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6 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers – Chak de Phatte!

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A number of solo female travelers have been increasing day by day and this move is supported by the worldwide travel community. Travelling is an amazing experience and there are no second thoughts that you learn a lot about yourself and the world in general in the process.

So why should only men enjoy the benefits of this wonderful experience? To shut people up and to live the peculiar life there are a lot of bindaas solo Indian women travelers who have chosen the path less traveled and have set a benchmark for all you girls wanting to experiment with some unique ‘Me’ time.

As a traveler myself, I can assure that no place is unsafe as long as you follow some of the necessary rules and know when to say ‘No’ and where to make friends.

Traveling in India is going to be one of the most beautiful experiences that you can share with your girlfriends. Roads, trains, camps, treks, there is nothing that can be dull when you have your best friends by your side.

So here is a list of places tried and tested by other women travelers and special tips for all your girls to have fun and explore and be fearless in this journey of life.


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Goa, the most happening party place in India is a very safe place for women travelers, as long as you travel responsibly. To stay safe, it is advisable to rent a place nearer to Baga or Calangute, as these places are flocked by tourists. It’s amongst the best places in India for solo female travelers.

This is also quite evident by the growing list of vacations in Goa. Check out the list by clicking here. While Arambol and Mandrem are lovely beaches, one should start off early and be back before it gets too dark, else stay at a hotel around these beaches, coz the road that connects these beaches to the tourist part of Goa is deserted.

You can sit, eat and drink to your glory around the popular beaches or at the shacks there, as these areas are safer. Being a solo woman traveler can be difficult but if someone intrudes your space or approaches you with wrong intentions be firm, fellow tourists are quite helpful, as are the locals!

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Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi, Karnataka
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Personally recommended and loved by some of the best trendsetter ladies of the Indian travel community is Hampi. Hospitable, friendly and culturally wealthy people are what you are likely to encounter here and believe me when I say that Hampi will change all your perspectives about traveling solo in India.

If you are a backpacker kind of traveler, you will love Hampi, as it offers cheap accommodation and food options! Hampi, situated near Hospet in Karnataka was the capital of Vijayanagar, a 14thcentury empire, and the ruins here are a reminder of its magnificent past.

The ruins of Hampi are a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can hire a bicycle, motorbike or a car to get around Hampi. A bike will give you more sense of freedom while roaming around, while a car will be a safer option. The surroundings of Hampi are not much of a find but walking around the villages and talking to people getting to know their stories does sound like a good experience.

Munnar, Kerala

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Munnar gives you the notion that you have landed in one of those surreal places in the movies. The green carpeted hills that are covered with tea plantations are seriously breathtaking! Tranquil, pristine and gorgeous is how one can best describe Munnar. Go a few miles away from the main city and you will actually feel that you have fallen into a place that is no less than a dreamland.

The rustic charm will make you forget about the bustling life of the cities! Munnar is also a great place to go trekking, hiking, and cycling and the best part is that you can enjoy all these activities without being interrupted by touts or eve-teasers.

Kerala is one of the safest places for female travelers in India and heartwarming welcome, pleasant smiles and helpful people are a textbook case here. South India, in any case, has been termed a much safer place for women travelers and travelers all together and it has the least cases of unsatisfied travelers. Want to now read about most popular hill destinations of North India, Himachal.

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Pondicherry, aka Puducherry, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. This place has an interesting history to tell and its French colonial past is visible in its architecture. One can locally travel by hiring a bicycle or a motorbike. It’s one of the best places in India for solo female travelers.

You can also take a bus or a share auto if you want a pocket-friendly trip. While in Pondicherry, make sure that you try the delicacies here. It’s a delight for seafood lovers! Puducherry is a quiet little place with a friendly environment and helpful courteous people ideal for any women traveler.

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North East is just wow and Sikkim is a cherry on top! This part of India is blessed with pristine beauty and if you are a woman traveler who has set out in search of immaculate splendor in India then Sikkim is the right place for you!

The sky-kissing mountains, gorgeous valleys, rhododendron-strewn trails, patches of rice terraces and the graceful Buddhist monasteries make up most of Sikkim. However, hospitality and rich tradition can by no means be ignored as it has helped in giving Sikkim a unique identity.

In fact, the whole of the Northeast is a patch of unexplored wilderness which has so much potential to make you fall in love with India. Check out here funfilled stays of Incredible Sikkim in Incredible India for you.

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There’s no place in India which can match up to the standards of Rajasthan’s hospitality. While most areas here are rural, you’d be surprised by how polite and friendly the locals are. Jaisalmer, known as The Golden City, a World Heritage Site, is a beautiful place for solo women travelers.

You can stay at royal havelis and at World Heritage sites as well. Visit trip stay to book if you have already planned about it. You can also go on a camel ride by yourself, and the camel’s caretaker accompanying you will certainly make you feel secure and comfortable in the desert. There’s an endless list of places to visit in Jaisalmer.

And even if you travel alone, the town will keep you company throughout, through people and its rich past. The villagers always have stories to tell and it’s a wonderful experience, we must add! Have heard about Camping in Deserts and looking for more details. its compiled for you here!

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