Home Cultural Trip Welcome to the famous Lantern festival of TAIWAN!

Welcome to the famous Lantern festival of TAIWAN!

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Taiwan is world famous for its annual festival celebrating the start of the New year. A night where hundreds of thousands Floating Lanterns shines in whole Taiwan! Young and old, local and foreign, come out to celebrate the world-famous Taiwan Lantern Festival on the first full moon of the year. From hand-lined children’s lanterns to huge-floating decorated paper lights, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is an eye-catching and a must-experience for its thrilling mood and sheer magic.

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A beautiful festival finds its date locked with the first moon of the year which has much higher importance and value.

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The festival coincides with the first full moon of the year, which is considered highly auspicious. There are many traditions surrounding this special night, which is a time for celebration, as it merges religious, cultural, sporting, and other events that display Taiwanese artistry and innovation. The Taiwan Lantern Festival marks age-old customs such as the Pingzy Sky Lantern Festival and Yan Shui Fireworks Festival. The festivities take place at different locations across the island each year.

Take a sneak peek into the most traditional festivals celebrated in Taiwan…

Pingxi Sky Lanterns

Pingxi Sky Lanterns
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The small hill town of Pingxi is the place of the spectacular tradition when the lanterns are liberated in the night sky during the full moon’s year. These lanterns were once used as signals for the villagers so that they could know their families that they were safe and sound. In today’s world, luminous lanterns are the carriers for people’s wishes and hopes for the New year high up in the serene sky. It’s one of the best things to do in Taiwan. 

Yanshui Fireworks Festival

Yanshui Fireworks Festival
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designated as one of the most dangerous and nasty fireworks festivals in the world, Yanshui Fireworks Festival is absolutely something to watch out for. The Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival has stacked the third largest celebration in the world. Unique in its own way! It looks at men and women, who are worn in thick clothing and helmets, standing among many beehive structures. It’s one of the best places to visit in Taiwan.

Yanshui Fireworks Festival
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These structures are brimmed with fireworks, which are then set off. This bizarre tradition of the city is a thanksgiving gesture to a god named Guan Gong, who is believed to have saved the area from a plague in the 19th century.

The Bombing of Master Han Dan

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This festival peculiar in its own way has a tradition to celebrate the occasion in the southern city of Taitung.  

A bold and courageous person volunteer to represent the local god of wealth, Master Han Dan on his annual journey through the locality. What makes this more interesting: This volunteer should not wear anything more than a pair of red shorts and a scarf, while locals throw firecrackers at him! It is seen as an auspicious celebration, Master Han Dan is growing in power with each blast!

The original festivals synchronously, immersing the modern festival with a handful of tradition and heritage intact. It’s one of the must-visit places in Taiwan. 

Highlights of Festival

The 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival showcase itself through water, land, and air. Your Taiwan tour package will allow you to experience the most amazing lantern festival which brings tourism, technology, tradition, culture, and art together. The show has the company of dance performances by professional troupes.

Water lantern segment endeavors with water and light display which symbolizes the famous sea of clouds, sunrise, forest railway, cherry blossom of Alishan, and more globally. Complete with the history of the Chiayi County, the traditional craft art and the work of local artists will be found in their Land lantern area.

water lantern festival
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Air lantern area blaze up with high tech lanterns made with the latest technology, materials, and techniques. The festival circumferences the technical, artistic and cultural elements, each exhibition like a festival is unique and heart-stopping!

Air lantern festival
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Best Time To Visit Taiwan

If Summer is your cup of tea, then the best time to visit Taiwan is during the summer season.

And if you want to escape the heat and head towards a cooler temperature, then the fall season between September and November is the best time to visit.

How To Reach Taiwan

The most comfortable, easiest, and fast way to travel from India to Taiwan is by air. The major cities in India have airlines reaching Taiwan to their prime international airport, the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport located in Taoyuan City.

Siaogang Airport in Kaohsiung and the King Cyuan Gang Airport in Taichung City are the two other major airports in Taiwan to which you can connect to other parts of the country

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