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10 Most Beautiful Cities In Spain To Visit During Winter


With a range of historical landmarks, and exemplary architecture. and abundant public parks, there are no short of cities in Spain to visit and explore. The Spanish towns are home to some of the world-class cafes and clubs, where both locals and tourists stay until midnight or even till dawn to enjoy the crazy nightlife.

Whether you are planning a week trip or a trip of more than days 10 days, there is an endless list of places in Spain that are worth exploring. Each Spanish city has something unique in its own way including its lifestyle, culture, and even festivals. Though Barcelona and Madrid are the most popular cities, let’s have look at some other cities in Spain to visit with plenty of remarkable attractions.

Top 10 Cities In Spain 

1. Barcelona 

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Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain to visit and the place is filled with plenty of surprises and vibrant locations. It offers numerous historical sites with flawless architecture encompassed by breathtaking scenic views. In Barcelona, you will find Europe’s most unusual churches including the grand Basílica de la Sagrada Família. 

Another major site of attraction in Barcelona is the middle age Cathedral “Barri Gotic” also known as the Gothic Quarter. The streets near the cathedral will let you experience the medieval era with tranquility and no traffic. 

Major Highlights: 

  • Basilica of the Sagrada Familia
  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Camp Nou Stadium
  • Montjuic Castle
  • Barcelona Beach 
  • Gothic Quarter

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2. Madrid


The capital of Spain, Madrid is known for gorgeous royal palaces, beautiful lush green gardens, and various cultural sites. Each neighborhood in Madrid has something unique to offer, with the most popular neighborhood being Literary Quarter, Gran Via, and La Latina. 

For food lovers, Madrid is more like a paradise as it houses some of the best cafes and restaurants offering a variety of mouthwatering food to taste. With a range of cultural sites and museums, don’t forget to visit the home ground of one of the most popular football clubs “Estadio Santiago”. 

Major Highlights: 

  • Almudena Cathedral
  • Mercado de San Miguel
  • Puerto de Alcala
  • Temple of Debod
  • Puerto de Sol
  • Palacio Real

3. Ronda


Ronda is a historical town in Spain that sits At the top of the Andalusian mountains. Surrounded by majestic rolling hills and white buildings, Ronda was yet another city in Europe where Romans once settled. The atmosphere and surroundings are enough to describe its vast history. 

Ronda is one of those places where you will experience the vibe of small-town having no fancy hotels and restaurants. Just a 20-minute walk in any direction of town will lead you towards the countryside. If you seek a trip to this amazing, then plan a weekend trip which is enough to discover the major highlights with things to do. 

Major Highlights:

  • Puente Nuevo Bridge 
  • Plaza del Toros 
  • Arab Baths of the 12th century

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4. Seville 


The Andalusian capital “Seville” is no different from the top greatest European cities as it offers everything that every traveler seeks while on a trip to Europe. Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and it offers more than the major Spanish cities even Madrid and Barcelona. 

Seville was ruled by Muslim Moors and later it became the major commercial hub. With the increase in commercial activities, the city became economically strong and now is home to several remarkable landmarks. Over the last few years, the popularity of Seville is rapidly growing among tourists, thanks to its various tourist site and several free things to do. 

Major Highlights:

  • Parque de María Luisa
  • Torre del Oro
  • La Giralda
  • Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza
  • Seville Cathedral
  • Casa de Pilatos

5. Cuenca 


Cuenca is the most picturesque tows in Spain which are widely popular as “Athens of Ecuador”. The lovely streets of this town give a perfect European atmosphere. Being a peaceful city, Cuenca is safe to visit in comparison with other cities in the country. 

Cuenca was founded in the mid 16th century by Spanish settlers but legends say its roots date back to more than 10,000 years ago. Once home to Inca Empire, you can still find some evidence of their settlements through ruins that are still present in some parts of the city. 

Major Highlights:

  • Cathedral de la Inmaculada
  • Mirador de Turi or Turi viewpoint 
  • Ruin site at Parque Arqueologico del Pumapungo
  • Wildlife Sanctuary of Amaru Biopark

6. Pamplona 


Those seeking a thrill or fun outdoor activities must visit the historic city of Pamplona. Being popular for the deadly game of bull-fighting, the locals have recently introduced bull running which is celebrated as Sab Fermin Festival. Apart from outdoor activities, Pamplona is a city full of culture and an array of heritage sites. 

The most notable tourist spots in the city are the Catedral De Pamplona, Museo De Navarra and Plaza De Toros. What attracts the tourists the most about Pamplona is the Bull festival itself. More than 1 million spectators from all over the world attend this festival every year. 

Major Highlights:

  • The Bulls Festival 
  • Cathedrak De Pamplona 
  • Iglesia De San Nicolas 
  • Plaza Del Castillo 
  • Ciudadela

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7. Valencia


Valencia is situated along the Mediterranean region on the East of Iberian. While most of the large cities in Spain are urban, Valencia is different and is encompassed by natural attractions. Valencia is basically a combined city having remains dating back to 100 BC alongside some modern architecture. 

Just like Pamplona, Valencia is also known for its unique festival named the Fallas Festival. The festival is celebrated every year during the month of March when each neighborhood displays a paper figure, and fills it with different colors for an entire week. The figure is then burned after the weekends as per the ceremony and the later a night celebration takes place. 

Major Highlights:

  • National Ceramic Museum 
  • Malvarrosa Beach 
  • Plaza de Ayuntamiento 
  • La Lonja de la Seda
  • Valencia Cathedral

8. Segovia 


Segovia is home to one of the most notable historical sites “The aqueduct of Segovia”, it displays the legacy of the great Roman Empire. The Aqueduct lies in the heart of the city and contains 167 arches. The Aqueduct was built between 81 to 96 AD by the order of Roman Emperor Domitian. Another site of attraction in Segovia is the fairytale castle named Alcazar de Segovia which was built between the medieval and the early modern era.

Major Highlights:

  • Aqueduct of Segovia
  • Alcazar de Segovia 
  • San Andres Gate

9. Granada 


The heart of Andalusia offers breathtaking scenery within the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Granada once served as the capital of the Moors Kingdom between the 13 to 15th centuries. For Moors, the natural setting of Granada was like paradise on Earth. There is a famous castle called Alhambra Palace, encompassed by lush greenery, gardens of roses, and numerous fountains. 

Though Granada is mostly populated by Christianity, its culture still has influences from other Abrahamic religions like Islam and Judaism. There is a Catholic church inspired by Renaissance architectural style which once was a mosque and was later converted into a cathedral. 

Major Highlights:

  • Alhambra
  • Capilla Real de Granada
  • Monasterio de la Cartuja
  • Traditional Arab Baths, Bañuelo 
  • The Arab Spince Market, La Alcaiceria

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10. Burgos 

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Burgos is a middle-aged Spanish town that is commemorated for its keeping glorious cathedrals. Being the capital of the Castilla Leon region during middle age, it still holds its old charm having well-preserved ancient landmarks, and cobblestone streets. Visiting Burgos will surely give you pleasure with the range of attractions it offers. 

Major Highlights:

  • Catedral de Burgos
  • Castillo de Burgos
  • Monasterio de las Huelgas
  • Casa del Cordon
  • Iglesia San Lesmes

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