Weird & Bizarre10 Countries Where Government Request Their Citizens To Make...

10 Countries Where Government Request Their Citizens To Make Love

This section of the article is about how the government has forced their nation people to be more in love, how they have dealt with the fertility rate and much. Regarding it, more stuff coming your way to surprise you the weird and bizarre things that the government of respective nations has taken in order to request people having more sex.


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“Countries Where Government Request Their Citizens To Make Love” – This may seem to you funny and stupid, but do you know that there are countries where the government urges their people to have more lovemaking?

Have a look at Sex-hungry nations. Some things are more important than fertility in determining the future life of a nation.

Demographers suggest that in order to have ‘replacement fertility”, a country needs a fertility rate of just over two children per woman.


The rate at which new births is taking the place of deaths. But due to some cultural and economic forces, only half of the world’s 224 countries presently strike replacement fertility.

People, who don’t, they encourage people their citizens to have fornication? Encouraging people to have sexual intercourse may include strategies that start from highly specific to something known as weird.

1. Romania


There was a dangerous time for couples in Romania back in the 1960s. Population growth decreased, letting the government to impose a 20% income tax for childless couples and to implement provisions which made divorce almost impossible.

The plan was: If you were not contributing to the communist state by making future laborers, you had to contribute with the “money” in place of it.

In the 1980s, it wasn’t much better, although women had to face tremendous gynecological examinations, performed by “Demographic Order Units” to ensure the duration of pregnancy.

When Romanian leadership changed in 1989, the harsh policy eventually crashed. But children per woman which is at 1.31, the fertility rate is still well below replacement.

2. Denmark


If you don’t have any children for your family, Danes are told, at least do this for Denmark. No, really, make it possible for Denmark.

There is such a low reproduction rate of approximately 1.73 children per woman in a small Nordic country that the detectives, Rejser, a Danish travel company have come up with clever incentives to convince women to get pregnant.

Firstly it offered completely three years to provide all the essential needs of the baby to the couples who on a holiday booked through the company. Now it comes with a sexy campaign video “Do It for Mom”, making couples think to have kids to give their precious mothers a grandchild.

3. Russia

official Day of Conception Russia

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin once brought Boyz II Men to Moscow to provoke men right before Valentine’s Day. Can anyone blame him? It was reported that the country is experiencing a perfect demographic storm. Men are dying young

HIV/AIDS and alcohol are weakening the country. And women are not having children. In 2007, the problem became so bad that Russia announced September 12, the Official day of Conception.

On the day of Conception, people get a day off to focus on having children. Women giving birth after nine months wins a refrigerator on June 12.

4. Japan


since 1975, Japan’s fertility rate is below replacement. In 2010, to overcome and balance the long trend of those decades, a group of students from the University of Tsukuba presented a robot baby known as Yôtaro that gives couples a preview of parenthood.

If men and women start thinking of themselves on becoming potential fathers and mothers, the students suggested, they’ll feel emotionally ready to take a step on the real thing.

5. Singapore


Singapore comes with the lowest fertility rate in the world, having 0.81 children per woman.

On August 9, 2012, the Government of Singapore organized a National Night, an event sponsored by Mentos, breath-mint company, to encourage couples to “let the patriotism explode.”

The country has also set a limit on the number of smaller one-bedroom apartments available for rent to encourage people to live together, and, possibly, reproduce.

Each year the government spends around $ 1.6 billion on programs requesting their people to have more sex.

6. South Korea

South Korea

On the third Wednesday of every month, South Korean offices close their lights at 7 PM. This is known as Family Day.

With only the fertility rate of 1.25 children per woman, the country takes any step to promote family life – even providing cash incentives to people having more than one child.

7. India


There is no problem in fertility across India as a whole – the ratio of the country’s 2.48 children per woman is much above the replacement.

But according to the 2001 census, the number of people in the Parsi community of India is declining – it decreased from about 114,000 people in 1941 to only 61,000 in 2001.

That problem led to multiple provocative ads in 2014, one of which sounds “Be responsible – don’t use a condom tonight.”

Another, prepared toward men who lived at home, asked, “Isn’t it time you broke up with your Mum?” Advertisements seem to be working: With the latest steps, the population has gone up to 69,000.

8. Italy


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With the fertility rate of 1.43 – Below the European average of 1.58 – Italy has taken a controversial approach to encourage citizens to encourage more children.

As per Bloomberg reports, the country is running a series of advertisements, reminding Italians that the time is ending and that children don’t come from anywhere.

One advertisement said, “Beauty knows no age, fertility does.” Another joining the ad series said, “Get going! No to wait for the stork.” Couples haven’t responded positively to the guilt trip. A professor of economics, Francesco Daver at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, has called the ads a failure.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

With only the fertility rate of 1.18 children per woman, Hong Kong faces the same challenge as many industrialized nations: Without suitable young people to replace aging citizens, the population is declining and economic growth is slowing down.

In 2013, the country had proposed to give cash handouts to couples encouraging them to have kids.

This idea took its indication from Singapore, where parents receive a “Baby Bonus” of about $4,400 for their first two children and $ 5,900 for the third and fourth. But in Hong Kong, the plan never succeed.

10. Spain


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Fertility rates are declining in Spain, while unemployment is on the rise: Almost half of the young people don’t have a job. This is the second highest rate in Europe behind Greece.

In order to fight against worrisome trends, the Spanish government appointed a special commissioner, Edelmira Barreira, in January 2017. Her first tasks include finding untold and numberless reasons and arranging macro strategies to reverse it.

As per the sources, Barreira told the Spanish newspaper, Faro De Vigo, “We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

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