Beaches10 Must-Visit Beaches in Indonesia During Summer

10 Must-Visit Beaches in Indonesia During Summer


Being a country with over 17,000 islands, there are plenty of beaches in Indonesia that are worth a visit. Indonesia is one of the top destinations to visit when it comes to pristine and exotic sandy beaches. Each of these beaches has some unique things to offer that you may not hear of.

While some of the famous beaches of Indonesia reside in Bali. there are also some hidden and unique beaches and other parts of the country. Not only do these beaches offer gorgeous scenic views and landscapes but they also have pink as well golden sand. 

Though there is a huge number of beaches in Indonesia, we have picked some of the tops along with some underrated beaches which you must visit in the upcoming summer season.

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Top 10 Beaches in Indonesia

1. Gili Trawangan Beach

Gili Trawangan Beach
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Gili Trawangan is one of 3 islands of Indonesia that resides in the Northwest of Indonesia’s Lombok region. Each of these islands has something different to offer but all of them have the most fascinating beaches in Indonesia. Being the most popular island, Gili Trawangan is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience true beach life with a peaceful atmosphere. 

While most of the came here during the daytime to relax and also for watersports, some tourists prefer to spend their time in bars and pubs in the evening hours. You won’t find any cars around Gili Trawangan Island, so you are suggested to rent a bike to explore the entire island on two wheels. 

Best Time To Visit: June to October 

How To Reach: You can only reach here via motorboat or speed boat from Lombok island of Bali. 

2. Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach
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Swarna Beach is home to natural wonders such as lush green forests, hidden caves, majestic hills. Situated in the Swarna village, the beach is quite popular among tourists for its peaceful atmosphere, refreshing winds. You can also go surfing in the waves of the Indian ocean. 

Apart from surfing, go underwater diving or snorkeling and witness the beauty of the ocean from the deep. Don’t forget to visit the hidden caves such as Cimaul cave, Pasir Tangkil cave, Lalay cave, and Sikadir cave. 

Best Time To Visit: April, May, July, and August

How To Reach: Start your route from Serang and finish at Pandeglang or from Rangkasbitung. It is best advised to take a public bus to reach here. 

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3. Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach
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One of the most popular beaches in Indonesia especially among international travelers, Pangandaran Beach is one of the only beaches that have black and white sands. Once served as the fishing place of  West java, you can still witness fishermen catching fish in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. 

Several annual events and programs are hosted on this beach including the International Kite Festival during the month of July. Other activities and things to do in Pangandaran are jet-skiing, hill climbing, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling. 

Best Time To Visit: May to September 

How To Reach: The best way to reach here is by bus, flight, or rented car. Flight is the best option to reach as it will drop you here much faster. 

4. Sire Beach

Sire beach
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Situated in the North Lombok district of Indonesia, Sire beach is yet another must-visit Indonesian beach. If you are traveling with family then this is you should not miss this one. Enjoy panoramic views of Rinjani mount if the weather is clear. The beach covers an area of up to 4 km and the sands on this beach are white, unlike other beaches. 

Some of the top activities to do on this beach include swimming snorkeling and canoeing. Either bring your own equipment for watersports or rent it from the side of the beach. Also considered a recreation place for family, Sire beach features lined up palm trees and rich green grass. 

Best Time To Visit: April to October 

How To Reach: In order to reach here, take your personal vehicle or a bike which will take you here within 1 hour from Mataram city which is 43 km away from the beach. 

5. Pink Beach

Pink Beach
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Pink Beach is one of the 7 beaches in the world that have pink sands. Situated in the Komodo National Park, the beach is not only famous for pink sand but also for the giant lizard named “Komodo dragon” that resides here. Also, the place is quite picturesque with mesmerizing landscapes and the marine national park. 

The beach is pink in color due to a species named Foraminifer which is also known as a microscopic animal. The animals are usually attached to the coral reefs and mix their color with the white beach, thus making it a pink-sand beach. It is one of the most unique beaches in entire South Asia you could ever visit or heard of. 

Best Time To Visit: May and Septemeber 

How To Reach: You can reach only via a private or rental boat the fishing village of Labuan Bajo. 

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6. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach
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The beach to experience the true Balinese that has so much to offer. Here you will witness white sandy beaches with serene waters and several other things which are worth exploring. Nusa Dua is a perfect hideaway beach to spend some time in the early morning. It is one of the best beaches in Indonesia to visit with family. 

While in Nusa Dua Beach, get yourself engaged in various activities such as swimming, surfing, or just take a sunbathe. The beach also has plenty of family restaurants that may fulfill all of your needs and requirement. Other than this, take a boat tour with your family or take a jet ski tour throughout the waters and explore the Island. 

Best Time To Visit: December to February in Winter and April to September in Summer 

How To Reach: Accessible from the Denpasar Airport which is around 25 km from Nusa Dua Beach. It will take you here within 25 to 30 minutes. 

7. Ora Beach

Ora Beach
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One of the most beautiful Indonesian beaches, Ora beach lies on Seram Island which spans up to 16,000 square km. Ora beach is home to 170,000 people, it is one of the most visited places by eco-travelers as well honeymooners. The features wooden cottages, white-sandy beaches surrounded by majestic mountains and tropical woods. 

Within Seram where the beach is located, you will find over 115 birds species and out of which 14 are originated from Seram. Ora beach is no less than a heaven for tourists, especially for those who escape the crowd and enjoy their weekend in a peaceful atmosphere. 

Best Time To Visit: April to August 

How To Reach: Come here from Port Tulehu or start your route from the Ambon airport. 

8. Olele Beach

Olele beach
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Within Tomini Bay, there is a beach named Olele which is considered one of the best destinations for professional divers. Some divers even call Olele beach the most beautiful place for diving. While on Olele beach, spot various fish species such as dolphins, Salvador Dali reef, Cardinalfish, butterflyfish, Randal fish, and cockatoo fish. 

At Olele beach you can indulge yourself in several activities among which underwater diving and snorkeling are the most popular. 

Best Time To Visit: July to September 

How To Reach: Reach here either via flight from Jalaluddin airport or via boat from any of the harbors: Kwandang Harbor, Anggrek Harbor, and Crossing Harbor. 

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9. Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach
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Are you looking for a beach in Indonesia with a lesser crowd, Seminyak Beach is the one which you must visit. Seminyak is one of the most isolated beaches which expands up to 5 km filled with golden sand, clubs, and some outdoor restaurants. 

Seminyak is one of the most luxurious gateways in the Bali province of Indonesia that has plenty of resorts, restaurants offering both international and local Indonesian cuisine. It also features pubs where you can enjoy the nightlife, especially during the month of October. 

Best Time To Visit: April to September

How To Reach: The beach is easily accessible from Denpasar airport via public transport. The airport is situated around 11.2 km from Seminyak Beach. You can easily reach here within 35 to 40 minutes. 

10. Kanawa Beach

Kanawa Beach Indonesia
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Kanawa is not only one of the most beautiful beaches but also one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. As soon you enter Kanawa, you will see the sparkling crystal clear waters and white sandy beach. Kanawa is yet another popular destination in Indonesia where tourists prefer to go snorkeling. 

While snorkeling, you will be able to spot diverse marine life including sea turtles, starfish, and many more. The beach also gives breathtaking panoramic views of bulging hills.  

Best Time To Visit: June to August 

How To Reach: In order to reach here, take a boat from Labuan Bajo which is just 15 km away from Kanawa Beach.  

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