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Most Unsafe And Deadliest Places In The World

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Traveling should be a stimulating experience for us. Before planning a trip we all research the place, history, culture, food, and whether it is safe or not.

Safety should be the primary thing in trip planning. Sometimes the weather of a country is not suitable to be a tourist at that place. Few places are very high crime rates whereas at some places the natural disasters are frequent. In this blog, you will become aware of the deadliest places in the world you never thought could be so unsafe to travel.

1. Danakil desert, East Africa

dangerous places in the world
Via: The Atlantic

The barren land of the Danakil Desert is the most inhospitable and ecologically unsuitable place to live. The frequently erupting volcanoes, sulphur springs and lava lakes make this place very dangerous. The mixture of sulphur with iron and copper salts makes the rocks colourful and beautiful to view but is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

2. Alagoas, Brazil

top 10 most dangerous places in the world
Via: Sky News

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Brazil is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with picturesque landscapes. The place is equally dangerous and unsafe due to the violent crimes in a few areas of Brazil. Drug dealing and robbery are common in some places. Rocinha is also a very commonplace where shootouts happen. Holidaying at such places is not a good option.

3. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

deadliest places in the world
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Stretching over an area of 500 kilometers from the old German colonial town of Swakopmund and the Angolan border is not a place you should visit. The place has derived its name because the shore is all covered with skeletons of various animals. The predator’s Hyena and Lion wander and make the animals their prey. It is not at all safe to be here as even sharks are seen along the shore along with elephants that come to bath in here. Humans are not welcomed in this terrifying territory of skeletons all over.

4. Guatemala

what is the most dangerous place in the world
Via: Eagle’s Retreats                                                                                                                             Volcanic eruption

Guatemala city is a dangerous tourist destination in many ways. Being alone in the daytime is also not safe as this place has reported many illegal activities such as smuggling, mugging, drug dealing and prostitution. Although some zones are comparatively safer, risks still prevail. Murders also take place and the police force is ineffective here so no kind of external help can be provided. Also, the environmental conditions are not very suitable as the pollution content in the air is very high making it toxic to breathe.

5. Carcass, Venezuela

most dangerous tourist destinations
Via: KBIA                                                                                                                                Street Crime In Venezuela

The capital of Venezuela, Carcass has the top five highest per capita murder rates in the world. Very few crimes result in trial or conviction so you cannot expect justice for any crime done here. Being an outsider at this place can make you a prime target for any criminal activity. Robberies, kidnappings have increased by 50% in past one year. Even famous tourist attractions like Avila National Park are not safe. Picking pockets, carjacking, poisoning, Airport tax scam are a few of the majorly reported crimes in Carcass.

Before choosing your travel destination check if it is safe to be there. These are some of the places which are danger-prone and are not tourist-friendly places.


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