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Winter Getaway: The Complete Guide To Munnar In December

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Certainly, you will be traveling after a long time now. The pandemic made it difficult but be happy because you can soon explore local travel destinations. Being somewhere is better than sitting in your homes. While local is the new trend, visiting Munnar in December would be the most amazing travel ideas one could get. Read further, you will find some really interesting stuff you never realized because of the international lure.

Munnar: Verdant Beauty Of Kerala

A trip to Munnar takes you closer to nature. You will be surrounded by natural existences and elegance in its purest forms. Surely it’s the place you deserve for enthralling hikes, mesmerizing views, and picture-perfect tea plantation backdrops.

Munnar in December
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With heavenly landscapes and hills peeping from behind the mist, Munnar is one of the most panoramic travel destinations you will explore. There’s an inexplicable pleasure at this place. Munnar has earned a lot of fame as one of the best hill stations in India.

A morning amid greenery with a sip of refreshing tea; afternoon at a beautiful waterfall surrounded by wildernesses; an evening with a panoramic sunset, and memories that last lifelong. While all of these seem to be a fantasy, Munnar makes them true.

Things To Do In Munnar

Visiting Munnar in December is a great decision. This is the time you find everything in your favor (mostly). You can elope into the Western Ghats, cherishing an array of great activities.

1. Stroll Through A Tea Plantation

Munnar in December
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Take up a zig-zag ride to Kolukkumalai leading to one of the world’s highest tea plantations. It is a jaw-dropping journey and you can expect the destination to be a lot more exciting.

Kolukkumalai is a popular tourist attraction in Munnar, Kerala. This place gains its prominence from its tea production. You can explore the old tea factory that is known throughout the world for the flavorful tea leaves.

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2. Go Mountain Biking

Munnar in December
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Munnar welcomes biking and cycling enthusiasts with open arms, presenting varied opportunities for them. Anamudi, Kundala, Suryanellu, and Marayoor are some areas where you will experience the best of mountain biking.

Adventure seekers will love this getaway. Hairpin bends and rolling roads across hills, make cycling extremely fun and adventurous. The breathtaking views around contribute as a cherry on the cake.

3. Visit Lakkam Waterfall

Munnar in December
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Munnar is home to various beautiful waterfalls including Attukal, Chinnakanal, Lakkam, and Thoovanam. These are ideal picnic spots with pool areas where visitors can relax and breath in the tranquility. The Lakkam Waterfalls are surrounded by water cascades and vaga trees making it a peaceful place to be at. You may set off for short hikes around.

4. Adventure Activities At Echo Point

Munnar in December
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Munnar has everything to satisfy the adventure junkies and fitness enthusiasts who visit here. Top Station and Echo Point are the most preferable trekking destination here. Show your enthusiasm, as your voice echoes back to you from the beautiful valleys around.

The Echo Point is situated 15 kilometers away from Munnar. Top Station, however, is popular for the stunning views of the valleys and hills in the area. Trekking here may require you to be fit and prepared.

5. Enjoy At Carmelagiri Elephant Park

Munnar in December
Via: nomads

The Carmelagiri Elephant Park is a habitat to giant, Asian elephants. You will definitely enjoy an elephant safari here. It is a popular tourist attraction situated on Mattupetty Road. While you are visiting Munnar in December with kids, you should consider including it to your travel destinations.

6. Explore Blossom International Park & Dark Forest

Munnar in December
Via: travographer

This place will introduce you to plant species you may never have known. Moreover, it’s not limited to plants. There are some interesting activities like cycling, skating, and boating. With tea plantations and greenery, this garden is 16 kilometers wide.

This place could be a perfect adventure stride in Munnar. Move across the wildernesses as you pave your way through the dense canopy amid the woods. This is an overall 7-8 hour exploration.

7. Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Munnar in December
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Hidden amid the beautiful green surroundings, this is a stunning seven-step water cascade. You will have to take up a trek to reach the waterfall. However, you will never regret the surreal experience. Situated near the Kochi-Madurai highway, it is a popular tourist attraction.

8. Adventure Sports

Munnar in December
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While you are in Munnar you can enjoy most of your favorite adventure sports including camping, climbing, trekking and water sports too. The rough mountain treks and zig-zag cycling paths will surely give you an adrenaline rush. There are a lot of challenging sites that attract adventure lovers and offer great experiences.

9. Explore The Wildlife

Munnar in December
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Admirers of wildlife will be treated with the best sights and experiences in Kerala’s Munnar. You have many places to add to your exploration list including the Eravikulam National Park, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. This is where you will meet some of the rarest and unique wildlife species. It would be a perfect day-trip plan.

10. Local Markets In Munnar

Munnar in December
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You will come across some of the best shopping experiences in the local markets of Munnar. It is one of the best places to get authentic essential oils straight from the fields. You can also take home the flavorful tea leaves, coffee beans, and spices that are locally produced here and are internationally popular.

11. Relax With Ayurvedic Massage And Body Spa

Munnar in December
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Ayurvedic massages in Munnar are very popular. They are therapeutic and highly effective for relaxing not only the body but the mind of a person. You will experience great relief. You will easily find many traditional and modern spa resorts all over Munnar.

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12. Witness The Cultural Heritage

Munnar in December
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Traditional and cultural treasures of Kerala are worth witnessing. Visiting one of the art theatres will get you some amazing experiences. You will surely enjoy the Kathakali performances held every night.

13. Authentic Local Culinary

Munnar in December
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The local authentic dishes are as heartwarming as the attractions and people here. You will find some of the best rural dishes in Munnar. There are some locals who welcome people home to savor the local flavors and taste.

When You Visit Munnar In December

  • While setting off for activities like camping and trekking, keep a check on weather updates.
  • Carry a route map while exploring forests or wildernesses so that you don’t get lost.
  • Since there are many visitors, advanced bookings for accommodations and campsites are advisable.
  • Carry appropriate clothing and equipment for protection.

Visit Munnar in December to experience one of the best local hill stations in India. Plan well.

Keep Traveling!

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