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Celebrate Being Single with 8 of World’s Best River Cruise Lines

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While the world enjoys Valentine’s Day, dear singles, celebrate being single. Explore the world from a different perspective. Travel with the world’s best river cruise lines; reach from one destination to another. 

Cruises are often savvy for travelers since they no longer need to worry about packing and unpacking multiple times. A long voyage is absolutely relaxing after all. While you cherish solo travel, there are numerous cruises that offer the most pleasurable retreats. 

Best Singles’ Cruises for Travelers of All Ages 

While there are many travelers who think cruises are only for couples or families, numerous cruise lines offer excellent opportunities for traveling around the world. So, when you’re pleased with the idea of unique experiences for traveling, here are the best singles’ cruises for you: 

Best Cruises for Singles in their 20s and 30s 

1. Norwegian Cruise Line 

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The one-bed studios, specially designed for singles are the best element about choosing this cruise line. You do not have to worry about staying with a stranger or paying an extra amount. The studio cabins let you spend enough time with yourself without having to pay an extra fee. 

There’s a designated studio lounge where you can meet and get to know other solo travelers. There are various other events, deck parties, meetups and happy hour. You will surely cherish the time you spend on this cruise. 

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2. Contiki 

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Solo travel with Contiki will leave you with no regrets. Contiki offers sailing tours through various destinations including the Great Barrier Reef,  and various others. These tours are generally known to be planned as per the best taste of young travelers aged between 18 to 35 years. You can enjoy amidst numerous social events and activities that keep up everything interesting for you. In the company of other singles, you can explore the world differently; diving; swimming; sailing. 

3. Topdeck 

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Take-up sailing tours, either alone or group of friends that are soon to be mates. Topdeck offers double or twin cabins with special ensuite bathrooms. You may take up your favorite trails along the sea, explore various thrilling elements on land, everything without having to pay anything extra despite your single status. 

This is because you will be paired with a mate instead of having to pay for the entire room. Along the way, you can learn snorkeling and get lessons for preparing home-cooked meals. 

4. G Adventures 

best singles cruises
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G Adventures allows you to share accommodations and skip any extra payments. You will get the best of river cruises, cruise expeditions, and sailings around the world with nine other travelers and the skipper. Most of the cabins are easily sharable. You also have the choice to sleep under the starlit sky on the deck as the cruise sails through warmer areas. It is a perfect solo travel partner for young explorers. You may go for whale watching, snorkeling and engage yourself in other adventures around. 

Best Cruises for Singles in their 40s and 50s 

5. Holland America Line 

best singles cruises
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There are two ships that sail under Holland America Line Single Partners Program where like-minded single travelers can meet. Both of its boats Kiningsdam and Nieuw Statendam have  12 solo cabins each with ocean rooms. 

There set reservation times when you can request other singles to join you for dinner and spark a delightful conversation with them. The Single Partners Program is generally available for most voyages hosting group games and cocktail mixers so that you can get to know other voyagers. You may go for wine tasting, computer classes, and cooking classes. 

6. P&O Cruises 

best singles cruises

With P&O Cruises, six out of the seven cabins offer oversized beds, with all standard amenities and space to wiggle around. You may relax in the adults-only retreat while savoring your cocktail or get together with the strangers at the nine bars and clubs. 

P&O serves excellent British hospitality that satisfies singles, couples, and families. You will enjoy its nightclubs, bars and themed parties. The comedy club is also worth your visit. 

Best Cruises for Singles after their 50s 

7. Cunard 

best singles cruises
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Personalized, premium services by this luxury cruise line and staterooms designed especially for singles is a perfect way to plan a getaway with yourself. It’s one of the world’s best river cruise lines that will quench your thirst for adventure and knowledge. 

There are various enrichment programs and a range of different activities. To savor the ocean views that are all yours, go for a single stateroom. There will also be guest speakers and musicians to conduct dances and Shakespearan plays at night. 

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8. Silversea 

best singles cruises

With Silversea, you can meet and get to know other voyagers at the welcome reception. Their intimate ship offers you a fine company with the ocean-view suite and personal butler. There are various adventures and expeditions including hiking and snorkeling which are conducted in small groups. There will also be several guest lectures on board. 

While you may be seeking unique experiences during solo travel. These are some of the world’s best river cruise lines that will offer you the most suitable services. Further, you already know that cruises are a great idea. Plan your solo trip and enjoy it. 

Keep Traveling! 

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