Do you know why islands considered so special? The coral reefs, white sandy beaches, unique species, gorgeous sunsets of these magical islands have a bunch of things that easily catch our attention. But choosing the island destination for your coming vacation can be quite a difficult job.  But not to worry, here is the list of the most beautiful islands worldwide.

1. Moorea



Moorea is a stunningly wonderful island in French Polynesia. It’s found only 12 miles from Tahiti. Moorea is an awesome goal for couples and families.

Encompassed by the brilliant blue Lagoon, Moorea island is known for its dazzling mountain tops, rich slopes, and sandy shorelines. The hilly and uneven parts of this excellent island are a perfect place for climbing. Gratefully, you can discover a wide range of climbing trails in Moorea. You don’t need to be a specialist on it.

The watery universe of Moorea is not recently constrained to shorelines and tidal ponds. This island additionally has a few waterfalls. They are not so enormous but rather sufficiently lovely to get your consideration.

2. Fiji


Fiji is one of the beautiful islands in South Pacific ocean.  It contains 332 islands.  This country has everything that will catch your attention. It is not just a beach but also has towering peaks, and rainforests.  This place becomes breathtaking due to its breathtaking waterfalls. The most popular and the beautiful waterfall among rest is a Tavoro waterfall.

The best fact is that all three Tavoro waterfalls have a natural swimming pool. Unforgettable scuba diving, world-class surfing, as well as snorkeling experiences, are the other things that will catch your attention must. It’s one of the world’ most spectacular islands.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bail is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia.  It is also the world’s most beautiful island. Bali is popular worldwide for history for its scenic landscapes.

Greenery everywhere the first impression that hits in any visitor’s eye.  This island is home to iconic rice terraces, lush tropical forests, beautiful coral reefs, jaw-dropping volcanic hills, pristine beaches etc.

4. Seychelles


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Seychelles is popular for its breathtaking archipelago which consists of around 115 islands. Its crystal clear water made it amazing among other islands. This island is home to 2000 species of plants.

5. Crete


It is one of the most beautiful islands and the largest island in Greece.  The main reason that force you to visit Crete is its magical beaches with crystal clear water. It also has stunning valleys, jaw-dropping mountains, as well as steep gorges.

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