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13 World Class Walks Will Make You Feel, You Are In the Laps Of Nature


Do what your heart says and these world class walks will take you the phenomenal world you ever dreamt of! Whether you like trembling on mountain ridges or prefer a gentle journey along the beach, we’ve brought together the best strolls Earth is blessed with. Get your trek shoes on…

It’s the perfect time to ditch your monotonous routine and invite yourself to the party of adventurous trips!

1. Mount Sinai, Egypt

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Sand-colored rugged mountains and seeing above, the hues of the dark blue sky make a spectacular scenery to your walking trip in Sinai.

The center of attraction is undoubted, Mount Sinai, a holy place where God is said to have created the Ten Commandments.

Climb up the pleasant side of the mountain in the darkness from the monastery of St. Catherine, to see the sunrise, before going down through the hilly Steps of Penitence.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Entry Tickets: $80 and up

2. Metéora, Greece

Meteora Greece

Metéora, in other words, well-known as the “middle of the sky”, a group of monasteries on the tops of vertical rock formations in Thessaly (Modern Greek: Thessalía), Greece.

The translation for this place is just apt: the complex of six Orthodox monasteries appear hanging in mid-air but are actually rested on natural sandstone mountains on the edge of a plain in central Greece.

These ancient tracks are difficult to navigate which are fenced by the exquisite landscape, while the steps to the monastery are themselves extreme in direction and narrow.

Entry Ticket: In each monastery, there’s an entrance fee of 3 euro per person.

3. Hadrian’s Wall, England

Hadrian's Wall, England

Resourceful Roman Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a wall across the width of England in AD122,  from Wallsend (east) to Bowness-on-Sea (west) in Cumbria, which was causing a strong-armed barrier between England and the North.

Today, with the help of passionate conservation, most of the wall is still exists, and adventure seekers are welcome to explore its length, enjoying magnificent views across the unsmooth surroundings.

Entry Tickets: 

  • Adult – £ 10.95
  • Child* – £ 6.48
  • Senior/Student – £ 10.25
  • Family – £ 31.68

Timings: Open 24 hours

4. Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail

Machu Picchu is Peru’s spotlight tourist attraction. Machu Picchu is a ruinous collection of ancient Inca buildings enveloped in a mountain ridge north of Cusco.

Visitors usually raise the Inca Trail up to the site, take a few days and often suffers from altitude sickness.

Each day there ’s a limit on the number of visitors – and you only have to trek with the agency or tour operator.

Inca Trail Peru

Entry Ticket: The price ranges between $45 and $59.


  • Morning shift: 06.00 – 12.00
  • Afternoon shift: 12.00 – 17.30

5. Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

An earthly wonder of uneven spires (hoodoos) that bunch up to look like a hot-blooded sunset.

Adding adjectives to the beauty of sunset includes the shades of blood-red, dusky pink, bright orange, lemon yellow – Bryce Canyon in southwest Utah is an incredible walking landscape.

There are endless trails through the canyon, including the day-long Fairyland Loop and the magical Wall Street trail, which borders its way through a dangerously narrow valley.

There are countless trails through the long fairyland loop and the valley including the Magical Wall Street Trail, which takes its route through a dangerous narrow gorge.

Entry Tickets: 

  • The entry fee to Bryce Canyon National Park – $35 per private vehicle
  • For non-commercial individuals entering by foot or bicycle, the fee is –  $20 per person
  • Motorcycle entrance – $30 per motorcycle


The place is open daily during the following hours:

SUMMER: May – September 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
FALL: October 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
WINTER: November – March 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
SPRING: April 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day*

6. Fitz Roy Massif, Patagonia, Argentina

Fitz Roy Massif, Patagonia, Argentina

Don’t forget to bring a warm jacket and a bobble hat to Patagonia’s Fitz Roy Massif. Frozen lakes and snow-wrapped cliffs are proof of the frosty temperatures and harsh landscapes.

Fitz Roy Trek

But it’s a damn beautiful place, too, alongside walks to the Fitz’s Roy and Cerro Torre base camps most classic. Any further than that, you need to be a specialist in climbing. It’s one of the best hiking trails.

Entry Tickets: The amount often varies between $2000 and $4000 per person depending on the time of the booking.

7. Great Ocean Walk, Australia

Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk, which spreads 104 km from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead along Victoria’s coast in southern Australia, is full of climaxes and it’s tough to choose which section to explore.

Great Ocean Walk, Australia

The best is to walk the whole thing. Just appreciate the radiant greenery, coastal woodland, and magnificent sea piles (the Twelve Apostles), all on height with the opportunity to witness the classic Aussie wildlife like koalas, kangaroos, and kookaburras.

Great Ocean Road

Different campsites located at these sections of the walk:

  • Elliot Ridge
  • Blanket Bay
  • Cape Otway
  • Aire River
  • Johanna Beach
  • Ryan’s Den
  • Devil’s Kitchen

*Camping charges are applicable

Timings: Open all day from 9 am–5 pm. And the hours might differ on Good Friday and Easter Day.

Entry Tickets: Free

8. Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain South Africa

The absolute shape of South Africa’s famous Table Mountain force you to climb it. You will not regret the painful calves you’ll have after it.

For the views of the blue sea and the city of Cape Town from the top is just unmissable.

Table Mountain

A range of walks on and up the mountain serves for various fitness levels and enthusiasm; a half-day summit trip includes a breathtaking cable car moving down from the top.

Entry Tickets: 

Morning Shift

  • Adults – One Way – R190; Return – R330
  • Kids 4 – 17 – One Way – R90; Return – R165
  • Pensioners (South Africans) – One Way – R50; Return – R100
  • Students (Fridays Only) – One Way- R80; Return- R150
  • Birthday special – Free

Afternoon Shift

  • Adults – One Way – R190; Return – R290
  • Kids 4 – 17 – One Way – R90; Return – R145
  • Students – (Friday)- One Way – R80; Return – R150

9. Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon Mexico

The Copper Canyon, in reality, comprises of six different valleys in Chihuahua state, Mexico, which proudly shows a green color for its walls and does justice to the name.

Hiking through the steep-sided rift and valleys, all painted by trees is a great experience, or if you’ve got some blisters on the way, hop on the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway, which runs right through. It’s one of the best hiking trails.

Entry Tickets: Starts from $50

10. Milford Track, New Zealand

Milford Track, New Zealand

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Milford Track is one of the shining stars of New Zealand. The track extends its extraordinary way through extremely deep valleys, past glacial lakes and sheer canyons, from Glade Wharf to Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park.

Hikers, either guided or trekking independently, are restricted to around 90 per day and the journey should take 4–5 days, depending on your fitness/level.

Entry Tickets: 

In the case of Great Walk Season (October to April):

New Zealand citizens and those ordinarily resident in New Zealand*:

  • Adult (18+ years): $70 per person, per night
  • Child (17 years and under): free but booking still required

Foreign visitors:

  • Adult (18+ years): $140 per person, per night
  • Child (17 years and under): $140 per person, per night
In the case of outside Great Walk Season (May To October):
  • For all visitors:
    • Adult (18+ years): $15 per person, per night
    • Child (17 years and under): free

11. Samariá Gorge, Crete, Greece

Samaria Gorge Greece

Difficult to believe that a small river creates a dramatic Samaria Gorge, expanding in the area of sixteen kilometers, long and plunging 300 meters from top to bottom in its deepest part.

Samaria Gorge

The most popular attraction of Southern Crete, walkers can go from Omalos plateau to Agia Roumeli, taking approximately five or six hours – usually taking longer time in summer. It’s one of the great walking routes!

Timings: 10:00 am – 05:00 pm

Entry Tickets: Free

12. Yoshida, Mount Fuji, Japan

Yoshida, Mount Fuji, Japan

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Mount Fuji is probably the most climbed mountain in the world.

Yoshida Trail climbs to the peak from the holy Fuji Sengan Shrine, and gratefully has lots of mountain huts and restroom breaks along the way, to save the tiring feet and have a comfortable sleep for the night.

The Sun rising over the clouds from the top is very much an unforgettable sight.

Travel Cost To Climb Mt. Fuji – US$150 (16,830 yen)

13. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest, Nepal

Does Mount Everest need any introduction? Well, absolutely not! Meet the highest mountain in the world in eastern Nepal, covered all with snow.

This giant has attracted cunning climbers for many years, with possibly the most famous and first mounting completed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.

For those who are eager for a little less of a challenge, but doesn’t know the definition of easy in any way, Everest Base Camp is a very popular destination/target. It’s one of the world’s best walks.

Timings: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry Tickets: 180RMB (around 28.5 US dollars) per person

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