Adventure Trip18 Top and amazing Gay-Friendly Bars around the world

18 Top and amazing Gay-Friendly Bars around the world


Madrid is a bleeding edge city that welcomes a wide range of explorers and it is likewise gay-friendly. A peruser of Travellector will visit Madrid soon and requesting that I demonstrate to him a couple of bars or bars where gays can truly feel like home, have a fabulous time and meet intriguing people.

In this way, subsequent to speculation on a few bars where I went when I went to my companions and in the wake of asking some exhortation to a dear gay companion of mine, living in Spain for a considerable length of time, I made a rundown of gay-friendly bars where to go when in Madrid. Everybody can visit these spots, some of them are truly acclaimed, others are less renowned yet among my top choices!

1. Bears bar

Bears bar gay

This bar is an amazing bar.  You can easily recognize it as there is an outdoor sign that is leaning against a tree.  It is situated right to the Chueca district.  Here you can meet to daddies, chubs, cubs, as well as chasers from the world. The best part is that you will never find similar people everytime you go you find new faces.

2. Gris


Usually, people aged under 30 mainly visits here. The best thing what I really feel good in Gris is the quality of music, they conduct music-themed events. So, if you love rock then this is your place. Their people are very calm and polite, you can have some shots there.

3. Fraggel Pop

Fraggel Pop

It is among the most interesting bars to visit.  There you find mixed people from chubs to bears as well as handsome.

4. La Nuova Troje

La Nuova Troje

It is the best place not only for gay’s but also for straight people. There is lounge decorations are excellent! Staff is very friendly. You will get quality of drinks and tasty food.  You can choose your favorite Shisha and wifi is free for you.

5. LL Bar

LL Bar

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This bar is must visit bar if someone is looking for getting a truly different experience. It gives you the more chance to enjoy amazing drag queens performances

6. LaKama

Via: Verity Audio

This place is also gay-friendly and has a dance floor to set fire on the floor.  Less crowded, people are a friendly, amazing experience at The kama.

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7. Boise, ID
Emerald Club

Emerald gay bar is the oldest one which is a hub for a mixed-gender population. The place pool tables which gives you a chance to dance stage and on floors, where weekly contests take place. Night parties at Emerald are fully loaded with amazing things.

8. Chicago, IL

From all the world, gays hit this well-known place, where music is on the full beat, unhesitatingly bouncy. If you are in Chicago, don’t miss to have a visit here, especially on weekends. If you desire for Midwestern man-candy, then Roscoe’s is that place to find a white boy having barrel-chest.

9. Cincinnati, OH

Here, check the nightclubs with musical performances, the deep house, the drag, the also, there’s room for everything spread out in the club, situated east of midtown Cincinnati. While Adonis promotes that branded Midwestern friendliness. here, you will also find lots of heat, especially during Sundays in summers, which attracts barely the clad men from every corner of the region who loves to lounge nearby swimming pool.

10. Gun Barrel, TX

A wooden flag which is painted in multiple shades is attached with boldness on the outside of Texas’s small town friendliest bar, where extra money is raised for the charity rather than for renovations. The bar is small here, but the things, especially, the pride of local people, the music of raising fund, and the drag hair of queens.

11. Lexington, KY
The Bar Complex

The gem place for gay is the historic metropolitan Lexington. This bar features three bars, abundant dark cubbyholes, big upstairs dancing floor; also enjoy the famous mint julep drink. Interestingly, here a Kentucky boy always asks for your number with a, please.

12. The Abbey

An enduring and never-ending The Abbey is the best in Los Angeles. It’s a 16,000 square foot plus party space gathers the attention of celebs which are mostly straight lassies and queers. The place is popular for cocktails that are creative in their own way and the perfect deck. This is the place where gay Angeleno escorts his/her a little far away friends to come, witness, and experience the heart of WeHo.

13. Miami Beach, FL
The Raleigh Hotel

The Miami Beach is the one which exaggerates partying near poolside. The club features exclusively designed having art deco swimming pool and lovable cabana bar. The place has been the shooting location of many movies of Esther Williams and gathers an amazingly attractive blend of visitors and locals. Here, on Sunday, Raleigh’s Soiree pool party is pretty popular.

14. New Haven, CT
Gotham Citi

The biggest gay place in Southern Connecticut attracts a bulk of the crowd. The bar has three glossy floors of sensuality and dancing. The crowd present at the Gotham Citi is always ready to hook up. Try to make a friend early, otherwise, after a few hours the basement turns into Goth hardcore dancing playground.

15. New York, NY

In the heart of a brand-new gay village (Hell’s Kitchen), enjoy the drink at this sexy club after a monotonous week in the city. The club is having a modern, stylish, bi-level, elegant, made of brick and wood and the most attractive staircase. There’s a basic runway that makes its way to the lounge, which consists of karaoke, cabaret, comedy, and a lovely-food bare.

16. Philadelphia, PA
Woody’s Bar

Philadelphia is a city of the best gay bar of brotherly’s love. It’s one of the crummiest bars in the world. Here you’ll find hussy bartenders. The nights on Wednesdays are famous. It’s one of the best gay bars in the world.

17. Argentina
Buenos Aires
Club 69 At The Roxy

At the Roxy, every Thursday, there are performances of trapeze artists,  break-dances, and magic shows, also the electrifying music tickles your ears. You’ll find here the crowd of gay and straight-up pijos.

18. Czech Republic
Stella Club

It might be the last gay bar that exists in Prague, still, it hasn’t lost its popularity. At first, you might feel annoying, but don’t worry it will fade away. There is an intimate and friendly basement, a crowd of young people, and a few tourists. The feeling here is disturbingly full or disturbingly empty.

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