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Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

Nothing could be more romantic and beautiful than enjoying at secluded beaches with your peeps. Isn’t it? Right, it’s another way of celebrating life at its fullest potential. However, most people skip this idea as they mis-belief it with being costly and unaffordable. The true fact is that Private Island suits all budget types. This is what makes it a true fantasy of living into reality.

Let’s explore some of the coolest private islands for your next vacation.

Song Saa, Cambodia

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

It’s the most trending divine private island on the coast of Cambodia. It’s located on the stretch of beach with dazzling jewels like glistening white beaches, tropical reefs, virgin rainforest, etc. The heavenly sustainable luxury nest offers stunning sunset view and unique cuisine along with array of wellness and spa treatment.

Here, you can explore the jungle-draped ruins at Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm. If you head back to south, you will find a seaside relaxation spot with a view of magnificent Gulf along with plunge pool.

The resort on island gives you the warm and authentic vibe, especially the royal villa, overwater villa, ocean view villa, and jungle villas.

Miavana, Madagascar

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

Miavana is one of the most picked private islands surrounded by warm and tropical Indian Ocean. This barefoot luxury feels like another planet as it offers unspoiled and wild nature. Here, in the sublime private island, you can walk through dense jungle and encounter geckos, chameleons, lemurs, lively birds, and other rare species.

Miavana delivers a deep luxurious and secluded resort with a sleek design which makes it perfect for honeymooners. Apart from this, you will encounter rare and colorful aquatic life, and visit undiscovered locations via a helicopter tours.

Kokomo, Fiji

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

Another sustainable barefoot luxury island with breathtaking retreats is Kokomo. This untouched private island has twenty-one villas with private walled garden, pool, and beach access like Hilltop Luxury Residence. All in all it’s perfect vacation spot for honeymooners who would like to spend quality time with beloved at beachfront villas.

This fourth largest island in the world has lot to offer from snorkeling excursion, scuba diving, delicious seafood to exciting adventurous activities. You can have an experience of farm-to-table at the resorts and taste the organic sea foods from indigenous fishermen. Don’t forget to eat tropical fruits to herbs, tomatoes, herbs, and zucchini directly coming from organic farm.

Cempedak, Indonesia

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

It’s an adults-only private island which is situated in Riau Island in Indonesia. The lush jungle landscape and villas made using sustainable bamboo’s uplifts your spirit. You get to see two secluded beaches located stroll away from hotels.

The divine mix of fresh seasonal food, tropical fruits, local dishes, and barbequed seafood at villas will complete your vacation. Along with this, you can book a holistic Rock Spa treatment at mangrove bay chilling in front of the beach.

Surrender yourself in the arms of Cempedak Island and rejuvenate your spirit.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

It is a family-run private island surrounded by transparent water. It is located on the third largest reef in the world- Andros Great Barrier Reef. In Bahamas, this private island is the best-kept secret.

You get to see 27 different and unique villas with private veranda draped and outdoor shower with bougainvillea flowers. In the internet lounge, you are facilitated with complimentary Wi-Fi as well.

However, it would be best to enjoy the sublime Caribbean scenery with a feel of toes in sand. Snorkeling near the reef underwater, kayaks, and paddleboards are some of the activities you can do in the Bahamas.

North Island, Seychelles

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

It’s an exclusive island best for honeymooner. The island has eleven magnificent villas ranging from 5000-8000 sq feet of space. It also contains outdoor deck, dining pavilion, plunge pool, and electric golf cart as well.

Beyond this, there are island excursions, sunset cruises, fishing charters, and guided walks for all traveler types. In the Seychelles, you will find the best cocktails where you can just sit back and relax sipping the cocktail.

On the beach, you can hear the sweet voice of birds singing from treetops and spot tortoise walking on the beach.

Turtle Island, Fiji

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

The privately owned turtle Island spread across 500 acre. The coolest thing about it is that it can accommodate 14 couples at once not more than that. It allows you to experience that luxurious lifestyle. You can enjoy at guests private beach and make cherishable memories.

Another unique feature about Turtle Island is that the island is powered by solar energy. On the other hand, the beachfront villas showcase handcrafted art of local Fijian artisans.

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Beautiful Private Islands For Your Next Vacation

Last but not the least, the sublime private island to experience in the list is Aman Sveti Stefan. It’s the home to best honeymoon destinations around the globe. Aman resort adds three pools, yoga pavilion, and a spa. You can taste local food and wine under the epic Mediterranean sunset with your partner or whosoever you are going with.