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10 Best Weekend Spot Near Indore To Visit This Monsoon

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When you think of best weekend spot knowing the top cities in India then usually these cities hits your mind first like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru but most of the travel enthusiastic chosen to go Indore. Indore soon turns into a metro city.

Indore is also a developing city, it is growing day by day. It is growing speedily as compared to other cities in India. The best season to visit Indore is a monsoon. Yes, it is the right time and season to explore the beauty of Indore.

These are the places in Indore in Monsoon: Must visit


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Mandav is popularly known as mandu. It is famous for Afghan architectural heritage. The place is surrounded by the dotted stone walls with gateways. The place will give you complete historic feel and would love to experience how people lived decades ago.

Top sights: Jami Masjid, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, Rani Roopmati palace. Elephant palace, Ashrafi Mahal, Tomb Darya Khan’s, and many more.


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The Patalpani waterfall is located in Indore district near Mhow tehsil. The waterfall is around 300 feet high and the area surrounded Patal Pani is really very popular trekking and picnic spot. It finds its place in the list of best weekend spot in the city.

Tincha falls

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It is a beautiful valley where y find this huge fall. The name of the waterfall derives from the Village named Tincha. It is also located near Indore. Tincha fall is a very famous monsoon destination for the tourists. Monsoon is the only right time to visit there.


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Janapav is also popularly known as Janapav Kuti. It is the most visited place in Indore by tourists. It is located in Mumbai highway. It is 45 Kms far from Indore.

Jodi bhadak

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When you choose to trek at Dhal gram camp from there walk for 4 km you will reach to this waterfall. The height of this waterfall is 400 feet. It looks more beautiful in monsoon season.

Choral Dham

Choral Dham
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A choral river is 52 km far from Indore city. It is just the perfect place for the couples and the family members to spend their weekend. It’s the best weekend spot you’ll ever experience while in Indore.


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It located 20 miles away from Indore city, this place is has a natural beauty as well as boast creatures like the hyena, peacock, and much more.


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It is 80 miles away from Indore, this temple is count under 12 main temples of Shiva in India. It holds lots of religious and historical importance. With a beautiful river and dam, you will really spend good time here.


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This a beautiful Jain temple that comprises of beautifully surrounding and building. It serves extremely tasty foods at a very affordable price. It is an awesome picnic spot to explore with family or friends.

Sitlamata fall

Sitlamata fall
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This is a huge fall which is 60km far from Indore. The waterfall is situated at Mumbai NH3 near a village Manpur. There are nearly two natural caves that are stated as one of the hiding places for the Holkar State Pindaris. You will love to visit here anytime but monsoon is the best time to visit. It’s of the best weekend spots in Indore.

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