshwater lagoon.

This is one of the best places for divers. It may not be too appealing for snorkelers due to the algae surfacing in the water. However, you may still catch up with some great views underwater.

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Best Time To Visit Bonito

best things to do in Bonito
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While you are planning a trip to Bonito, it would be best to avoid public holidays. The end of monsoon makes up a perfect time for exploration since there’s not too much rain. And the rivers and waterfalls are still brimming full.

The monsoon or wet season continues from December to April. The winter months from May to November are dry however, you may miss the stunning green views.

Now that you know the best things to do in Bonito, Brazil, make sure you plan an excursion here. This is an experience that would last for a lifetime with its natural abundance. Plan Well.

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