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7 Ways Air Travel Will Change Post COVID-19

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The introduction of Coronavirus or COVID-19 to the world has also introduced various major changes to air travel and lifestyle. These changes are certainly going to stay with us in the long run. Over the past few months, we haven’t been able to travel because of the pandemic. However, whenever you do, know that air travel is not going to be the same. Read further to know how the pandemic has changed your journeys via airplanes.

How Will Air Travel Change Post COVID-19?

1. No Boarding Without Mask

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Face masks are going to be a part of everyday life for a long time now. Especially, at places that are enclosed and where people are closer than general, masks have become a necessity.

Most of the airlines have started to giveaway masks as a part of health and safety kits and the rest will be doing it too. This is the new norm. Now flight attendants won’t be allowed to neglect face masks.

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2. No Snack And Drink Services

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Most of the onboard services on planes have been curbed down considering the fact that it is something that will initiate more contact among people. Also, this will involve movement throughout the plane, hindering the distance that needs to be maintained.

Although the services won’t disappear completely, the need to be scaled down significantly. These changes would include reassessing the way food items are handled and delivered to passengers onboard.

3. You May Not Be Able To Order Alcohol

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Many experts consider it quite confusing to know how banning alcohol on flights can stop the spread of the virus. However, several agencies clarified that this will create no chances of people getting intoxicated and yelling or misbehaving while on-board.

This is certainly a good reason for monitoring and cutting down the passengers’ alcohol intake. Others think that this is one of the economically driven decisions made by the airlines since serving soft drinks is far more affordable than serving a beer.

4. No Navigation Touch Screens

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Touch screens are going to get away for a while now, at least until things get better. They may be gone for long from the domestic flights but international flights would certainly have them. There are experts who consider that this isn’t a change to be made for a shorter crisis.

Well, in any of the cases, the touchscreen cleanliness remains a major concern. Moreover, everything that needs to be cleaned cannot be left entirely on the airline. Passenger will have to be concerned equally.

5. You Cannot Board Whenever You Wish

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Air travel post-COVID-19 may have you to deal with some drastic changes with the check-in times and boarding. Generally, airports had been places where people amass through crowded funnels, checking points to complete all formalities to be on the flight.

However, reducing crowds is the ultimate need of the time to keep a check on public health. You could come across pre-security areas at the airport in the future. While it’s still not known when it will be actually safe to travel, the changes are still behind the curtains.

6. No Magazines On Flights

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If you had a habit of digging into the reading material in the back pocket of your seats, you may not find them anymore. Of course, these magazines could a significant mode of transmitting the virus.

However, a few experts consider this to be another economically savvy decision for the airlines. While this decision may not benefit the passengers much, it will to the airline. Moreover, this change may not last too long once the world leaves behind the pandemic.

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7. No Handing Over Your Boarding Passes

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This is another important point of contact that would be eliminated. You may no longer hand your boarding pass to the gate agents instead you will have to the boarding pass yourself. Or maybe there will be no paper boarding passes in the future so that there’s no need for passing them back and forth.

There may be many more new aspects regarding air travel that you may come across. While it’s still not the right time to step out for explorations, you can sit home and prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Stay Safe.

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