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7 best food items that you must give a try while you are in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka can have beautiful beaches and land of classic tea, but it is also particularly delicious, mouth-watering aromatic curry and rice. Although you can find food similar to South Indian dishes here, there is special touch in the taste of Sri Lankan cuisines. Sri Lankan cuisine is a reflection of its colonial past, especially in the bread which is locally known as the Theti Paan and Roast Paan.

History to tell

It was mentioned in many ancient Indian texts, this island was a fort or a castle for the demon king Ravana. It was called the Ceylon before it was officially named Sri Lanka, which has seen the settlers, the kings, the colonists, and others. The place is a bucket full of endless beaches, timeless ruins, friendly people, plenty of elephants, magnificent rolling surf, economic prices, delightful trains, famous tea, and delicious food is what makes Sri Lanka so captivating.

Combination of different countries’ food

Sri Lanka food has so much to offer as it has huge varieties. People or traders from different nations such as India, Arabia, Africa, and Europe brought their local cooking techniques and flavors that you will witness and experience in the Sri Lankan food.

So here is a list of some best Sri Lankan food that you should not miss when in the country.

1. Asmi

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A very vital type of dish made from milk, rice, cinnamon leaves, and coconut milk. It is one of Sri Lankan traditional foods made with rice. This dish is prepared for any festival or auspicious festival.

2. Rice and Curry

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Rice is a major diet in Sri Lanka. Without rice or its any form, every household is incomplete. The Sri Lankan curry is prepared using meat, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Fresh vegetables and tasty spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and saffron are the signature things of this tropical country that are readily available. Sometimes the potato curry is prepared to eat with rice.

3. Coconut Roti

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An easy and quickly prepared dish, general ingredients are wheat, rice, freshly grated coconut, and a small dash of oil. This special roti goes super rocking with a chili flavor and syrup. This roti is a product of colonial influence on the country.

Fish Ambul Thiyal or Sour Fish Curry: This is one of the most common recipes you find in Sri Lanka. Generally, it is served with rice. It is a delicious dish that is mostly spicy until the gravy is almost dry, it is cooked. It is one of the finest Sri Lankan foods you do not want to miss.

4. Hoppers or Appam

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Hopper is the Sri Lankan version of pancakes. If you eat eggs, you can order egg hoppers, which is usually served with highly-seasoned sambhar sauce. So many variations you can experience to this dish like string hoppers.

5. Chicken curry

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This curry is also known as Kukul Mas curry and it’s like a national dish of the Philippines. It is different in taste and has a unique blend of coconut and spices. Enjoy the best with hot rice and roti.
Polos or the Jackfruit curry: If you are still searching for the best Sri Lankan food, then try this jackfruit curry (Kathal). It is cooked unless the jackfruit is tender and tastes like almost the soft meat. Sri Lankans love this curry so much.

6. Sambol

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Sambol is a typical dish, which is fresh at the same time fiery also sometimes, chunky sauces, usually made of stone pestle and mortars. Pol Sambol is a blend of finely grated coconut, dried red chilies, red onion, lemon juice and a dash of Maldivian fish, or fine tuna. Sweets and sour seeni sambol are prepared with caramelized onions, and tangy and spicy Lunu miris, a delicious fusion of onions and red hot peppers.

7. Lamprais

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One of the unique dishes of Sri Lanka, Lamprus is a delicious dish passed by the heir of Dutch Burghers and often served for lunch on Sundays. The authentic recipe is not an easy dish to prepare, it has ingredients such as frikkadels (Dutch-style meatballs), a three-meat curry seasoned with spices of cinnamon and cardamom, and seeni sambol mixed with steamed rice in spicy stock before they wrap it in the banana leaf parcel and slowly oven baked.

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