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7 Ways Cruises Will Change After The Pandemic

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All this time with COVID-19 has been difficult enough since the explorers had to quit travel and be at home. Of course, this was necessary. However, the world is slowly moving towards normal and the good news is that cruises and airlines are back to work.

While some may be surprised and others extremely happy for the reopening of cruise lines, you should know that many important things are going to change.

Changing the way you pursued traveling is going to change a lot. While some changes will stay for some time, the others are going to be there forever. If you’re planning a cruise vacation post-COVID-19, make sure you read further.

Cruises Post COVID-19

Here’s the list of things that will no longer be the same on a cruise.

1. No Casual Boarding

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The pandemic has certainly imposed the necessity to be more disciplined and follow distancing. The next time you get on board, you will have to get through a stringent boarding process. The number of people on the cruise and how they get on to the journey, everything will be settled appropriately to avoid the spread of the virus in the near future.

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2. No Socializing With People On The Crew

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If you have loved cruises because you get to meet new people and make new friends, maybe it’s time to change your habits. Close contact with strangers creates the highest possibility of getting infected. Keeping your and other’s safety on the cruise, least interactions between you and the crew members and staff will be allowed.

3. No Smoking On The Ship

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Voyagers who are smokers should look forward to other options for traveling since there may be a few changes in the cruise lines’ policies regarding smoking. Now there are comparatively smaller areas for smoking. In fact, most of the cruise lines have banned smoking on the ship. You better chose between smoking at home and a relaxing holiday amid an ocean.

4. Modernization

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People who’ve been on cruises earlier would have wished for a little more advanced technologies. Well, with the pandemic, the authorities have been investing in various new technologies that can make these voyages easier and safe. Many cruise lines have got sterilization robots to ensure hospital-level sanitization.

5. No Hanging Out On The Ship’s Bridge

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Obviously, you may be losing one of the best things to do on a cruise. Unless you are a VIP passenger, you won’t be able to make up to the bridge any soon. Be prepared for that so this does not break your heart that bad later.

6. No Traditional Cruise Activities

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The world is a lot more aware of how they treat the environment. Many of the activities on the cruise involve throwing things off-board. This is something frowned upon considering the exploitation of the environment.

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7. No Self-Serving Buffets

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Considering safety, there will be no self-serving buffets on the cruise. However, you can still enjoy the full serving buffets. This is the time when there’s a need to focus on safer ways of providing food and drinks. It would be suggestible to keep these new habits in mind so that there are no chances that you hinder your or other passengers’ safety on the cruise.

You may come across many new guidelines when you actually be there. Meanwhile, you can continue planning your trip based on the pointers mentioned above.

Stay Safe

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