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8 Exotic and Famous Beaches In India

Ever thought of sitting on a beautiful beach underneath the sun and embracing the solitude? Surely, you might have dreamt it once. Luckily, your this dream can be fulfilled as the Mother Nature have been blessed with a multitude of beaches across the world. And, India has the most eye-catching coastlines that bring travelers and tourists back to it.

Here are some of the most famous beaches in India that deserves a place in your travel bucket list. All of them are safe, clean, and environmental-friendly.

8 Famous Beaches In India To Get Lost In The Serenity 

Om Beach, Karnataka

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This beach is best known for its divine connections and a must-visited beach in India. Since it promises exciting experience to travelers and tourists, it’s known as haven for hippies as well. With extraordinary beauty combination and party culture, it’s the No.1 beach for a rock’n’roll evening.

The best time to visit Om Beach is in between October to March. Some of the things you can do here are relax and rejuvenate and play water sports.

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

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The name itself says everything about the beach i.e. a perfect tranquil and serene beach with incredible view. The seclusion and scenic view of the beach not only makes it an ideal beach but also a nice place for spending quality time with loved ones.

The best time to visit this Beach is in between October to February. Some of the activities you can do here are enjoying sunset view, surfing, and taking a walk on beach.


Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

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Agatti Island is a colorful coral reef surrounded with pristine water and glistening sands. This is perfect for a worthy beach vacation due to its charming, calming and paradoxical qualities.

The best time to visit one of the famous beaches in India is in between October to May. Some of the things to try are venture into water activities, stroll on the sands, view marine life from boats and explore the place via cycling.

Vagator Beach, North Goa

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Vagator is another perfect beach for travelers due to the exquisite experience it offers. Since it’s a hotspot for the FamoSunburnurm Festival, the beach’s popularity spikes higher. If you are planning for a beach vacation to chill with your partner, Vagator Beach is the best.

The best time to visit the beach is in between October to May. Taking scenic view, relaxing on beach, and playing water sports are some of the things you can do.


Havelock Beach, Elephanta Beach, Andaman

Famous Beaches in India

Andaman offers some of the most famous beaches in India. Elephanta beach has sapphire colored water similar to the one you see in fairytale. You can take a ride on boat and have an experience of colorful corol reefs. What excites tourist most is the splendid underwater life.

The best time to back a bag for Elephanta Beach vacation is in between October to May. Sea-walking, trekking, bird watching, swimming, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, sunbathing, snorkeling are some of the facilities provided.

Marina Beach, Chennai

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Marina Beach is known to be the second largest and one of famous beaches in India. It has insanely and blindingly beautiful view with historical monuments located nearby. This is what lure’s most of the tourists toward this beach.

You can visit this beach in between November and February and take a view of historical monuments and chill on the seaside.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

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The impeccable view of Varkala Beach makes it a promising spot of Kerala. The beach is best known to have curative and medicinal properties. Another great thing is that the picturesque view shows the beach has pristine water that looks very calming.

November till February are considered the best time to visit the beach. Some of the fun things to do are swim in curative water, visit Hindu Temples, and relax at the beach with your beloved.

Baga Beach, Goa

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If you are a party freak then Baga Beach is perfect party hub for you. The astounding beach offers wide spectrum of water sports and beach shacks. It’s one of the beautiful beaches in India famous for its cheery ambiance, exquisite views, and loud music.

In between October to January, you can go on trip to a beach vacation with your friends and have fun. Activities that are must to do are partying with night culture, relaxing at beach, playing water sports, and shopping in nearby local markets.

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